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  1. I used to love max factor ones and some of the L'Oreal ones, but the formula has either chsnged, or my lashes just need more now. They've gotten shorter with age, and my swollen eyelids hide a bit of the length under the swelling. Recently bought L'Oreal Miss Manga and find it very impressive. No fallout, nice lift, lots of volume and length. Not clumpy imo. Easy to remove. Naked eye in second pic for comparison.
  2. I'm still panning, no worries. BUT, I'm obsessed with growing out my nails now. They're good nails, just get ruined at work so have to keep filing them. I bought a dyi gel polish kit. It's helping, but there is a learning curve, and the first few removal processes were tough on my nails. Still better than naked nails or regular polish, since it keeps them from always being soaked through and through with water and cleaner. I only wear clear gel for now. I bought a thing here and there apart from the gel kit, but it's stuff that's being used. General trend is still spending more than necessary, still working on that. Going from not smoking to smoking and back again frequently. I'm fine for weeks, then the crisis happens. Mostly I miss my five minutes alone with something to comfort me, I start eating even more and gaining weight, and the first couple of weeks of quitting again I become so weepy from flashbacks to my mother's cancer and grandfather's violence and things like that that I start to worry I won't be able to hold back tears at work. Nicorette gum made my ulcer bleed because I over-chew. You're supposed to bite into it a few times to release the nicotine, then store it in your cheek like a hamster. I kept chewing out of habit, and swallowing the nicotine. So had to quit those. The patch is more expensive, but next time I quit, I might try that. Or hopefully I'll be so tired of myself i'll quit cold turkey with no aid.
  3. Nitya


    I'm making more changes for the better. And I'm certain what started it was joining the Pan It Up bandwagon. Hubs has quit smoking a month ago because his doctor didn't like the sound of his lungs (they're good. Just a smoker's wheezing sound). I didn't think I was ready to quit just yet, but I was determined I would, as when you're not exposed to second hand smoke seems like a good time to give it up. Nearly a month later, I was feeling virus-ey, and having a cigarette almost made me physically want to throw up. But I continued to smoke through the nausea, until I noticed I had only five cigs left. I decided I would smoke those, then, fed up and nauseated, simply not get new ones. And I did just that. It'll be two weeks this saturday, and it's hasn't been nearly as difficult as we're lead to believe. All those statistics and articles about nicotine being a helluva addictive drug make you think you'll have to check into rehab or something, and I think they actually discourage people from attempting to quit because they make it sound like a gruelling process only the most exceptional superhumans can go through. I am not a person of strong will power or self discipline at all, and I don't find it difficult. The only "cravings" I get are related to habit- I used smoking as a way of stealing five minutes of alone time. In company, I used it as a shield against the other person, as in, being primarily involved with the act of smoking, I pushed the person to the periphery and made myself less uncomfortable. I used it to collect myself in bad moments, and to celebrate good ones. So it's just been this learned reaction to reach for a cig at certain moments that I'm having to unlearn, but it's nothing terrible. I miss smoking quite a lot, it gives a certain comfort psychologically. But I don't understand the exaggerated portrayals of abstaining. On the vain side of things, I'm no longer willing to simply accept that work ruins my hands like this. So I'm on a religious hand, nail and cuticle treatment mission. Currently impatiently trying to grow out a nail that broke way down to the nail bed. Trying a dyi garlic polish this weekend, will report on the efficacy and the smell lol. Used up the felce azzura, a body moisturizer, peppermint oil, and lost a lipgloss (it was a good one, but still, that is one less to use up). I have stopped obsessively buying fragrances. None of them are "lifechangingly good" lol, even if they have raging reviews, popularity, and iconic status. Also, a sales girl had asked me whether I buy them for gifts or whether it's all for myself, and I felt so uncomfortable. Like an alcoholic called out on their habit. Seriously. It made me not want to go back any time soon, and they have the best prices, so I don't want to buy elsewhere either. I'm grateful to her, lol, she saved me some shelf space, sanity, and money. I have been eating too much, and none of it was even remotely healthy. My stomach hurts pretty much all the time, and I'm gaining weight fast. So this is next on the list. I'm realizing that an "improvement" tendency has crept up on me. Usually, before attempting any positive changes, I'd wait to feel like it's the right time. I'd think about it for weeks or months to feel in the right headspace, then wait to also feel a corresponding emotional charge. So, imaginably, I haven't been one quick to improve on myself or my habits. I'm surprised that despite having had almost no motivation, no excitement, not much premeditation, and feeling overall blah, some habits seemed to just change themselves. Been a cosmetics hamster, along came Edith. Been a fragrance junkie, until having been underwhelmed one too many times, and called out by a teenage cashier. Been a die hard smoker, until I was forced to smoke outside with a cold so as to not expose hubs to it. I mean, I'm a slug, and not even I am totally recalcitrant. That's kind of eye opening to me. None of that "making positive changes" is reserved for superhumans. Must sound really odd that that's news to me, but it is. How's everyone been??
  4. Thank you kiki, likewise!! 😃
  5. Oh it's new regulations on ingredients in fragrances. It's why many perfumes don't smell like they used to. I'm battling my cravings too. I'm itching for a Lush hand cream ( but then, my hands are so bad it hurts. Nothing works any more) and a highlighter. I don't even use highlighter😣.
  6. Some of the stuff on my previous lists i'm still working on. Some are more recent purchases I've dug myself into a hole with. They're all on the way out. Another felce azzura Another blistex (Blistex, Felce, Please stop manifesting on my property, please. Go practice your appearing act somewhere else for a while.) Nivea baby cream Rose toner Body spray Foot cream and spray Sesame+ essential oil blend Coconut+essential oil blend Handcream Bepanthen plus Calendula salve Two lipglosses Tinted moisturizer Lush lipscrub 6 (!) Bottles of fragrances Cotton wool Mouthwash from hell Peppermint oil Eventually: bunch of lipsticks, mascara, shadows, highlighters, crayons, eyeliners, brow pens and brow kit Tossed out all three catrice items and samples. Still have two moisturizers I want to be certain before giving up on. The one good thing that came out of IFRA regulations is it got me off Lush. I used to love the bathbombs, but the scent is barely there now, and it was my reason for buying them. Can't say I miss that expense!
  7. Nitya

