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    Project Pan, project use it up, No buy, Fragrances, Natural products. My work is hard on my hands, any hand treatment tips always welcome.


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    34, fair skin with olive undertone, dry and prone to breakouts. Hair dark brown, wavy, medium, hates cones.

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  1. Nitya

    Questions about my nails & what do to

    I don't know about "fake nails" options, but I know how to grow freakishly long, strong natural nails in no time. I used to use coconut oil on my cuticles, because they're exceptionally dry. I found, as a side effect of rubbing the oil into my cuticles, my nails grew like crazy. They were strong and healthy too. I could've sworn I had a millimeter of growth a day. I have to keep mine short for work, and because I play strings, so I was constantly filing off like half a centimeter, only to discover three days after filing them, that I have claws again! Sorcery! But it's imperative that you massage the oil into each cuticle, it doesn't work if you just apply it and leave it there. The longer you massage, and the more often you do it, the quicker they grow. For cuticles, I'd wait a while after rubbing the oil in before washing my hands, in warm soapy water. Pat them dry, then immediately scrape with a cuticle stick, VERY gently. Most of the cuticle is flaking off on it's own by then, so there's no need to scrape harshly, and you don't get horizontal ridges on your nail like from lye cuticle removers or metal cuticle sticks. It's a time consuming method of growing nails, massaging daily, but works like nothing I've ever seen. Alternatively, if your nails peel in layers, you can try a formaldehyde solution (I've used Mavala scientifique applicator. It's a felt tip pen, lasts forever so don't buy a backup, it literally doesn't dry out for years). It strengthens keratin cross bonds, basically binds the layers of the nail together. It's only used on the tip of the nail, once a week. Used too often, it makes the nail too hard, thus less flexible, so when it presses against something it breaks rather than bends. I haven't noticed it affect growth, but it helped strengthen my nails noticeably, so retaining the length is easier. I personally prefer the coconut oil. I think, though I've no experience, that any artificial nail inevitably affects the quality of the natural nails, so I wouldn't expect them to recover that way. Maybe giving them two weeks of tlc will give them the strength and length you want? Good luck!
  2. Nitya


    I live very near the italian border, the market here has always been heavily permeated with italian products, some of them developed a HG status and are every household's staples...but over the decades, we've forgotten why we keep them around lol! I used to buy Felce products for the scent, it's a very clean scent, perfect for sports and summer. Borotalco is a similar item. It's just we don't have much use for powder, save for sprinkling our bedsheets with it in summer. I'm a little apalled with my food expenses! I'm spending a lot of time at work lately so I often get something from the convenience isle or similar, to avoid cooking when I'm wiped out by the end of the day, and the difference in my grocery bills is noticeable. But I did try making American pancakes recently, and we like them so much better than crepes, plus they're so simple to make, so there's one quick meal that doesn't cost a ton I can make when I can't be bothered. Come weekend, I'm stocking up on healthier staples and making a few batches. I love that I have you Using It Up here, nothing quite erases the hoarding mentality like others validating there's no merit picking up every item available at the drugstore. So glad I joined!
  3. Nitya

    just signed up!

    Welcome and congratulations!
  4. Nitya


    Used up: One aloe gel, two fragrances, one deodorant, two small hand creams, one travel size q10 moisturizer, body lotion, one felce azzura powder, leftover honey for face masks, two blistex, one cold cream. Binned: One mascara that flaked, one crystal deodorant that did nothing, one drying chapstick, tube of concealer with not enough left in it to scoop out. It's taking longer to pan up the heavier products, but there's plenty of winter and dry skin weather ahead still, so i'm not in a hurry. I'm making sure to have cotton gloves ready before bed so I can smear on the calendula ointment, and my hands love it. I used to avoid this because I browse before bed, but i'm just keeping the gloves and a touchscreen pen near now so I have no excuses. I did buy a few items, though I was careful to buy reasonably priced ones that seemed like I could actually use. I got sesame oil, discovered I can't use it regularly without a mild breakout, but it's okay as body moisturizer and occasional dry skin relief on face. It's cheap, even organic, and I like cooking with it, so it's not something that I'll bitterly regret getting. I'm trying a baby moisturizer on my face, it's working pretty well at the moment. It's not ideal, but I'm sick of spending on things I'm supposed to be using on my face that I can't tolerate. Redness, burning, flaking, pilling, breakouts...not worth the dose of retinols, hyalurons, vitamin Cs, and whatnots. I'm learning not to buy things impulsively and for the novelty factor. I've gone back to buying the same deodorants that always worked for us, reading labels, giving it a few days before I get something. I plain calculate I can use the amount I'd spend on cosmetics for, duuh, bills, and items I actually need. Got a great trench at clearance price that I'll need come warmer weather. Replaced husband's old sweaters with really nice ones I dug out at a ridiculously low price (it involved an afternoon of going through malls, which I hate, but comparing the items and prices paid off). We've both been walking around in old looking clothes because we hate trips to the mall, but it was time, for real. I'm really not looking forward to when it's turn to use up some of the epic fails i've bought in the past and it's a good reminder to think before I spend. I need to make the time to make more meals ahead as i've been spending more than usual on food. Don't want to just switch to overspending in a different area.
  5. I can't believe the no buy community is so large and still managed to pass me by! I want to spend my next day off checking out those vlogs! I also love the lamp with storage idea! I think that's a good way to limit oneself in the amount of products. With a certain number of slots, it seems helpful in not accumulating more than needed for a daily routine!
  6. Nitya

