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  1. How to choose a good designer for the site? I have an old online store and I want to resume its work. I know that I need to change the structure of the site, make a more user-friendly interface and change the design of the site. My friend advised me to turn to fuselab . I liked the examples of their work, I read a lot of good reviews from them on the Internet. But I doubt it. I want to make a really nice, unique and modern design. Any tips?
  2. I don’t like to read classical literature or modern prose. I like books - textbooks, books on certain topics, such as this one https://booksrun.com/textbooks/9780446581356-bobbi-brown-makeup-manual-for-everyone-from-beginner-to-pro-reprint-edition . I love beautiful makeup and try not only to watch videos on YouTube, but also to read the books of professional makeup artists and dermatologists. It gives more knowledge in this area. I like that now there is such a variety of books in this area. Previously, such tips were only in encyclopedias for girls or teen magazines.
  3. I think that in the heat you need not only to humidify the air, but also to cool it. The ideal option is a fan. Split systems act badly on me, I often get sick and they also dry the air very much. Now there are different models, such as a humidified fan. I read on this portal coolingfanreview.com . I think this will be the best solution for summer. I endure the heat very badly, so I have several fans in the house, one of them is in the kitchen and the windows are constantly open, I regularly air the room.
  4. I have been eating home cooking for over a year now. I had health problems and I couldn't eat salty and fatty. It was quite difficult to find suitable dishes near my work, so I started cooking at home and taking food with me to work. It turned out to be very economical and became a habit. For lunch, I eat soup and salad, so I take lunchbox and thermos with me to keep my soup warm. If you need thermos flask , then I recommend this source to you. There is a lot of advices how to choose a good and convenient vacuum flask. As for lunchboxes, I have one of the cheapest. I don’t carry liquid food in it and if perfectly copes with its task.
  5. Yes, the parrot is a wonderful pet. My friend has Cockatiel. This is a very clever bird, doesn't require complex care, but loves to twitt. I also want such parrot. I found a good portal cockatielreview.com with helpful articles and tips on caring for these birds. I think birds are a universal pet. Firstly, they aren't allergic, secondly, they can and love to communicate with you and thirdly, you can take them with you on vacation.
  6. I also love gardening, but I'm not a fan of unusual plants. I like bushes and trees more. I have a pair of apple trees and a cherry tree in the garden. This year I want to make my backyard more comfortable. I want to make a place where we could relax with the whole family. Something like a barbecue area. But I want to make it as convenient and unusual as possible.
  7. My boyfriend just loves fishing and taught me to love fishing! I love only summer fishing, my boyfriend is fishing all year round. He says that for each season, a different strategy for fishing is needed. I don't understand what a pleasure it's to freeze in the winter, but for this new year I presented him good shoes and a jacket for winter fishing. I found many reviews of equipment for the fisherman on the Internet. He is very pleased with the gift. In summer I like fishing more. We go to the lake, live in a tent, catch fish in the morning, then prepare breakfast on the fire, in the afternoon we swim and sunbathe. In the evening, my boyfriend sings with a guitar, and I cook dinner. It's more romantic than sitting on the ice in winter ...
  8. Not very often, once in 8-10 years We finished home renovation two months ago. We repainted the rooms, repaired the floor, replaced the windows and doors, and we also bought new furniture. Now we have to replace part of the roof and repair the part of the roof which is possiable. Our repair budget is almost over, but I still want a metal roof. This material is quite expensive, but very durable. We haven't repaired the roof since 1998. In addition, the metal roof helps save on home insurance. I read a lot about this material here myrooff.com. I really don't want to save money on the quality of materials, so all upgrades in the house are so rare.
  9. I also know this problem. I try to make my buttocks bigger, for this I exercise hard, eat right and use a special cream. As for training, I can recommend you this one https://getbigbutt.com/bigger-butt-workout/ . I try to train at least 3 times a week. In six months I have achieved certain results, but I still need to train. Beautiful ass is constant work.
  10. I had no toxicosis, but I was dizzy very often.
  11. I do not believe that you can meet a real partner in a tinder
  12. I go to a professional teeth cleaning to the dentist. My teeth are whiter after that
  13. I love you does not always mean at least something. I think you need to talk to your uncle.
  14. Cucumbers, grapefruits, turkey, fish and sushi
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