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  1. The most effective home bathing method in Vietnam White bathing with rice bran is a natural and safe method if you use it properly, it will help your skin to be smooth and visible only in a short time. Famous for its natural, economical and safe skin whitening ability, if used appropriately, the current method of white bathing with rice bran is very popular. ( In Vietnam, it's Cách tắm trắng bằng cám gạo tại nhà). To own white and smooth skin, let's give me some small tips below. Depending on each skin type, we will combine rice bran with other ingredients to maximize the beauty benefits of rice bran, some of the most commonly used combinations are: 1. Rice bran and fresh milk without sugar Use rice bran starch (or pure rice bran) and fresh sugar-free milk is often used with dry skin. The combination of fresh milk and rice bran when mixed together penetrates deep into the skin, helping to nourish and whiten naturally. Fresh milk with a moisturizing effect, will help your skin smooth, rice bran and fresh milk is an excellent combination for dry skin. 2. Rice bran and lemon (or orange) The combination of rice bran and lemon (or orange) is useful for oily or acne-prone skin. Note that you should only squeeze half a lemon each time, adding too much lemon to rice flour will make your skin thinner and more susceptible to sunburn. Lemon has a very good effect in eliminating the residue and lubricant, along with vitamin C from lemon or orange, will help to remove dark spots effectively, giving you smooth white skin. 3. Rice bran, fresh sugar-free milk and olive oil The blend of rice bran, fresh milk without sugar and olive oil is suitable for normal skin. In addition to being used to help whiten, brighten and prevent acne-causing bacteria, olive oil also promotes other uses such as skin care, increase elasticity and protect skin against UV rays, in addition to It also helps antiseptic and extremely effective scarring. Although there are many combinations in white bath method with rice bran, it is basically the same steps as the following: - If combined with any raw materials, mix rice bran and raw materials together, mix well and smooth until a viscous mixture is visible. - Use a spoon, or use your hands (if using your hand, please wash your hands beforehand) and apply the mixture on your face and your entire body according to your own will. - After that, use the palms to gently rub and perform the massage on the body slowly or face, slowly perform about 15-20 minutes so that the nutrients penetrate deep into the skin to maximize uses. - Wash your face or bathe with warm water and gently use a soft towel to dry your face and body. Things to keep in mind when taking white bath with rice bran: - Only use from 1 to 2 times in 1 week, should not be overused. - It is recommended to choose a prestigious and clear origin when buying rice bran or rice bran starch. Do not arbitrarily buy goods of unknown origin because it is very easy to buy fake goods, mixed goods impurities, preservatives, or bleaching agents, white size ... the consequences will be worn and damaged damage your skin. - Should use rice bran starch instead of pure rice bran, because its use is more perfect and because it is benign, sensitive skin can still be used. - After a white bath, apply sunscreen or use the necessary shielding. - Because this is a natural white bath method, it is not only 1-2 times that the effect is obvious. At least you need to persevere for 3-4 weeks. Just take a little time and effort, apply the appropriate procedures as well as note above, you will confidently represent any suit you want with perfectly smooth white skin. Hopefully, the method of bathing with rice bran will give people a bright, smooth white skin as desired.
  2. Simple eye care routine every day, keep the eyes bright, cure dark circles, treat dryness and keep the soul window always full of life before every look. Simple daily eye care tips are very important to consider, especially for office workers or working directly with computers. We also know that the eyes of thousands of people are like the windows of the soul, the beautiful soul makes the viewer just want to stop watching and breathing. In my pham cho me. 1 / Say no to fat and sweets Grease - sweet foods are two foods that are extremely dangerous to your health and your skin does not protect your eyes. Learn how to say no, stay away from foods like fast food, fried foods, burgers, candies and foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids. They are all criminals that cause age-related macular degeneration (ARMD). 2 / Adding berries Blueberry is a very good berry fruit for the eyes, a fruit rich in antioxidants necessary for the body. Get into the habit of using a cup of blueberry yogurt 2-3 times a week in the morning to limit the risk of getting ARMD. 3 / Red onion helps brighten eyes Replacing golden onions with red onions in cooking helps to protect the windows of the soul better. In red onions contain a lot of quercetin content, rich in antioxidants that help reduce the risk of cataracts. 4 / Supplementing multivitamins According to research, women should take vitamin C supplements for more than 10 years to reduce their risk of cataract by 77%. Increase at least 150mg of vitamin C per day into the diet menu to help prevent eye diseases. 5 / Do not let air conditioner shine directly into the eyes Not allowing direct regulation of eyes is one of the simple daily eye care tips. Whenever you drive, sit in a car or in a room, avoid letting the air conditioner ferry straight into your eyes. This long-term cold air source can scratch the cornea, dry the eyes and lead to incurable disease. 6 / Set the computer / phone screen lower than the eye's view Setting the computer / phone screen lower than the eye's vision is a way to reduce stress, keeping the eye in an open state and limiting the phenomenon of irritating the cornea. 7 / Use at least 2 meals of fish / week Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids - nutrients that prevent dryness. You can choose to eat fish or fish oil supplements, both of which provide an abundance of omega-3s that limit your dry eyes and dry skin. 8 / Eat more sweet potatoes Rich in sweet potatoes, especially vitamin A. Those who stay up late, have lots of contact with the computer, use a phone or watch TV a lot should put sweet potatoes into their diets to improve their vision at night . 9 / Add lutein-rich foods Twice a week, you should eat lutein-rich foods. They have plenty of green vegetables, chicken fruits and egg yolks. Lutein, similar to carotenoids, is a core component that gives a golden color to the eyes, helps to brighten the eyes and clearly see everything in front of it. it is làm đẹp cho da mặt. 10 / Stay away from cigarettes Smoking cessation, staying away from areas with cigarette smoke will help to effectively reduce cataracts, dry eyes and increase eye pressure. Cigarette smoke is so toxic that it's best not to get used to them. 11 / Use your computer / phone properly Every 20 minutes working with a computer, you spend 20 seconds looking at anything 6m long. This way helps your eyes become more effective, anti-fatigue and effective pressure relief. Use artificial artificial tears to create moisture if your eyes are prone to dryness. In addition to going to bed before 11 o'clock at night, healthy living is also a simple daily eye care routine that you should apply to keep the windows of the soul fresh. Click to see many other health protection experiences below.

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