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  1. I don't eat expired foods. It can be unhealthy. If I buy a lot of products, I freeze the leftovers. Here on this portal https://storageboxreviews.com/ there is a good article on how to freeze food properly and how much they can be stored and at what temperature. It helps me save money on buying new products and it's good for my health. I really advise you to learn how to choose and store quality food properly. This will help you save money and is beneficial for your health!
  2. As far as I know, ferrets can be had at home. Just like raccoons. I know that you need to take care of ferrets as well as cats, but I always doubted whether the cat toilet and filler are suitable for ferrets, I found this article https://bestferretguide.com/can-ferrets-use-cat-litter/ and they write here that this is correct. On this portal you can read about how to properly care for a ferret and what you need to buy so that your pet is comfortable and safe in the house.
  3. I want to open a beauty salon. In addition to the hairdresser and manicurist, I want to add the services of a cosmologist and hardware treatment of cellulite. What can you advise me?
  4. I know that working at home is very difficult because you are constantly distracted by household chores. In order to be able to share work and personal life, I recommend that you arrange your personal office near your home. I use part of our garage for this. This is really a workplace that is very convenient and cozy. I made a small garage repair, then I chose sohomod office furniture . I made a really good place to work.
  5. Thank you these are really useful tips for those who want to change the interior of the house. I also recently changed the style of the interior in my living room. We did home repairs and I decided to install panoramic windows and sliding doors to the backyard. Here https://24hr-sliding-door-repair.com/ on this site there is more information about these sliding doors. It looks very cool, I like it. In Japan, such doors in almost every home, it's really very convenient.
  6. I know that in some older apartments the lack of overhead lighting is a big problem. If in the bedroom or in the living room it's easy to fix it with floor lamps or sconces, then in the kitchen you will have to look for another solution. I know that there are specialized portals, for example https://bestlightguide.com , which have a lot of useful information on this subject. I saw an article there on how to choose the right lighting and how to light a room without overhead lighting. I think this information may be useful to you.
  7. It all depends on what exactly you will do. In order to lose 10 pounds you need to change your diet and begin to work out. If you are in addition to training more active, then you will lose this weight faster, if you only train or only change the diet, the weight loss will take longer. I lost 5 pounds when I started walking more and began to eat less carbohydrates. Now my weight suits me. I can sometimes eat junk food, but in order to be in shape I try to walk 10,000 steps every day. I found in this article https://osxtips.net/apple-watch-count-steps/ how to change the settings of my apple watch so that they count my steps. It really helps me keep an eye on my weight and well-being. In order to lose weight you need to make an effort, but even harder to keep your shape.
  8. How many kilos do you want to lose? If you look at your photos, you look great, if you want to be in shape, then you just need to find a fitness class or start going to the gym. If you don't want to go to the gym, then I recommend that you just be more active. Try to walk more often, arrange evening walks, while the weather is warm. I try to walk 10,000 steps a day. My apple clock helps me in this. I found in this article https://osxtips.net/apple-watch-count-steps/ how to set up my watch so that they count my steps. It really helps to stay in shape.
  9. For me, the best way to lose belly fat is fitness. I go to my fitness class 3 times a week, at the moment it's enough for my body. You can't lose fat in only one place, if we aren't talking about liposuction, in order to lose fat on your belly you need more cardio exercises. ABC exercises are good when you have already lost fat and can see your abs muscles on your belly. In order to lose weight, you need to choose a diet, physical activity and drink plenty of water. I also know that fish oil also helps to stay healthy and lose weight. I often read this waterbladderbag portal and recently found an article about sweet sports drinks. I think it will be interesting to try one such during my fitness classes.
  10. As far as I know, then you should get a license for piloting the drone if you use the drone for commercial purposes, including photo shooting. You should also get a license if you are piloting a drone at a certain height or doing it at night. In this article http://droneadvisor.tech/articles/drones-piloting-license-in-the-usa-drones-legal-guide there is more information about when you need a license and how to get it. Getting a license isn't difficult, and you will also learn how to pilot a drone well.
  11. Congratulations! It's very nice when dreams come true. I also like to take pictures, just doing it quite rarely, mainly in travels and exhibitions. I have an inexpensive lens, but a very good tripod. It's lightweight, compact and easy to take on travel. I believe that if you don't plan to arrange photo shoots only in the studio, then you need just such one. Now on the Internet there are many good portals for photographers, for example, here https://threeleggedtech.com/best-travel-tripod-for-mirrorless-camera you can find reviews of various tripods that can be taken on a journey. It really helps to choose good equipment for the camera. I think you can find articles with reviews of different lenses. It will also help you to choose.
  12. How to choose a good designer for the site? I have an old online store and I want to resume its work. I know that I need to change the structure of the site, make a more user-friendly interface and change the design of the site. My friend advised me to turn to fuselab . I liked the examples of their work, I read a lot of good reviews from them on the Internet. But I doubt it. I want to make a really nice, unique and modern design. Any tips?
  13. I don’t like to read classical literature or modern prose. I like books - textbooks, books on certain topics, such as this one https://booksrun.com/textbooks/9780446581356-bobbi-brown-makeup-manual-for-everyone-from-beginner-to-pro-reprint-edition . I love beautiful makeup and try not only to watch videos on YouTube, but also to read the books of professional makeup artists and dermatologists. It gives more knowledge in this area. I like that now there is such a variety of books in this area. Previously, such tips were only in encyclopedias for girls or teen magazines.
  14. I think that in the heat you need not only to humidify the air, but also to cool it. The ideal option is a fan. Split systems act badly on me, I often get sick and they also dry the air very much. Now there are different models, such as a humidified fan. I read on this portal coolingfanreview.com . I think this will be the best solution for summer. I endure the heat very badly, so I have several fans in the house, one of them is in the kitchen and the windows are constantly open, I regularly air the room.
  15. I have been eating home cooking for over a year now. I had health problems and I couldn't eat salty and fatty. It was quite difficult to find suitable dishes near my work, so I started cooking at home and taking food with me to work. It turned out to be very economical and became a habit. For lunch, I eat soup and salad, so I take lunchbox and thermos with me to keep my soup warm. If you need thermos flask , then I recommend this source to you. There is a lot of advices how to choose a good and convenient vacuum flask. As for lunchboxes, I have one of the cheapest. I don’t carry liquid food in it and if perfectly copes with its task.
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