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  1. As aging, more and more spots will appear on the skin, especially on our face. It’s our nature to pursue beauty that all of us want to make our skin looks clean and spotless, so most of us use a thick foundation to cover the spots. But if we know where the stains come from, maybe we will not be so anxious. Usually there are two key reasons that cause the spots because the pigmentation of the skin is closely related to the melanocytes in the basal layer of the skin: 1. One is that the melanocytes in the base of the epidermis increase, which will form a nest of melanocytes, such as pigmented nevus; 2. The another is that melanocytes synthesized by melanocytes are increased, such as sun spots, age spots, and chloasma. What results in melanocytes increasing? Besides it’s genetic, the most important reason is from solarize. The ingredients that can cause damage to the skin in the sun are well-known ultraviolet rays. Among them, ultraviolet(UVB) can act on the epidermis, which promotes the synthesis of melanin particles in melanocytes, the increase of melanocytes, and various pigmentation problems. Therefore, more importantly, the most importantly for us to get rid of the spots on our skin is to do the best sun protection that you can. What’s more, CARE II believes that there’s a little difference for different skin type, so we’d better to know the skin type first. There are four basic types of skin: dry, oily, normal and combination skin. Skin type is determined by genetics, though it can be change according to the various internal and external factors. 1. Dry Skin Dry skin feels tight and rough and look dull. The only advantage of dry skin is that it’s not easy to be oily. But mostly you feel the skin is tight and it’s prone to peeling, fine lines, pigmentation, and skin aging, because dry skin lacks the lipids that it needs to retain moisture and build a protective shield against external influences. 2. Oily Skin Oily skin is completely opposite with the dry skin and it has a glossy shine and visible pores. Oily skin is prone to greasy feeling, and it’s prone to problems such as enlarged pores and hemorrhoids because of the heightened sebum production. 3. Neutral Skin or Normal Skin Neutral skin is well balanced, neither too oily nor too dry, which is the best skin condition. Maybe the T-zone is a bit oily, but overall sebum and moisture is balanced and not like oily skin or dry skin. 4. Combination Skin As the name suggests, combination sky consists of a mix of skin types. Skin types vary between the T-zone and the cheeks on combination skin, for example, the T-zone is often oily because of the strong oil secretion, which will result in rough skin, thick pores, acnes, but the cheek skin is relatively dry and delicate compared with the T-zone, and there will be dryness, desquamation and even red blood, stains and wrinkles issues if the skin hasn’t be taken care well. Now you know what kind of skin type you are, right? Here CARE II wants to clarify the advantages and the disadvantages of the four skin types. Skin Type Advantages Disadvantages Dry Skin Not oil Fine lines, pigmentation, and skin aging Oily Skin Moisturize Enlarged pores, acnes Normal Skin Well balanced Easy to be influenced by seasons Combination Skin The cheek skin is delicate Need to take care separately, the T-zone and the cheeks. If not take care carefully, many skin problems will be caused. You can take care of your skin by the skin type you are. Besides the reasons that CARE II mentioned above, there are also other reasons, like make-up dirt, stay up late, lack of sleep. Some tips for you to get spotless skin: 1) Sun Protection-Shade, sunglasses, clothing and hats provide the best protection -Try best to avoid the sunshine in the midday -Check the UV index by your phone, if it’s 3 or above, please do sun protection -Use sunscreen, at least SPF 30+ -Avoid sunlamps and tanning parlours 2) Cleanse Your Skin Cleanly-Remove the makeup thoroughly -Cleanse your skin cleanly by CARE II RENEWAL facial cleansing brush. 3) Sleep Early and Sleep Well - It’s not only for your skin health, but also for your body health, extremely important! 4) Massage your skin - You can use CARE II RENEWAL facial cleansing massager to massage your skin. Alright, you’ve already known what skin type you are and known how to take care of your pigmentation skin. That’s cool!