    Next on "Deathrow"

    Did you get around to actually using them? I wonder how much sense my hospital cosmetics make. Will I really be thinking I need moisturizer when they're reinflating my lung or something? But samples take little space, and I'm comforted knowing I have shampoo in there. I'm slacking on my list somewhat. Whatever crud is going around has set me back, It was a mission to just do the basics. I've hit pan on a few items though, and threw some out (which is a success in my case). I did buy three items, because I really, seriously need a moisturizer I can tolerate, but I'm okay with sensible, premeditated buys, especially for necessities. Really grateful for the focus of Pan it Up/ No buy. the obsession with cosmetics everywhere had me wondering what was wrong with me when I wasn't trying out product after product. Thanks for giving us "rehab" with Pan it Up Edith!!
  7. Nitya

    Hi! A makeupalley refugee here.

    Hi Reija and Twitter Beauty, Thanks so much for the welcome!!
  8. Nitya

    Next on "Deathrow"

    Use it up: -Half a package of box dye. Shade lighter than current shade, but if it succeeds in half-decent grey coverage, it'll do. Worth a shot. -lipstick in "chai latte" -2 lip liners -2 brow pencils -1 concealer - 1 protective foot cream - 1 foot spray - 1 calendula salve -vaseline -two felce azzura powders -peppermint essential oil (hair!) -samples. (Speaking of, am I the only paranoid freak with an emergency hospital bag in her wardrobe? I've had it for a while and the cosmetics pouch is full of samples. Need to check those and use up or bin if they're past expiration date) Random household items to use up: -half a scented candle - ground cardamom -2 squeeze bottles with leftover honey -Vitamin C powder -week's worth of hair and nail supplements Donate to women's shelter or bin if assessed useless: -dry shampoo -3 hairsprays - "moisturizer" (extra cone-y) -unopened scented candle -paraffin cubes -1 white eyeshadow -eyeshadow quad palette Test again to hopefully find a use for, else bin: -4 mascaras -liquid foundation -lipgloss (drying as heck) -chapstick (likewise) -makeup brightening drops -camouflage cream Phew. So much useless crap. Need to reread this list before I attempt to buy things again. At least it's cheap stuff. I'm still choking on the more expensive purchases.
  9. I wet my sponge, squeeze the water out, dot foundation on and then blend it by tapping the damp sponge. I find when it's wet (but not dripping), it doesn't soak up much product at all!
  10. Nitya

    Any remedy to fade the scars quickly?

    When I started adding frankincense, vetivert and lavender essential oils to coconut oil, I noticed, among other things, I no longer have stubborn scarring after small injuries. I don't know how the blend would perform on not so recent scars, but it helps a bunch of other things (and is extra smoothing on the skin), so maybe something like that, that increases cell turnover and helps elasticity? I hear silicones are supposed to be good on surgical scars, but never tried that myself.
  11. Nitya

    Hi! A makeupalley refugee here.

    That's a great goal, travel! Hey, if you're extra good at hitting pan and saving up, Venice is just a drive (or ferry) away too!
  12. I mix my lipsticks with calendula salve (another one soon to be on the deathrow), the shade becomes acceptable when toned down, plus it's hydrating. I fear I'll never use up my lipsticks otherwise. It's an inspiring thread, I keep thinking of random household items that have overstayed their welcome too! (Vitamin c powder, near empty squeeze tubes of honey, coriander- I mean, that's a brightening detox mask begging to happen lol)
  13. I love this!! Love how you have your financial goals set down clearly too! I don't (yet), but I think I can start out by committing to not buy cosmetics for a month, and put anything, even fifty euros aside instead. Is it okay if I list my deathrow items here as well? -my body lotion -two bottles of fragrance with a little left in them, any two -two travel size Q10 moisturizers -two travel size hand creams -a pot of lipstick reincarnated as dyi lipbalm -one cold cream -one tube of hydrating face mask -at least one mascara. I need to reevaluate which one is causing me irritation so one tube should also be binnned. -one tinted moisturizer -lush's lipscrub -two nearly empty tubes of Blistex That's quite a list of products I didn't really need anyway so a little tiring to think about using up, but it'll be nice to see them gone.
  14. Nitya

    Hi! A makeupalley refugee here.

    Thank you Edith! Sure thing! Slovenian recipes, travel tips, literature, good drugstores, i've got the beeswax lol, always happy to share if anyone's curious. I've had my first look around and really happy I found this place. 🙂
  15. I'm Nitya from a tiny corner on the Slovenian coast. Am trying to take better care of myself after a long period of self neglect during hard times, so curiosly exploring tips, products, methods, you name its. Love fragrances, but have sampled a limited amount- experienting lately, after years of using the same ones (or none). So always interested in your favorite fragrances, as well as dry skin remedies, tips for fair skin with olive undertone, advice on blending, and anything really. Trying to use up my products before buying more so I'm really happy to see a support section for that. MUA was okay in that you can find reviews for pretty much anything, but it just feels very petty, snotty, and hostile. It was just kinda tiring you know, that kind of atmosphere. A very happy 2019 to all!
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