    It's been a while!

    I would rephrase that, it's not necessarily a bad spiral, especially if you still stop yourself like that. You have been very rational for a very long time, and it may have left you feeling deprived of the "pampering" side of cosmetics, or pampering side of any purchase in general. We all require something in the comforting category too. So I'd think of it as treating myself some after a long time. I know I at least have a tendency to overspend (on food mostly) because realistically, hubs and I were very poor for a couple of years. Our meals were always the same old same old, and the cheapest food available. We suck it up, but the phase having lasted quite a while, it got painful. Pasta and rice- and sometimes nothing else. I'll never forget the one time we didn't have the money for salt. It's like thirty cents, damn that was hard. Personally, I just think we need balance. Buying something coforting/pampering, without hoarding it, and without the emotional pain drive behind it is okay in my book. I realized I want to stop my cosmetics/fragrance/food overspending and buy a nicer winter coat instead, or finally get my hair cut. Now those things can actually improve my appearance to an extent, and I've gotten neither in ages. I think because I was unable to afford anything for so long, I still have that deprivation mentality that tricks me into thinking I should just buy small cheap items instead, and then I let that get out of hand until I notice it's drained my account more than a thought out larger purchase would, and I'm left with a pile of useless products. Sigh. I need to keep written reminders I think. I almost bought lush's cuticle cream too and I've so much hand stuff to use up. Great reminder to check expiration dates!!!
  8. Nitya

    It's been a while!