  2. This question has been asked for millions of times because it’s a really big problem for many people who are bothered by acne-prone oily skin. A variety of acne-against products have been introduced in the market, and some healthy and natural methods have emerged, but both methods need to be adhered to for a very long time. People with oily skin are prone to have acnes because the oil accumulates on their face all the year round, clogging pores that make the skin can’t breathe normally and reduce the ability to absorb nutrients, which makes the skin easy to be infected by bacteria and cause various skin diseases, then the acnes, blackheads all comes. We can see that they have to take care of their oily skin carefully firstly, then the acnes will be solved followingly. Thus, how to take care of if your skin is acne-prone oily? Step 1: Cleanse Face Deeply and Thoroughly.It will be much better to wash your face with warm water that is gentle to your skin. Surely you should choose good makeup remover products to remove the makeup cleanly which will make sure less makeup residues in your face to clog your pores. Then good facial cleanser is next, also good devices to help clean is much better, like CARE II Renewal facial cleansing brush that can help remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil. And there’s another problem that you have to pay attention to. The metabolism of the facial skin will be affected if the stratum corneum on the face is too thick, which may clog the pores, and bring mite pox. Thus, you have to exfoliate the skin regularly to avoid these problems. If you use CARE II Renewal facial cleansing brush to wash your face, you don’t need to worry about these problems because the brush can exfoliate the skin when it help wash your face. CARE II suggests that you use acne-against mask to exfoliate the skin besides wash your face clean deeply, which will make your face’s aging keratin better and make your greasy skin get better. Also you can just use CARE II Renewal facial cleansing brush to instead every day. Step 2: Relieve Acnes by Right WaysDo not squeeze acnes because, normally, there are bacteria stuck to the hands, which will make your skin get infected and may leave acne scars in your face when you squeeze the acnes. We know many people have this habit of squeezing acnes, but if they are whitish acnes and you want to squeeze, please use cotton swabs instead your hands, then put on the acne pastes to take care which will be effectively make the acnes anti-inflammatory in a very short time. Then you can wash your face 15 minutes later. Step 3: Fully Moisturizes to Balance SkinOne of the key causes of the acne-prone oily skin is due to the shortage of moisture. If your skin hydrates, the skin moisture and oil will be imbalance, which will result in excessive secretion of skin oil. Then the oily skin forms and acnes come if things go on like this. Therefore, in daily skincare routine, you need to pay more attention to moisture the skin, especially pay attention to the nasal triangle. It’s a super important step to improve your skin, so be careful when you select the moisturize products. The refreshing moisturizer is much better for your skin’s health. Your skin will become more healthier and the acnes will disappear as long as you succeed in finishing the steps above continuously. The step 1 and step 2 are not hard to process, but how to fully moisturize the skin? There are THREE natural DIY acne-against mask solutions for your reference: DIY MASK 1: White Vinegar Honey MASKAccording to the name, you can know what you need to DIY this mask, white vinegar, honey. The process is below:1. Put 5ml white mask and honey into the bowl, then mix them together.2. Make sure your face has been washed cleanly.3. Apply the DIY mask to your face with a soft brush.4. Rinse your face about 3 to 5 minutes later You will find that your face is much smoother than before, and this DIY mask has anti-inflammatory function, so it can weaken the acnes until the acnes all die away. DIY MASK 2: Mung Bean Acne-against MaskThe process is below:1. Prepare those materials, mung beans powder, flour and pearl powder, and honey, that’s 2:1:1:2.2. Put them together to mix fully to be a paste and put it evenly on your face.3. About 15 minutes later, wipe off the mask with cotton and then rinse it with water. Please note that you’d better use cotton to wipe off the mask before you wash it because it will make your skin cleaner. This DIY mask has a very good desalination effect on the acnes, and it can cleanse the dirt and oil of the skin deeply. You need to have a try! DIY MASK 3: Aloe Honey MaskGuess all of you know that aloe benefits a lot our skin, so do honey. Both of them are natural skincare materials. So this mask gathers them together to help you care skin and against acnes. So how to make it?1. Prepare aloe, honey, astragalus power, water, that’s 3:3:1:1.2. Remove the surface and thorns of the aloe, and chop the aloe meat into a bowl.3. Add honey in the bowl and mix them evenly.4. Then add astragalus power and water, then mix them.5. Apply the mask evenly on your face.6. About 15 minutes later, wipe off the mask and wash your face clean with water. CARE II always here, just leave a comment if you need any help about skincare.
