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  1. Make sure to start with a good skincare routine. Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer. I also like to use some face oil with my moisturizer which really helps me. I do this all before I prime to make sure my skin is as hydrated as possible. I recommend Rose Hip Nourishing Oil by Mario Badescu.
  2. Here some Effordable Answers that works: Diagrams for eyeshadow that show what the "waterline," "crease," etc. are. Explanation of color theory/undertones Highlighting/contouring (I think just mentioning that it exists would suffice because this is probably more of an advanced thing, but it basically blew my mind when I realized this was a thing) The fact that makeup counters give samples Monistat being used as a primer (like what?!!?) Maybe a link to pictures of the different brush to show the differences between them Might be worth it to mention that cleaning brushes on the regular is a good thing (and mention of cleaning methods?) Popular websites/tutorials on youtube for further exploration (Lisa Eldridge, Beautyepic, Wayne Goss, ...etc.)
  3. Makeup can both define and hide, and applied thickly enough (as in your example image), it can obscure the natural facial features and redefine its contours. I would venture to guess that an older woman would look fairly similar in the after picture, given the same makeup job. The “before” picture was shot in natural light, without obvious filters or Photoshop, while the “after” looks digitally altered and professionally lit. Older women, by the way, are often told to go light on the makeup, because heavy foundation and eyeliner can settle into wrinkles, making them appear more prominent. (Just as heavy makeup can sometimes make a young person’s acne scars look prominent.) Most of the time, women aren’t going to be walking around with heavy stage makeup and dramatic contouring, though. And there are other signals, such as the person’s figure, that balance out the aging effect of the makeup. In light makeup, shot in natural light, the model’s age would probably appear pretty much the same. There is too much going on, outside of the makeup, to evaluate these photos on equal footing.
  4. what makeup tip do you wish you’d known about years ago?
  5. I really like CoverGirl Clump Crusher! I try new mascaras occasionally but keep going back to it.
  6. I always feel like I’m about to rip out all my lashes and I wear so much eye makeup that there’s no way to even see a difference after I curl them.
  7. I would recommend checking out Loreal Liquid Powder Nude foundation (this is a lightweight foundation and looks really natural on the skin), Maybelline Fit Me foundation (this will keep your face matte throughout the day, is very affordable, available in a lot of shades). Other brands that you can try are Mac, Bobbi Brown, Chanel (high price range).
  8. The fenty gloss bomb. Everyone was raving about it so i ended up getting the small duo with the highlighter. Its non sticky and v flattering. It does have a bit of a smell/taste though.
  9. My favorite is Luminous Silk. this is good for my daily routine
  10. My two favorite lipsticks are Burberry Sepia and Tom Ford Indian Rose. I like how easy they are to wear and the shades are ‘just right’ MLBB shades. I don’t mind that they need to be reapplied regularly as I prefer that to something that feels heavy or dry on my lips.
  11. Sooo Cute. Thank you for sharing this
  12. I love UD Cannonball and have totally justified the price to myself. I ugly-cried the other day and that stuff just did not budge.
  13. If you can't live with it.. get plastic surgery. If you don't get plastic surgery you can obviously live with it.
  14. Try oiling your hair atleast two times a day using a good ayurvedic oil. Many a times premature hairfall can be arrested by simple care. Also don't use commercially available shampoos as most of them are quite harsh. Go for a herbal hair wash powder instead.
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