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    As far as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by beauty, visual story telling and creative conceptualisation.
    Following my passion also brought me closer to other things I love such as traveling, meeting people and experiencing new cultures. Thus, in my journey I’ve had the opportunity to explore and work in amazing places such as Milan, Florence, Paris and Madrid. Having these things in my life every day make it all very exciting and I am definitely looking forward to new challenges.

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    Beauty products
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    Fashion Designer
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    Neutral Eyeshadow Palette. ...
    Oil Blotting Pads. ...
    Concealer. ...
    Dry. ...
    Waterproof Mascara. ...
    Tinted Lip Gloss. ...
    Face Wash. ...
    Makeup Removing Wipes.
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    Avenger : Infinity War
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    Taylor Swift
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    I am both marketer and fashion designer
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  1. Ohh God , I wish I would have all the makeup for my daily life . It seems to me so crazy right naa.. Yes I Have...Hmm ......I have three. And if Knowing About Eye Makeup.... This Make you happy .....see yet Natural Eye MakeuP
  2. Best Natural Eye Makeup Tips

    Want to brighten up your eyes while using the minimal makeup? See these stunning natural eye makeup tutorials without caking on the product.

    Occasionally at work, school, or casually to the mall, many of us still want to wear makeup, but not much of it. We do not want to show the class with shiny eyelids or black smokey eyes unless you like, I’m not judging. But for those who want to wear at least makeup, natural make-up beauty can easily fulfill your needs of makeup!

    Everyday Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial

    Many of us do not like the feeling of scars in our eyes, especially when we are seeing the actual natural look. And to see the best natural makeup tutorials are by makeup artist Lilith Moon! He perfectly captures the best natural look without applying any falsies and it’s just beautiful.

    Lilith uses a really soft, nude shadow for her eyes, even a little dark shadow on the outside lid for her crease and depth. However, he mainly focuses on the eyeliner and makes the eyeliner open his eyes and makes sure to turn off a refreshing look. Lilith uses a white pencil eyeliner for her waterway to make her tears appear larger. Then, he finished his look with easy mascara to improve his lashes. You do not always have to keep the lines blurred to achieve optimal natural eye appearance.


    Bright Eyes Makeup Tutorial

    For our busy people, we have a lack of sleep that can take a toll on our appearance. Completely normal, but sleep is very important! Taking a wide audience throughout the day to work or class, this beautifully illustrated Tony Pansson tricks his way up to eight hours a day! And you can always achieve this look to see one of the best natural eye makeup tutorials.

    For the look of his eyes, Teni uses the and focuses on the light color in the palette. Using a lighter color at the center and mixing it with the light nude in the crease, he skips the falsies and sticks out to the mascara only. This appearance does not give him the most usual appearance, but it is very easy for work or school


    Beginner Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

    Finally, another tutorial from TheMakeupChair to the best natural eye makeup tutorials! Tempting to examine the look of his natural eyes, because they are easy and the results are amazing. In this tutorial, how to start the nails how he looks in a natural eye. When using the light nude and brown shade in the outer corner of his eyes, he applies a little highlight in the inner corner of his eyes.

    You can actually use this eyeshadow single or palette that features a light, warm-pink, brown and non-uses to achieve this color. Nevertheless, she used Anastasia Beverly Hill’s I Shadow Single, which is a perfect makeup product for beginners. If you are a beginner and want natural eyesight, avoid fake stains and use only the smells good. With the look of your eyes will still show bombs with mascara

    1. Cute Clothes For Teens

      Cute Clothes For Teens

      I seriously appreciate your technique. of blogging.

      I added it to my bookmark website list and will be checking

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    2. Makeupspa

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