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  1. I have an uneven complexion, so I use BB cream. Recently sat on the site of Korean cosmetics and stumbled upon the SS-cream. Immediately decided to try, ordered on the site https://koreakos.com/make-up/cc-cream/beyond-phyto-aqua-water-cc-spf28-pa. The cream came very quickly. I really liked the cream, it perfectly evens the complexion, does not provoke the appearance of inflammation and hides minor skin imperfections. CC cream is very economical, so I think this tube will be enough for 4 months, then I will order more!
  2. My husband and I went to the sea and we needed a good sunscreen. I love Korean cosmetics, so I ordered sunscreen at https://koreakos.com/make-up/sun-cream/beyond-eco-daily-defense-mild-family-body-sun-spf50-pa-100ml. I and my husband really liked. The cream is very resistant, does not leak, moisturizes, protects against burning and softens the skin. Also cream But the face really whitens, giving it a natural shimmer. The texture of the cream is not greasy, it can be successfully combined with makeup.
  3. I want to tell you about my pleasant find - Korean mascara. I ordered the mascara on the site https://koreakos.com/make-up/eye-makeup/kissme-heroine-make-volume-curl-mascara-p-1. Very good quality mascara! It is not showered, is not imprinted on the eyelid, moisture resistant and grease resistant. With her your makeup from morning to night will be perfect. It separates well and lengthens the cilia, gives volume. But personally, I lack a little more rigid fixation and twisting, as my eyelashes like to be confused. I recommend to pay attention to this mascara!
  4. I am not a fan of tonal means for the face of the skin, I prefer to use powder. I recently met Korean cosmetics and ordered compact powder on the site https://koreakos.com/make-up/powder-pact/etude-house-fix-fix-tone-up-pact-9-5g. Powder came very quickly and I was very pleased with the product. Powder copes with its core responsibilities. It creates an even tone and visually gives the skin a healthy look, smoothes the relief. It is well applied and stays firmly on the face for more than 5 hours. I gladly use this tool and am very glad that I decided to buy it.
  5. I have problem skin, so I have to constantly mask it. I once ordered a concealer on the site https://koreakos.com/make-up/foundation--concealer/innisfree-my-concealer-dark-circle-cover-7g and was very pleased. The concealer gives a very steep coating, really smears everything, even the strongest reddening and flaws. Concealer is very resistant, can withstand even a strong snowstorm and rain. I love the fact that after removing this concealer, the skin looks as if it were better than it was before it was applied. I do not know how to explain this, here are tonal means that frankly spoil the skin, visibly drain it, some clog pores. So, this particular product has never caused a single acne, it never dried my skin, every day the skin only became better.
  6. For a long time I was looking for a remedy that would help from rashes and acne and finally found its ideal remedy for problem skin. I ordered it on the site https://koreakos.com/skin-care/cream/acnes-moisture-cream-50ml. The tool should be applied in the morning and evening, after clearing the skin. After the first application, all the redness on the skin goes away, it becomes more healthy and even. I was very pleased with the result!
  7. I am 30 years old and my skin requires special care. I love Korean cosmetics and decided to order a serum for my face. I ordered on the site https://koreakos.com/skin-care/serum/elizavecca-cf-nest-97-b-jo-serum-50ml. I really liked the serum, it moisturizes well and evens out skin tone improves the complexion as well improves elasticity smoothes fine wrinkles. I am very pleased with the tool, another effective tool appeared in my cosmetic bag!
  8. Hello everyone, I am delighted and I hasten to share with you a wonderful Korean product - peeling for the feet, which produces stunning results. I ordered it on the site https://koreakos.com/body-4/foot-care/calmia-silky-perfect-foot-peeling. It is worth noting that the procedure was timed to the trip to the sea, and I wanted the heels in sandals to look wonderful. The product is really amazing, all the old skin has been peeled off, the heels have become very smooth and soft. I'm in love with this product!
  9. Probably each of us heard about Korean cosmetics. Their famous care products reliably settled in cosmetics bags for most beauties. And I, in turn, began my acquaintance with BB-cream. I ordered BB-cream on the site https://koreakos.com/make-up/bb-cream/aritaum-full-cover-bb-cream-spf50-pa-50ml. The cream perfectly levels the overall skin tone, all redness on the skin becomes quite invisible. This BB cream is so perfect for my skin that I can use it anyway: in any weather, in any season, in any skin condition. BB cream does not clog the pores and does not cause a rash, does not pollute the skin, increasing the number of black spots. It seems to me that even the opposite - it helps to wash out dirt. I really like the appearance of the skin after this BB cream: it does not look tired at the end of the day and remains even in tone and texture.
  10. For a long time she picked up a face mask that could be applied for the night, tried a huge number of different means. So I decided to try Korean cosmetics and ordered a 3W CLINIC Collagen Sleeping Pack face mask. I ordered a mask on the site https://koreakos.com/skin-care/mask-pack/3w-clinic-collagen-sleeping-pack-100ml. What can I say about this mask? I've been using it for two months now and the effect is wonderful. It perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, struggling with the first signs of aging. In the morning, the face looks asleep and the contours of the face are more even and clear. Will definitely buy more!
  11. I have long been looking for a good shampoo that would fit my hair. I decided to try the seam Silk Hair Repair Shampoo, which I ordered on the site https://koreakos.com/hair-care/shampoo/the-saem-silk-hair-repair-shampoo-320ml. The shampoo perfectly cleans the hair, it washes it to the squeak, while still feeling wet in the wet state which hair is soft. After it, the hair is easy to comb, it does not tangle at all, after drying it becomes smooth and noticeably more shiny.
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