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  1. Who doesn’t want an even toned skin? No matter your skin type, our skin functions the same way, it sheds the old, dead skin to reveal a newer, healthier one underneath. Exfoliation is a method of sloughing away dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin by using any kind ofexfoliants. It’s quite an easy thing to do and can be fun, satisfying even, because it not only breaks the monotony of just using cleansers for your face, but you also get to see the results right after. Pleasing as it may be, though, it can also be easy to either use the wrong type of exfoliants for your skin or do it incorrectly that you end up not getting your desired outcome. How do you exfoliate?
  2. It's too bad the serum didn't work out as well as you expected. Have you tried diluting it in your toner or moisturizer?
  3. I saw this DIY mascara on Pinterest and it made me wonder how many people actually DIY their makeup. Lip scrub, I've tried before and it was fine. How about you?
  4. It's almost sweater weather. How do you switch skincare between seasons?
  5. I learned a few tricks back when I was a kid from Art Attack. The ones made from either styrofoam or paper mache. lol These days, though, there are sturdier and prettier materials that can be used. Polymer clay and all that if you're into that kind of DIY stuff.
  6. I've tried physical scrubs but want to get suggestions on what you use to exfoliate your skin.
  7. Hyaluronic acid has been a go-to item for people with dry skin. Other things you can change with your routine is to try to not stay on the shower for a long time especially if you shower or bather in warm water. Use toners that hydrate skin. Also, put on your moisturizer while skin is damp to really pack in the hydration. Just some of the few you can do.
  8. I'm finding it kind of wasteful to use makeup wipes so I wonder if balms or oils are better.
  9. When you're only washing your face and not bathing or showering, do you wash your hands clean first before washing your face?
  10. So, we all know about that foundation primers help keep our makeup intact for longer, right? Well, it turns out, there are also other kinds of primers out there and we've listed some of them here, but do you know of any other kinds of primers?
  11. Have you tried Viva Glow Skincare yet? It's a skincare line made in the US who uses all-natural and organic ingredients.
  12. Any recommendations for oily and acne-prone skin?
  13. Best of luck to your no-buy October!
  14. And what target skin conditions does it focus on?

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