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  1. Do I need to register my drone for receration use? I was recently given a drone for my birthday. I tried to fly in the garden, it goes well with me, but we plan to go to the beach soon and I want to take the drone with me. Can I take it to take a couple of pictures of our company or do I need to register it before I take it to a public place?
  2. My husband gave me a good camera. Canon I dreamed about for a long time! I'm very glad. I have long wanted to do photography! Now I want to learn more about the equipment I need to buy - a lens, tripods, a light ... Are there professional photographers here?
  3. Thank you very much for your advice. Summer is coming and I want to update the decor of our bedroom. Your advice is most welcome. I try to surround me with things that I like, but lately I understand that I need more comfortable things. I want to replace all the things in the bedroom of dark colors with things in pastel colors. I want to replace the mattress with a summer one, pillows with syntaponic ones and now I choose a summer blanket for the bed. I read a lot of information about this, for example on this source . I read reviews of various blankets and read customer comments. It helps me make the right choice. But unfortunately, finding the right colors will not help. Tell me, what colors are better suited for the bedroom?
  4. I want to get a parrot. In My opinion, this is an ideal pet for small spaces.
  5. I was recently given a lunchbox. This is really a very necessary thing. I now take my food to work) I still want to buy a thermos, I recently drink a lot of ginger tea. Any tips?
  6. I don't like gardening, my mother likes to do this so I help her. Mom always has a lot of ideas how to transform our backyard. This year she decided to abandon the flower bed, in this place my father and I should make a patio. I want to make a concrete floor, and my father prefers wooden. I really want to make a fire pit, so that the whole family can relax in the backyard in the cold autumn evenings. My dad says that if I find a way to do this on a wooden floor, he will allow me to do this. I found a lot of useful tips here https://greatyardmaster.com/ . But maybe someone has a similar experience and can you advise me how to make it as fire-safe as possible?
  7. My hobbies are divided into two types - summer and winter. In winter, I like to read, embroider and knit, and in the summer I like to ride a bike, go hiking and fishing.
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