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  1. 1. Natio Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream Whether you have dry or oily skin, this BB cream by Natio is the one to go for. It has shea butter and jojoba that are great to lock in moisture. It also has green tea and chamomile to soothe skin and eliminate redness. Price: Rs 1,060. 2. Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 Finding the perfect match for your skin tone is always an issue when selecting your bb cream. Thankfully Bobbi Brown’s BB cream comes in 8 shades to match your skin tone. Plus its cream formula boosts hydration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and has light-reflect pearls that brighten the look of your skin. Price: Rs 3,850. Also, if you want to gather some information about the difference between the BB - CC and DD cream .. Read here https://www.popxo.com/2017/08/everything-you-need-to-know-about-bb-cc-and-dd-creams/
  2. Until a few years ago, there was a serious dearth of homegrown beauty and skincare labels in the country. That is fast-changing though, and the Indian market is now brimming with homegrown brands that range from 100 perfect organic and natural, to brands that are scientifically backed, using research to further harness the potential of ayurveda. We take a look at five such homegrown brands that are redefining skincare in India. 1. Dr. Sheth’s 2. Vaunt 3. Organic Riot 4. Ilana 5. Sova
  3. Summer = humidity, sweat and stickiness. Come summer and the last thing you want to do is apply moisturiser, am I right? If you live in a city with tropical weather, you know the perils of applying anything to your skin on a hot summer's day. You start to sweat immediately and your face is left drenched in tiny little droplets of sweat. It's an icky, sticky situation and a lot of us tend to avoid that feeling by completely neglecting to apply any moisturiser. The end result? Your skin in summer is dry, dehydrated and easily damaged by the sun! Try: The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Face Mask We bet that after you slap this aloe sheet mask on your face, it’s going to transform your skin for good! While it provides a clarifying effect on your skin, it keeps it hydrated, smooth and moist at the same time. Leave the sheet mask on for about 10-15 minutes and pat your face dry using a cloth after. Cucumber Is The Bomb! Packed with caffeic acid and vitamin C, cucumber pulp helps to soothe irritated and tired skin. In fact, the peel itself is useful. It contains silica that helps prevent sagging and skin from ageing faster. Plus, during the hot summer days, it also makes a delicious snack. Try: Himalaya Herbals Moisturizing Cucumber Peel-Of Mask When the extracts of cucumber and almond come together, magic happens! This affordable mask pampers skin by moisturising, toning, cooling and firming it. The almond content in the mask contributes to the softness and smoothness of your skin. Get Glowing Skin With This Customised Regime 1. Value Your Sleep No matter how busy you may be, it’s essential to get 6-8 hours of sleep. Not getting enough of sleep can give you dark circles, puffy eyes and even worse, wrinkles! That’s why it’s important to go to bed early and wake up to fresh, glowing skin the morning after. Plus, getting good sleep also ensures a fresh mind and a radiant complexion. 2. Wash Your Face Every Night Make it a point to wash your face when you get home from a long day. Dirty skin can cause breakouts and excess oil. Use an oil-based remover to take off make-up and then wash your face with a mild cleanser. You can also use an alcohol-free toner before you moisturise. Make it a point to exfoliate your skin twice a week. This helps clear layers of dead skin cells, giving away to brighter, glowing skin. 3. Swear By Sunscreen You can leave the house without applying make-up, but don’t do the same with SPF. The harsh rays of the sun can damage and irritate skin, causing premature ageing and dullness. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, always wear sunscreen. If you don’t use an SPF regularly, it can lead to skin damage and in time, give rise to dark spots, pigmentation and fine lines. To avoid all that mess, it’s best to apply sunscreen every day. 4. Don’t Touch Your Face! Even if someone challenged you to touch your face for a million bucks, don’t do it. Don’t pick your skin and certainly don’t pop your zits. On the contrary, leave your skin alone and use a wet wipe to soothe any itches. The less you touch your face, the better because you won’t be spreading germs and dust with your fingertips. Believe it or not, there are tons of moisturisers in the market that can make you feel as cool as a cucumber, minus the chip chip. Here's a list of the best face creams for summer. 1. Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly 2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel 3. Biotique Bio Dandelion Ageless Visibly Serum 4. Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Mint and Cucumber Face Spray 5. LOreal Paris UV Perfect Super Aqua Essence SPF 50+ PA++++
  4. My daily skincare routine follows this routine - 1. Try a three-day detox. 2. Add turmeric, aloe vera, cucumber, baking soda, papaya to your diet and use the face mask with the ingredients every alternate day. 3. Drink green tea, every single day. 4. Consciously add Vitamin C to your diet. 5. Massage your face with honey daily. 6. Exercise for at least 15 minutes, every day. 7. Drink coconut water. 8. Avoid fried or oily food. Eat at home. 9. Feel happy from within. I follow in these skin tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing all day long. I also in ayurvedic tips for skincare. They really work. If you want to know some ayurvedic tips to keep your skin glowing.