  3. Having healthy and glowing skin will make us look younger and more beautiful, which is what we all dream of. But how can we get glowing skin? CARE II believes that, firstly, we must figure out the reasons why our skin is not smooth and glowing, then the right medicine can be prescribed! The Reasons That Our Skin Is Not Smooth and Glowing Why our skin is not smooth? Figure the reasons out! There are keratinocytes in the surface of our epidermis, which is the outmost layer of our skin, then what are they in the surface of the stratum corneum? They are detached glial cells, dust impurities and secreted oil. If the oil secretion of our skin is strong, and at the same time, the metabolism of our surface skin has problems, then the micro acnes will form which cause the uneven skin surface. Why our skin is not glowing and lack of water? The secrets are here! On the one hand, large pores are another problem, in addition to the micro acnes on the surface of the skin. Those micro acnes and large pores look like small stones and small pits on the flat ground, which will cause the light to refract under the sunlight, to reduce the skin’s gloss. On the other hand, the gap between the epidermal cells will be relatively large and the cells self can’t be closely connected if the skin is dehydrated. Moreover, the luster of the skin will be affected if the skin surface is not lubricated sufficiently. Therefore, the gloss of the skin is closely related to the water/moisture content of the skin and the metabolism of the surface of the skin. To make your skin bright and glowing, you should not only remove the "small stones" on the surface of the skin, pay attention to exfoliation, reduce the formation of micro-acne, but also fill the "small pits" on the surface of the skin, that is, the large pores. What should we do then to get glowing skin after we’ve figure out the reasons? All we need to do is to let the skin drink enough water, and give it a layer of effective protective oil. For Our Daily Skincare, There Are Two Tasks That We Need to Complete Remove keratin, dust and grease, that is to cleanse your skin; Tighten the pores, avoid the shortage of moisture, that is to hydrate and moisturize your skin. The steps are following: 1.How to clean the skin deeply? 1) The makeup should be removed thoroughly. remove the eye shadow, then remove the lip makeup, the last is the face makeup. Surely that we should select good remover according to your skin. Here I’d like to introduce CARE II Positive & Negative Ions device, which can help to remove the dirt and residues by opening up the pores and penetrating into the dermis layer.2) We should find out the perfect facial cleanser according to our skin before we start to wash our face.Such as, we should use cleansing lotion with strong oil removal effect if our skin is oily, and if our skin is dry, we should use a milder facial cleanser because it won't hurt our skin. The plant-based cleanser is not irritating to the skin and is suitable for all skin types. 3) The right face washing method we should know.Firstly, wet our face with warm water, squeeze the cleaning cream to your hand, pull out the foam with our hands, and then apply the foam to our face. Massage mildly our face with fingers for two minutes, then rinse with water. Rinse our face with cold water, which can shrink the pores. The CARE II RENEWAL Facial Cleansing Brush is highly recommended. Because it’s not only can wash our face clean, but also can massage our face gently. Some functions are here below: -Remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil -Exfoliate dead skin -Shrink pores -Fight acne -Accelerate skin's blood micro-circulation -Restore skin's elasticity and firmness -Make skin healthier and smother 2. How to hydrate and moisturize the skin? 1) Drink enough water every day, that is to keep drinking six 8-ounce glasses water every day. Water can nourish the skin and detoxify. 2) Select daily skincare products according to our skin type, such as toner, essence and lotion. And sometimes it’s necessary to do masks. Talking to the masks, there is another good device for all of us, FACIAL MASK ESSENCE INTRODUCTOR which can help absorb the essence easily and fully. See, it's easy to take care of your skin, and to get the glowing skin if you follow the steps above everyday!

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