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  1. These gadgets are actually very interesting. My parents bought one per floor. The main thing is to make the settings correctly and not leave the dog at home next to him))
  2. I didn’t even know about such a course until they gave me a writing study. It turns out that tattooing in makeup is a very young topic and I had a hard time when I was looking for facts. I will be preparing longer next time)) Professors like to give unexpected topics.
  3. It is no secret that hair can often change with age. It does not always depend even on a haircut. However, have you tried to start care with natural oil again? If this doesn't help, I can only recommend using a hair straightener - https://womenmotorist.com/best-steam-hair-straightener/ I do this periodically when I want to see myself with a smooth haircut. This doesn't harm the hair if the procedure is performed no more often than a couple of times a week. You can try to understand how it will look in your case.
  4. This seems to be true of Damien. We have completely stopped traveling somewhere far since we got cats. There are three of them now. We made a special backyard house for them - https://thepetsmaster.com/best-outdoor-cat-houses/ They can live there for several days if we leave for a short while. However, one of us always stays at home during the holidays. This is our price as the owner of wonderful cats.
  5. Much depends on the ultimate goal. Are you sure you need to be as successful among girls as your friend? I know a lot of guys who would like a serious relationship more. Finding a good girl is no longer a problem, I think ..
  6. Incidentally, modern methods of facial surgery are already more gentle. My doctor warned me that it would hurt for several days when this happened to me. It was difficult for me to return to the dental clinic for counseling again but I live in NY. I made an appointment online to get urgent medical care. I was given an injection and prescribed special rinses. It really helped to quickly reduce inflammation. Don't use painkillers the next time, it is better to consult a doctor.
  7. I like to watch anime and participate in cosplay parties. Some people think that anime is a child’s hobby, but it’s not. There are very serious animated films that make you think. Sometimes I am very worried after watching. I have problems viewing old episodes sometimes. The fact is that television channels buy back the rights for some seasons. Then I use the ShowBox service. I'm looking for the right season on torrents to view a couple of episodes in the evening. Anime is the best that came up in Japan)
  8. How many people - so many opinions. I really like music but can’t use headphones. This puts pressure on my head and my head begins to hurt in an hour. I NEVER saw my friends really high-quality headphones. They always have flaws in sound. Only the option from the recording studio suited me completely. This is a very, VERY expensive option. Therefore, I limited myself to buying a home theater with surround sound and a good audio system in the car.
  9. I sympathize with you. It’s not normal to control a loved one. I can give you a hint anyway. If you saw an unfamiliar number you can identify it using the site - https://free-lookup.net This is the easiest way, even for a mobile phone. Enter the number, and the site uses all the algorithms for identification. This will save you from many embarrassing situations.
  10. A big plus of my work is that there are no security cameras in my office)) That's why our communication with colleagues is rather informal. If I have free time, then I can surf the Internet, go to a gambling blog or YouTube. In general, if I manage to do the main work, I can go about my business. I really appreciate it.
  11. Hello to all! I'm glad to meet all!!

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