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    I like going shopping, listening to music
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    I would like more palettes like the Unfold Beauty and Blackjack 21 Bad Girl palettes,
    and more brushes like the Iconic HD blend and the Zoreya crystal bling brushes from london and aliexpress respectively.
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  1. Guys i bought this palette to put in my purse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr0wWGLyAIM but it's all shimmer shades, since i do not want to carry ANOTHER palette as sometimes my bags are quite small is there a trick to turn shimmer shades into matte? I have been looking for tips on youtube but can't quite find anything. If this was all satin palette i could control the sparkle but with an all shimmer palette not so much.
  2. Meomix

    How to Clean Iconic Pro Puff Brush

    Thanks a lot for your help! Glad to know this brush is not as complex to clean as a normal brush, i like this brush because it is a full body brush. 😃
  3. Do you clean the Iconic London Pro Puff Brush like any other brush or is there a special way to clean it? Does this brush dry normally or does it take longer to dry, if it does take longer to dry is there a special way to dry it?
  4. Hi i came to makeup talk to learn how to do makeup and make this a hobby so that i become happier in my life. As they say in meme-land "Reddit was not it chief" i spent more time fighting with other people than actually discussing makeup. I hope this site will be a kinder place that will actually protect people from being harassed.
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