    Edith, it's high time I post more regularly again, the community support aspect cannot be underrated :)). I can do buddy system with you- I commit to not buying fragrances until I am down to the last drops of my stash, and you get back on your "champion panner" wagon! 😆 We got this!! I'm off to compiling my lists right now! *holds pinkies with edith* Instead of buying pretty things, ir expecting to look great by simply buying things without considering whether they work on me, I'm also committing to buying things for funcionality- exfoliating, moisturizing, covering under eye bags to the extent they can be covered etc are realistic goals when shopping. Thinking my chronic eye swelling will just disappear and I'll look great with bold shades on my list, not so much. I neeeeed the focus your project pan gives me!
  9. Aaaand i've hit pan on most of the items on my lists and then some. Will definitely compile a more detailed list of used up and next to use up items as self-motivation when I have more time. I also discovered another tube of blistex, and another bottle of felce azzura, so still working on those. Lol, just as I think I'm done with them, more crawl out of the woodwork. I've found a decent baby cream that moisturizes enough without breaking me out, and that's a success in my book. At my age I should really be on an anti aging regime, but I can't for the life of me find anything that works with my skin, so am currently just aiming at not being dehydrated. I haven't had my fragrance obsession under control. I bought more scents, some of them blindly, and gave some away because they didn't work for me. Luckily, I buy travel sizes, so it wasn't a huge expense. On my next purchase, I made sure to test them before buying and actually got stuff I like wearing. I have enough of a collection now to feel like I can stop buying until I run out, literally. BUT I did use up some of the scents I dreaded using up, both hubs and I survived the experience and are glad it's over. I have stopped buying things when I feel ugly. They won't make me into someone else. I have stopped depriving myself from things I enjoy using for the same reason too. I'm not "too ugly to be allowed to smell good" for example. All in all, I buy things a lot more rationally now. I also need to toss out a few things. If they don't work, they don't. When i'm back, I want to be able say I threw out the nivea samples, vichy foundation samples, catrice foundation, two catrice concealers, mixa cream, and possibly a nivea cream (retesting to make sure it was the culprit behind redness and burning upon first use), dry shampoo. Happy panning everyone!!
  10. Nitya

    On a roll!

    I thought it was too strong too. Almost reminded me of bugspray. Then as I was using it up, I thought it was very herbal and green, it actually felt like a spring scent. I couldn't stop smelling my wrist! I don't know whether my perception of scents changed so much since I got it, or whether the juice just aged nicely. I like the memories these older scents bring. For the longest time I didn't know what, apart from tangerines and glitter hair spray, comprised the scent of Christmas when I was aged 9-12. It was lovely, a little over the top, it was everywhere, and I have always wanted to find it. I simply assumed it was a mixture of things. When I received a bottle of Poeme, I almost jumped. It was the Christmas scent. Everyone must have been wearing it at the time! So I think I cracked the formula, Poeme, tangerine, glitter hairspray, and I bet there was some Charley Red in there too!
  11. I'm glad you mention the emotional states behind compulsive decluttering. I don't throw away things too often, I tend to hoard them, in fact, so in a way I need to learn when to let something go without guilt. On the other hand, some of my "cleaning sprees", rare as they are, are fueled by wanting to "quit the acquisition of things" cold turkey. in that state, I seem to believe asceticism would free me, of guilt, of the claws of consumerism, of inner clutter, etc. I appreciate being reminded I won't be in a better place if I "purge" my belongings. So far, my rule is if there's a hygiene concern, or the product works against my skin type and coloring beyond what I can mend by mixing, it can go. I also keep telling myself I probably won't die tomorrow, so I don't need to immediately either use up or throw something out if it's not going to go bad for months, or even years to come. Just focus on using up the things I can and that'll go bad otherwise. I have felt silly quite a few times since starting this. Silly for feeling pressed to be rid of something, "controlled" by my possessions, silly in retrospect (for having bought them), and guilty for buying things, even though my stash isn't even that big, and most of it cheap. I've always been aware of the emotional undercurrent of spending, accumulating, discarding, but I didn't expect I would be brought to face it by simply downsizing my stash. Love that you got to see the ABBA tribute band! How true, the chance will present itself again when the time is right!
  12. Nitya

    On a roll!