  5. Homemade Egg Face Masks For Every Skin Type To Fix All Skin Problems Get a radiant skin with the following homemade egg face masks for healthy skin. Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, our list has egg masks for every skin type. No product in the market can beat the results gained by homemade natural masks. Egg Face Masks For Combination Skin Benefits of this mask: This egg face mask nourishes the skin while tightening the pores. For combination skin, this is an ideal face mask. Ingredients Required: 1 egg white, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey How to make this mask: Keep beating an egg white until it appears white and foamy. Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. Use a fan brush or cotton pad to apply the face mask. Leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes. Use warm water to rinse it off. Note: If you feel any stinging with the application of this mask then you should remove it immediately. To know more face mask according to skin type read here - https://www.popxo.com/2018/09/egg-white-and-tissue-mask-for-blackhead-removal/
  6. A concealer is a type of cosmetic makeup product that is a more pigmented and potent version of the regular base makeup that you might use. It is used to mask blemishes and even the skin tone. There is a difference between foundation and concealer. Foundation is a more diluted version of the concealer. They are formulated with the same pigment, but the foundation is more diluted. Concealers are usually concentrated on the under eye area, the high points of your face which would be the middle of your forehead between your brows, the bridge and tip of your nose, your cupid’s bow and the tip of your chin and on any blemishes, redness or pigmentation specifically. To know more how to pick the right concealer according to your skin tone, read here - https://www.popxo.com/2016/03/right-way-to-use-concealer/
  7. Best concealer for dark circles are - 1. Miss Claire Full Coverage Makeup + Concealer 2. Nicka K HD Concealer 3. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Correcting Palette - Color Commentary 4. Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer 5. Make Up For Life 5 Color Concealer Corrector 6. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD 7. Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer
  8. Thinking about a hair transformation? If you are not bold enough to try a new haircut, a hair color should will rock it! Coloring your strands is a fantastic way to rock it! A good hair color can also help you look healthier and shinier. Benefit Of Global Hair Colour - 1. Global hair colour is useful if you’re trying to cover up greys. It colours your hair from root to tip, hiding any grey roots and ends. 2. If you want to darken or lighten your actual hair colour, global color is a good option. 3. If you’ve coloured your hair in the past and you don’t like the colour that it’s fading into, quick global hair color will cover up a previously faded hair color. To read more about the side effects, hair colour cost, which colour to choose from - Read here - https://www.popxo.com/2015/12/best-hair-colour-ideas-to-try-out/
  9. These are the few amazing gifts you can gift your wife and trust us.... she wont regret! Love Cards Jewelry Gifts Chocolate Gifts Same Day Delivery Beauty Combo & Hampers Home Decor Couple Rings
  10. Here are the few hair care tips - 1. Brush your hair regularly. 2. Oiling your hair 3. Use coconut oil while oiling 4. Avoid washing your hair from hot water. 5. Donot use comb on wet hair. These are the few hair care tips one should follow on regular basis.
  11. Here are the few hair care tips Balanced Diet. Massage Your Scalp Trim Your Hair Frequently, whenever required Don't Wash Too Often
  12. If you have a normal skin - Stay away from heat. If you’re blow-drying your hair, make sure that the hot air does not make contact with your skin. If it does, it could dry your skin out and that could make your complexion patchy and prone to breakouts. For dry skin - The sun can cause damage to your skin and makes it prone to ageing early. To avoid fine lines and wrinkles, apply sunscreen generously on your hands, feet, neck and face. For Oily Skin - Even if you have oily skin, you must make it a point to moisturise and hydrate your skin every day! However, choosing the right moisturiser for your skin type is crucial. An oil-free water-based moisturiser should do the trick. To know more read here - https://www.popxo.com/2016/12/beauty-tips-for-flawless-skin/
  13. If you suffer from alopecia, you might want to give rosemary oil a shot. It's the best, I tell you, for treating all hair problems. It promotes thicker hair growth and treats dandruff like a boss. It's perfect to use if you have thin hair and suffer from a serious dandruff problem. All you got to do is massage your scalp with warm rosemary oil and leave it on overnight. You can wash your hair and scalp with lukewarm water the next morning. Rosemary Oil helps in It Promotes Hair Growth Your Scalp Feels Moisturised & Healthy For more benefits of rosemary oil for hair growth and skin read here https://www.popxo.com/2018/12/everything-you-need-to-know-about-rosemary-oil/
  14. If you suffer from alopecia, you might want to give rosemary oil a shot. It's the best, I tell you, for treating all hair problems. It promotes thicker hair growth and treats dandruff like a boss.

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