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  1. I have had bad hair for years! Dull lifeless greasy and flaky, if I addressed one issue the others got worse. If I use the wrong products I look like I haven’t showered in weeks within hours of applying the product. I finally found a hair care line that works for my hair but doesn’t address the flakes in my hair. I know I have dry scalp but pretty sure it’s also dermatitis. Also to throw a wrench in highly allergic to aloe. Any suggestions???
  2. Lip renewal serum. My lips used to crack peel and split over night till this stuff. Lipstick always clumped and looked so bad till now.
  3. Radiant defense. It’s dermacosmetics, so it actually improves your skin the longer you wear it. Super easy to apply and you can have shear coverage to full coverage and contour with it.
  4. Lashboost!!! It works amazingly to make lashes longer thicker and darker. Mine were stumps and now when I put on mascara the touch my eye brows. It’s super quick to. A swipe every night before bed and you get your own lashes.
  5. I swear by Rodan and Fields bright eye complex and multi function eye cream. I do not get 8 hrs of sleep I do not eat the greatest. I need coffee to get me going every morning. Using those 2 products under my eyes has made a huge improvement. No more crows feet, the luggage I had have gone from a 20 piece set to a small carry one bag and the dark circles I can cover with a thin dusting of peptide powder.
  6. A good exfoliation and active hydration serum and followed up triple defense and my skin is glowing, soft and protected 😊
  7. You need Rodan and fields active hydration serum and bright eye complex!!! The hydration serum actually pulls moisture from the air into your skin. Gives you glowing skin and helps smooth lines and wrinkles. And the bright eye helps hydration that delicate skin under the eye and reduces the dark circles under your eyes. The improvement in my skin has been amazing. I swear by them! Let me know if you have questions and I’m happy to get you info on them.
  8. I love radiant defense. It’s dermacosmetics and not just makeup. It applies in thin layers. You can contour, have shear coverage or full coverage. It doesn’t break you out, has spf 20 in it and works for a wide range of skin types
  9. I think you need to address the skin itself. What is your daily regimen? What products do you use?
  10. I have found using lashboost has given my lashes not only length but strength too. My lashes are nourished from the inside out. They curl easier and hold better. Also if you have a lash curler you need to replace the pads on them periodically so they don’t cut your lashes 🤦🏻‍♀️ But I absolutely love my lashes now and a curling mascara like roller lash make them look 🤩
  11. I use lashboost for my lashes. They definitely look longer, darker and thicker even without mascara. I then use 1 coat of benifits or better than sex mascara and my lashes touch my eyebrows!
  12. No toothpaste does not remove acne. Acne can be caused by multiple things. Hormones, diet, dirty phone, frequently touching your face, these all contribute to the acne cycle. You need to break that cycle to get acne under control. A good multi med therapy approach is going to be the best. Each step should address part of the cycle. A wash to remove dirt, a toner that helps balance the ph to make it difficult for bacteria to grow, a treatment step and always a sunscreen in the morning. I love unblemish because it is the #1 acne system and it works.
  13. I find that not all brands are created equal. So many make your skin greasy or don’t rub in completely. I use daily Rodan and Fields Redefine am cream because it has spf 30 in it. If I’m going to be out longer I will either use reverse 50 or soothe 30 because they both apply cleanly and evenly and don’t break my skin out.
  14. Sounds like you might need a good scrub to manually remove the deadskin. I have similar skin and use Rodan and fields reverse and redefine am and pm cream and active hydration serum for this reason. My skin is so much smoother
  15. I absolutely love Rodan and fields soothe moisturizer because it’s not greasy and it’s it’s very light weight, it also makes a fantastic primer. Definitely my go too
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