    Hit pan: -one more felce azzura powder -one hair and scalp oil treatment -last few drops of Paloma Picasso (and of course, I didn't "get" the appeal of it until..the last few drops), Kenzo Jungle Elephant, D&G The One Desire -scented candle -Vitamin C powder -hair and nail supplements -betadine I almost got something from the hotfoods isle, but got a hold of myself and walked away. I did buy cake three times in a row, no more of that. I think in terms of food, I've wanted both hubs and I to finally not feel deprived, as there have been times we couldn't afford to eat well, and that's putting it mildly. Just need to strike a middle ground now. I'm using up my coconut oil+essential oils blend as body lotion atm, and the coconut oil that's still intact in the jar is being used for pancakes and brownie topping, some of it has been transferred to a pot as paw ointment for pooch. When i've used up my cotton pads, I'm switching to sponges/ microfiber towels for cleansing. Cotton pads are really not indispensable to be honest. I need to keep trying to mix a stubbornly matte foundation with this and that to see if I can use it or not. Looking at eye and lip makeup items, I feel their weight pressing down on me lol. But really, I do. If they become too much of a mental burden, I will toss some of them. I'll try not to. It's a grim reminder to not want to own things too badly lest they should own me. It's great seeing the basket on the bathroom shelf near empty.
  13. I don't know about "fake nails" options, but I know how to grow freakishly long, strong natural nails in no time. I used to use coconut oil on my cuticles, because they're exceptionally dry. I found, as a side effect of rubbing the oil into my cuticles, my nails grew like crazy. They were strong and healthy too. I could've sworn I had a millimeter of growth a day. I have to keep mine short for work, and because I play strings, so I was constantly filing off like half a centimeter, only to discover three days after filing them, that I have claws again! Sorcery! But it's imperative that you massage the oil into each cuticle, it doesn't work if you just apply it and leave it there. The longer you massage, and the more often you do it, the quicker they grow. For cuticles, I'd wait a while after rubbing the oil in before washing my hands, in warm soapy water. Pat them dry, then immediately scrape with a cuticle stick, VERY gently. Most of the cuticle is flaking off on it's own by then, so there's no need to scrape harshly, and you don't get horizontal ridges on your nail like from lye cuticle removers or metal cuticle sticks. It's a time consuming method of growing nails, massaging daily, but works like nothing I've ever seen. Alternatively, if your nails peel in layers, you can try a formaldehyde solution (I've used Mavala scientifique applicator. It's a felt tip pen, lasts forever so don't buy a backup, it literally doesn't dry out for years). It strengthens keratin cross bonds, basically binds the layers of the nail together. It's only used on the tip of the nail, once a week. Used too often, it makes the nail too hard, thus less flexible, so when it presses against something it breaks rather than bends. I haven't noticed it affect growth, but it helped strengthen my nails noticeably, so retaining the length is easier. I personally prefer the coconut oil. I think, though I've no experience, that any artificial nail inevitably affects the quality of the natural nails, so I wouldn't expect them to recover that way. Maybe giving them two weeks of tlc will give them the strength and length you want? Good luck!
  14. Nitya


    I live very near the italian border, the market here has always been heavily permeated with italian products, some of them developed a HG status and are every household's staples...but over the decades, we've forgotten why we keep them around lol! I used to buy Felce products for the scent, it's a very clean scent, perfect for sports and summer. Borotalco is a similar item. It's just we don't have much use for powder, save for sprinkling our bedsheets with it in summer. I'm a little apalled with my food expenses! I'm spending a lot of time at work lately so I often get something from the convenience isle or similar, to avoid cooking when I'm wiped out by the end of the day, and the difference in my grocery bills is noticeable. But I did try making American pancakes recently, and we like them so much better than crepes, plus they're so simple to make, so there's one quick meal that doesn't cost a ton I can make when I can't be bothered. Come weekend, I'm stocking up on healthier staples and making a few batches. I love that I have you Using It Up here, nothing quite erases the hoarding mentality like others validating there's no merit picking up every item available at the drugstore. So glad I joined!
  15. Welcome and congratulations!
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