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  1. Greetings! Recently, we shifted into a new house where the toilet doesn't look good and it is also an old fashioned one. My husband is willing to install a new toilet with latest design. In this regard, we are reading the toilet reviews from here but confused between elongated and round toilets. We are preferring the dual flushing systems and willing to go with American Standard 2887.216.020 H2Option with its a rounded one and we are giving preference to elongated ones. On the other hand, we are considering WoodBridge T-0001 as an option and yes, it has elongated design. All in all, we are confused and looking for better pieces of advice. Please come with some suggestions and your experiences with both round and elongated toilets. You can also suggest some other options as well.
  2. He is looking fine and traditional but I can't say anything about her acting skills either she deserve this award or not.
  3. Yes, I agree with you reviews matters. However, I am not happy with the sites that offer sponsored positive reviews. In my opinion, reviews should be there to explore the background of business. On the other hand, to get certified review, you should always go with high authority review sites like the following ones: Google Business Yelp ScanGator Angie's List Glassdoor
  4. This survey has already been completed when I opened it. However, I am just remember how tough it was for me to complete my HR thesis without the help of this reliable dissertation proofreading service of UK. Though, I was using apps like Hemingway and was getting help from a University's website The Art of Editing but at the last, I would also need a human check before submitting the thesis.
  5. I love tea but few weeks, I am not getting my favorite tea don't know why. Maybe tea leaf is not good or something else.
  6. Greetings! I am not expert at making jams at home but this time, I decide to give a surprise to my kids who love fruit jams. Though I planned to make a variety of fruit jams in this regard but now, I am starting from apple jam. I saw several videos at YouTube to make jams at home and many of them uses the peeling. I also love to have peeling in jams that's why I am looking to buy a good apple corer to avoid the cutting hassle that's why I am looking for a good apple corer from here and it would be great if you will recommend a good quality one on the basis of your personal experience. On the other hand, I am also willing to know should I use a small amount of gelatin to get a shop like jam? Do you think it would be a right idea? As in videos, I noticed that YouTubers are only using sugar, lemon drops and apple to make apple jam. You suggestions would be highly appreciated and I am waiting for your serious responses.
  7. First of all, I want to clear I don't have any dish draining rack at kitchen and use a big dish tub to keep the dishes, pots and pans after washing. Yes, I also cover the tub with a cloth after having dishes there. After drying, I just place them into cabinets. The main reason to not use a dish drainer are some insects. (Yes, I clean my kitchen properly even use pesticides but we see few ones there after weeks and that day, my daughter doesn't eat anything. However, I found it little hard to place the dishes while washing into tub that fills up quickly. That's why I am planning to buy a over the sink drainer like this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RQMPY7Y but I found its price little high that's why I am considering the plastic drainers with metal prongs. All in all, I am confused. What would you recommend? Can you suggest any other over the sink stainless steel dish rack with low price but with good quality?
  8. Thanks for sharing the detail post. I usually use free graphic designing software like Blender or Canva to make logos.
  9. You can study computer sciences instead because you are doing A levels. In the same token, you can do various kind of online courses like YouTube course, Social media management courses and even deep learning courses from here if you with computer sciences or information technology. I am suggesting technology related courses because of demand of this kind of skills in US market.
  10. Thanks for sharing. However, I am getting cosmetic boxing service from here https://www.imcolorprint.com/products/cosmetic-boxes/ and enjoying an outstanding working experience with IMColorPrint. However, I will consider your service in future.
  11. Several clothing sites are joining the race day by day but only a few of them meet the quality standards. If you ask favorite ones from me then I would vote in the favor of Nasty Gal, H&M and Boohoo from the old camp. On the other hand, new clothing sites are not impressing me a lot but last week a brand new online fashion store BonBoma impressed me due to its huge variety of brands, quality products and quick shipment. So, if you are looking for a new clothing site then my vote for bonboma.com. Here you wouldn't only find the ladies stuff but it also offers the gents clothing, shoes and accessories.
  12. You should visit CP Cosmetic Boxes and yes, they offer free shipping for Canada and USA.
  13. I am big fan of Target Beauty Boxes and I have used them a lot to pack beauty products for my cousin's homemade lip balms but recently, we switched to another packaging service of China. Yes, the cosmetic packaging boxes of IMColorPrint are not only good at quality but designs are also awesome. You can see few below: On the other hand, would we get any discount if we also order beauty boxes from Target again?
  14. Yes, for sure, you need to take courier service in this regard. Usually, people perform such tasks in advance but I don't know why you didn't hire the courier service in this regard. Secondly, you should also ask the courier company does it have insurance in the case of damage of any of your products.
  15. We installed a granite countertop few days ago but doesn't look much glossy. When contacted to installer, he suggested to apply a topical sealer on it and I am trying to choose one good granite sealer . Can you suggest any sealer that you've used for your granite countertop?
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