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  1. Yeah I totally agree that the trends of fashion of clothes is growing with the passage of time so it's needed for everyone of clothes as make your appearance very obvious and awesome ..
  2. I didn't tryied the vitimin C serum cream for my skin, I think it very harsh when you are using it at your skin so it would be hard for me to have it I will try something else..
  3. I don't like women hn very big tommy I usually love a women hn smart and fit stomic that can really increase the beauty of a women I love to have a girl friend having very smart and fit figure ...
  4. Oh It's sound very cool ! I have never seend such kinds of hair dryer I would be good for instant hair dry and make any style you want to have by using this awesome dryer.. I am loving it ...
  5. Well hair loss is one of the most common problem among men and women in the receents days it have different reasons which can cause you hair loss and baldness but how to take care of you hair and maintain an healthy smooth and fresh hair its not very easy..
  6. I have the same kind of issue of hair thining due to which my hair get broken when I used to oil in my head that caused of hair loss I am very much despred of how to recover my hair that kinds of question asked by many poeple so I would like to tell that you have to have a good session with a dermotalogist hair surgeon he will recommend you that best possible treatment
  7. I am totally agree with you statment that the hair changing with the passage of time due the improper diet and foods and the climate as alos play very vital part in this as well..
  8. If the products are available for free then the people will definitely try the pruducts execpt the prodcuts don't have side effects which can cause different types of desieases ...
  9. One fo the biggest frustration with my hair is that when I put cap the my hair style not the same as I combed it when I styled it my hair get dead what can I do in such situation ..
  10. I use to have aloe vera for hand wash I love to have most of the time every kind of weather ...
  11. I think you shouldn't leave to put oil in your hair for now you should continute the same coconut oil as you used to your hair .... you hair will become more stright and healthy...
  12. This is very nice cool to have such a nice products for hair dryer for your hair which couldn't harm your hair I think this would be very cool product as for as your concern..
  13. This is very cool to have a such a lovely source of information you can get from hair related website for hair loss thier would be so very nice to get your desired information about hair loss treatment such as elixir.org.pk..
  14. The witner is going to start up now but I haven't taking any losion or moistarizer the maintain my skin smoot and oily becase in winter my skin become very dry .. I ususally like nevia....
  15. Hum! I am not sure about you but there are some poeple who are very lazy in their routine life, my bro is also very lazy in his daily routine of life and every matter it's naturally in the human...
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