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  1. Calcium support is concerned by millions of mothers. Nonetheless, not many of them know how to provide calcium for their children correctly. Signs of calcium deficiency in children - At mild level Children having calcium deficiency at mild level often startle while they sleep, burst into tears when they wake up, showing spasms and red-purple face. Some children burst into tears for hours and even all night. Furthermore, they are easy to get hiccups and vomit. - At severe level Have sweats all the time, particularly while sleeping Doughnut-shaped hair loss Children find it hard to breathe Fast heartbeat and breath Calcium support by diets To have the children nurtured, calcium should be provided by the following food: - Dairy produce: Milk, Cheese, and Yoghurt - Soy milk - Orange juice - Tofu - Salmon bones - Sweet potatoes - Beans - Broccoli - Serios - Additional supplements
  2. Alkaline feminine hygiene products are different from daily ones and only used in special cases. If you abuse them, it is likely that you will contract vaginal infections. The natural vaginal environment The natural environment of women's vagina is measured by pH level. And the pH level is directly influenced by estrogen hormones. The ideal pH level will build up a natural defence system for women's genital organs. It will prevent factors that cause vaginal infections, including bacteria and fungus. Moreover, an ideal pH level is a perfect environment for conception. When the pH level loses its balance, which is alkaline (over 7) or acidic (under 4), bacteria can easily grow inside your vagina. They will cause bad odor, unusual bleeding, and itchiness as well as pain. What is alkaline feminine hygiene product? PH level is measured on the scale to 14. If it is over 7, it is called alkalinity. On the contrary, it is acidity. Nevertheless, the alkalinity of feminine hygiene products is based on the natural vaginal pH level. PH level over 4.5 is alkaline, 4-4.5 is neutral, and under 4 is acidic. When should women use alkaline feminine hygiene products? In the case you have infections and vaginal itchiness, alkaline feminine hygiene products are prefered. They will help the pH level come back to 4.5 and eliminate bacteria.
  3. Newborns grow really fast in their early years. And digestive system is the organ supporting them. The cause of digestive problems - Food poisoning For children, a healthy diet is very important to provide nutrients for their body. Nevertheless, food can carry bacteria and cause food poisoning for your child. - Antibiotics Antibiotics help children destroy harmful germs. But sometimes, they also kill good bacteria and weaken immune system. Consequently, digestive problems will occur. - Digestive illnesses Digestive illnesses, such as intestinal inflammation can also cause digestive disorders in children. To treat these problems, parents should provide bacterial fermentation products and additional supplements for children. Products from Nature's Way is often trusted and used by numerous children from all over the world. Nature's Way is also the number 1 additional supplement brand for children in Australia and a recommended brand for parents.
  4. HPV vaccine is one of the best ways to prevent cervical cancer. But there are some notes that you need to know about it Can girls over 9 years old have HPV inoculation? This is a mothers' frequent question. According to doctors, girls from 9 to 26 years old and never have sex before can be benefited from HPV vaccines. Should men have anti-HPV vaccination? HPV is the cause of not only cervical cancer but also upper-jaw, neck cancer, and many other types. Hence, boys at the age of 9 to 26 and never have sex before should have anti-HPV vaccination. The ones that should not have HPV vaccination - Women that have sex before - Pregnant or breastfeeding women - Women having severe diseases such as fungus or latex allergies. Women at the age of 6 to 26 and have sex before can still have HPV vaccines. However, if they are already infected, the vaccine will not have any benefits.
  5. Feminine hygiene products are incredibly helpful in cleaning women's vagina, reducing and preventing gynecological diseases. Nevertheless, we need to know the correct way to use it. Otherwise, it will be quite dangerous for our health. It is recommended to follow certain rules when using feminine hygiene products: 1. Do not use it more than 2 times a day Various women often use feminine hygiene products anytime they want, even after they go to the toilet. This is a completely wrong method because hygiene products are fundamentally detergents. Using them more than two times a day may cause dryness and itchiness for your vagina. 2. Do not douche For your information, there are millions of beneficial bacteria inside your vaginal canal. They are responsible for cleaning your vagina. Hence, douching is unnecessary. In fact, it can create a tract for harmful bacteria to penetrate deeply into your uterus, causing severe diseases. When you clean your vagina, it is recommended to wash on the outside only. Then, you should dry it with a dirt-free towel. 3. Use an appropriate product A good feminine hygiene product should have natural ingredients and suitable pH degree. It safer than those made from metal ingredients. Also, it can minimize your chances of getting skin irritation and itchiness.
  6. DHA is an incredibly imperative nutrient for a child's intelligence, immunity, and eyesight. But do you actually know how much a child needs it and how important it really is?1. What is DHA?DHA is a short for Docosa Hexaenoic, which is a fatty acid. It plays an important part in a human's body. According to pedestrians, DHA is needed for a child to develop his immune system and particularly for his brain functions. DHA takes a massive part in grey matter (intelligence) and reinforces the sensation of neurons. Without DHA, kids will experience low IQ during their growth. 2. When should DHA be provided?DHA needs being given to kids continuously and early when your baby is still in his your womb. For your child to be smart in the future, you should use several DHA products, such as Nature's Way Kids Smart Drop DHA or DHA Bio Island. Read more: Top 3 most high-quality DHA products for children 2019
  7. My husband has done a health check recently and was diagnosed with prostatic hyperplasia. It is not too dangerous because the illness is in early stage. But I'm worried that it might negatively involved with our sexual life. I asked the doctor but did not get a satisfied answer. What do you think about this? Anyway, I think I'm gonna let him use one of these additional supplements, just for sure: TOP 5 SUPER EFFICIENT SUPPLEMENTS TO SUPPORT YOUR PROSTATIC HYPERTROPHY TREATMENT
  8. Ovarian cancer is quite common in women today. Finding the disease by looking at the following early symptoms will help you beat this silent killer: 1. Indigestion Most women feel indigestible during their period. Nevertheless, this indigestion lasting longer than 3 weeks is one of the early symptoms of ovarian cancer. The tumor causes abnormal liquid accumulation in the pelvic or abdominal area, creating digestive problems. 2. Anorexia Losing your appetite is one of the most common signs of ovarian cancer. Besides, you will also feel full quickly after eating and find it hard to consume a small meal. 3. Unusual vagina bleeding A menstrual cycle comes only once in a month. Any vagina bleeding before or after the period is considered unusual. And you should go to see a doctor immediately to get diagnosed. 4. Lower back pain There are many reasons for lower back pain. However, if you are certain that you do not have any bone or joint-related illness, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, you should go to a clinic as soon as possible. It is a sign which shows that you are likely to have ovarian cancer. 5. Pain during sex When ovarian tumor is developing, patients often experience pain while having sex. It appears on the right or left side of the pelvis and makes you feel uncomfortable. The above symptoms occur in silence and are usually mistaken with other types of illness. Therefore, to protect yourself, it is recommended to change your habits and strictly follow the doctor's directions. If you are in the cancer treatment process, you should use some supplements to support it. Read more: OKINAWA FUCOIDAN - A WONDERFUL SUPPLEMENT TO SUPPORT CANCER TREATMENT
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