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  1. any more pet owners here who can share your loved furkids?
  2. lol i love animals. and my first animal i take care of is my hamster! LOL he is cute and easy to take care! eventually i adopted a stray cat and a mixed breed dog as well... my home is a crowded place
  3. btw in case anyone is curious, i started losing hair when i was 25.... bad genes not blaming my parents though. this is what life gives me, I will accept it haha
  4. there is a small trick to get insurance coverage for your hair loss. it depends on your job. check with your HR if they have group insurance like this Group insurance usually covers stuff such as dental and hair losses that is not covered by individual policy. hope you are lucky enough as not all company has that. I was lucky i got some hair losses and was surprised to get covered. also for hair loss, i use apple cider vinegar, dilute it with 1 part water 1 part vinegar for a hair solution to cleanse my scalp and hair. learn it from this blogger on using apple cider vinegar for health and hair benefits. and don't over use hair wax, hair spray too!
  5. just visited ur blog! keep up the good writing! we need more authentic beauty bloggers rather than just instagram photos.
  6. I love camping a lot! i camp on the great outdoor to relax and chill whenever i had too much work stress. (which is quite common)
  7. keep practicing! u will get better and better with your eye pencil. when i started i was really bad, i am so glad i took photos and keep these memories, now that i look at it, i laugh. don't worry! u will get better at drawing your eye liners!
  8. eat more fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water. i been reducing my meat intake coz i realize my acne come out lesser if i reduce meat and milk intake.
  9. same here! i use this foot peel masks. they ship for free in america if u meet their cart volume. i like it because its so effective. i only used 2 peels and now my feet feels like baby soft skin. omg my heels are now so smooth and nice. i actually thought i was only getting 2 peels but its actually 3 in 1. think their listing was not so written well, got a surprised when i received 3 packs in 1 box.
  10. i have both a cat and a dog at home! both are pretty old though. unfortunately, my cat meowmeow just had an eye surgery. had to remove the right eye because of internal pressure hopefully she can retire well
  11. i actually bought this for my niece the other day a MENSTRUAL CUP. lol i thought since she is starting her menstrual, she may as well try something that is more environmental friendly and cheaper (in the long run, better than paying for disposable tampons or sanitary pads right) not sure what my sis thinks though... lol she has the educational job.
  12. a menstrual gift basket is so cool!
  13. and please stay out of the sun! even if u are wearing hat or sunscreen.... i avoid the sun as much as possible
  14. yeah i just flew and got in a tiny problem as my liquid is slightly over 4 ounces. but small bottles are fine, they do check all your liquid but let you cross when they didn't find anything wrong.
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