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  1. Yes, bold colors will also look good. I think you should learn to own yourself. I didn't find any issue with braces and using lipstick. Yup, I've used braces as a teenager. Also, saw many girls who use bold color lipsticks with braces and look pretty.
  2. After reading your thread, I just did a search on Google and found it at its official site. It is also available at the Walmart with many positive reviews. I think you should check it again at Walmart.
  3. The article you shared with us is really helpful. However, I am looking to read more quality articles like this https://ourfitpets.com/health/everything-to-know-about-cat-x-ray/ because I am planning to get X-rays of my kitten. Both of them jumped from the window and I noticed changed in their walk. I talked to vet and he also suggested the X-rays but I am hesitating either they are enough safe for these little kittens' health or not.
  4. I used few anti aging facial treatments like HydraFacial etc and it really worked for me because I have loose skin problem.
  5. I was just about to buy bras from Brandnewer but this under wired and non-wired debate between my mom and sister made me confuse. Actually, I am going to buy this set for my teenager girl and according to experts, teenagers prefer to use non-wired one. However, in the opinion of my mother, wired ones give a real support and better than the non-wired ones. Though, I was in the support of non-wired one but my mom is also not wrong. As we have bought much non-wired ones but non of them gave the actual support. All in all, what are your suggestions in this regard? Waiting for your serious suggestions with your personal experiences.
  6. I don't think you need to remove many kgs. 57kg sounds good but if you still want to reduce your weight then eat fewer carbohydrate foods, avoid beverages and go for 30 minutes walk daily.
  7. Hello! Since few days, I am feeling heart palpitation, especially after drinking coffee. When I talked with my friend, she suggested avoiding drinking coffee. However, it is tough for me to leave coffee because I can't work at nights without it. Someone also suggested me to try this technique ( https://selfsynchronisation.com/ ) to control to heartbeat rhythm. Though it worked naturally but I am also looking for any replacement of coffee because I am still taking it twice or thrice in a day. On the other hand, I am looking for the right pieces of advice like food and exercises to control my heartbeat. I am waiting for your serious suggestions.
  8. Good to see. Be optimistic and keep it up. However, I would suggest you start the keto diet with workouts.
  9. My aunt has diabetes for years but her hair is very thick but yes, in some cases it could happen. Nowadays, depression and hormonal balance are also causing hair loss in many youngsters.
  10. Thanks for sharing but I would like to know more about these feminine hygiene products.
  11. Since last year, I am doing workouts and preferring the keto diet to reduce my weight. Almost all parts of the body shed off fat but when I look at my belly it still has fat as compared to other parts of the body. When I talked with my gym trainer, she suggested the following tips: Add vinegar in the diet Drink plenty of water Go to bed early Start using the meal replacement shakes of Ambronite to satisfy the hunger in lunch time and especially after workouts. Avoid carbonated drinks However, I am also doing a few belly centric workouts to slim my stomach. Crunches including side, reverse, vertical and twist crunches Rolling Plank Exercise The Stomach Vaccum
  12. Yup, the decision is quite tricky but I would recommend you well-fitted leggings with some loose skirt. Here, you can see some cool and well-fitted leggings. I purchased one for my daughter last month.
  13. First of all, you didn't tell us whether you have redness on face or body. However, if it is about face, then you should apply green tea and cucumber to the skin. Try to keep your body hydrated. One reason for skin redness could also be a severe weather condition so should try to apply sunscreen and keep it moisturized.
  14. I think airbrush makeup kits have launched with high tech and satisfied features. Their guns and compressive are more effective and user-friendly as compared to old ones. However, you should select one of the best after reading the detail reviews of airbrush makeup kits.
  15. Basically, there are many good outdoor tanning lotions are available in the market. Sharing some names with you: Australian Gold: CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzer Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil Spray
  16. Wow! You are looking pretty and attractive. What you applied behind eyes?
  17. These are new to me but I have used derma rollers instead of these plain rollers.
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