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  1. Hello, kind of tricky to peg this post into a topic here [my second choice is "rant"], but part of my motive for posting here is figuring out if it was a mere hardsell attempt or scam attempt, so I guess can fit here well. If my post seems confusing it is likely because it could have been much longer and i kept editing to keep it short - but may have made it incoherent in the process. Whether it is outright scammy depends on if she mis-represented the product, but the hardsell part was disturbing enough that I wanted to post online about it. to be clear I did not buy anything, but am deeply disturbed people can walk through a mall and be accosted in this manner - it was a big ticket item, $1500 Canadian dollars - then 1k when I first refused First I contemplated a bad yelp or google review, then thought that was too tattle tale like - so I was planning on some forum post just to share my strange experience. Anyway a young woman was at koisk type stand in the middle of a mall, and as I passed by she passed me a small black package, about the size of a small candy, which i first thought it was. as I took it she said I can give you two and gestured to the makeup store I didnt realize she was a part of. I had just arrived in this new City the morning before and had huge dark circles from traveling, and it quickly became apparent this is what she had in mind, a fix for dark circles. she put it on one eye - , and yes it was impressive, i have tried covering dark circles before and had to make up my whole face to make it worthwhile, this stuff was quick easy and in about 15 secs the treated eye was about 3/4 of the way to no circles at all. Around this time she shows me the box is comes in - and I think no way I can afford that right now I can just tell by the box, She is [perhaps vaguely] presenting it as more of a cure than a coverup, a botox alternative. she said 10 years, but was not clear at all if the package had a 10 year supply of the stuff or if kept working after it ran out, cure like. but yea 1500 bucks.. Im all no, and I tried to explain my eyes where not always like that, a very significant little detail from my perspective, but she just ran over my attempt to explain this in a way I think was not only bad salesman ship but downright rude. I kept saying i dont even have that much in the bank which is true but I dont' think she believed me - after saying no to 1k she threw in two more boxes, i dont know what.. so I just got up and bolted, as I was getting up shes all "dont go out like that, at least let me do your other eye," Im like lol no way. I did feel a little self conscious about the eye so opened the candy type package, and i dont think it was the same stuff she put on me? it smelled like tropics and i didnt remember a smell to the eye treatment. So my on topic question is - does anyone know what skin care product this was? edit: i forgot to say a few hours later my eyes didn't look nearly as different as at the demo, but im not sure if my untreated eye had improved or if the treated one had 'worn off' and yes im a guy

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