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  1. Do you study at the faculty of fashion? Then you can be more dismissive of secondary subjects. My sister just gave such essays to a special service. You can find more info here and try such a collaboration. You will have more space and time for creativity. How do you like this offer? This isn't even a secret among students as far as I know.
  2. It seems to me an irresponsible decision. Cats and dogs are almost like children. Would you leave your child if you wanted to move? You need to be able to accept this responsibility and build your life on the basis that you also have pets.
  3. These are curious questions. When I began to ask them myself for the first time, I felt that something inside me was changing. I became calmer. I wanted to draw. You know, I always liked to draw but I suppressed it in myself so as not to stand out. It turned out that you can love yourself even in adulthood. When I realized this, I bought paints and paper in an art store - https://drawingfan.com/best-watercolor-paper/ I don't force myself to draw. It just comes out of me. Have you had this?
  4. I can add another item here - cbd face cream. I have no special problems with the skin and I don't feel the need for constant care)) This is so)) However, closer to summer, the skin begins to dry and peel off strongly. Sometimes I think that I may be hypersensitive to any pollen. This cream relieves irritation very quickly. I use it as a medicine.
  5. I'm not so sure about the application, although this has its effect, I don't argue. It seems to me that creating your own website with adaptation for smartphones is a more complete option. I can cite an example of several popular Canadian restaurants that made sites using Globalgraphics. It takes some time but the result exceeds all expectations. I always begin acquaintance with a new restaurant from its website.
  6. Looking for a good girl? I can tell you about my method. Although it was more a search for the bride ... but I like the result))) I decided to visit a dating site when I realized that I couldn't find the one in real life. It turned out that there are a large number of pretty serious girls. It was pleasantly different from the picture of the world that I usually saw. It is not surprising that I got married quickly)
  7. Oh my God)) It was so long ago that it seems to me a message from the grave. Especially against the background of hysteria about impeachment. You can read in chicago news about what the White House thinks about Trump’s politics now. I think they all went crazy there. If you ask my opinion, the withdrawal of troops from Syria is the best that could be done at the moment.
  8. Sometimes it seems to me that students don't always understand the essence of their problem. Studying at a college or university takes a lot of time, we all went through this. I don't dispute someone else's choice. You can buy an essay if it makes your life easier. But such students must think through their actions. Check ready-made assignments. Use code plagiarism detector. It would be stupid if you get caught plagiarizing. Education fees are high enough to risk your reputation with just a few sheets of text.
  9. In my opinion, Tinder is more like an application for finding a partner for one night. This is completely frivolous for me. If I look for a girl for myself, then I will start browsing serious sites. You can see an approximate review in this source. When a girl talks about marriage, this gives a better chance of a long and serious relationship.
  10. Hello! I still wouldn't give up headphones. I can’t do without music) At my house I made a large audio system with a modern receiver. It gives amazing sound quality. You can visit the site to Compare AV receivers. Do you feel what opportunities open up for music lovers? I even argued with my friends about this. However, they acknowledged my point when they listened to the music of Lindsay Stirling in my home.
  11. I had such a problem with my ex. She could take my phone without permission and delete those photos where you are other girls. She also deleted the phone numbers of my female work colleagues (sometimes even relatives' phones). I looked stupid when I saw an unfamiliar number later. I don't like to answer unfamiliar numbers if there was no prior agreement about this. Has anyone been in this situation?
  12. I always liked to take a hot bath just for fun. However, now it has become my only salvation. I have a very busy schedule now (( I come home from work very late and tired. To be in shape I use narural oil, CLICK THROUGH THE FOLLOWING WEB SITE. It helps me relax all my muscles and fall asleep. This is a bit like a spa procedure)) But I'm too tired to appreciate it (
  13. I act in a similar way, only using natural CBD oil. Have you heard about this? This applies to herbal medicines, CLICK THAT LINK. I have a mild form of diabetes, so it’s very useful for me to use natural oil to reduce stress and painful symptoms. I didn't know that oregano has similar properties. Thanks for the tip.
  14. That's why I don't like real casinos. Often this place reminds me of an amusement park for adult children who run from room to room, drink a lot and talk loudly. I cannot concentrate on such conditions. Better play bitcoin dice auto without leaving home. The fun of the game is the same, but the understanding that this does not affect my main bank account makes me calm. Winnings can be converted to dollars as desired.
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