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  1. i exfoliate using coffee take raw cofee rub it on your skin and then i moisturise it with shea butter cream. it makes my skin feel soft smooth and glowing.
  2. I suggest you this organic shampoo and conditioner of all time that make your hair smooth and skilly and smells great. Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo (Zero Sulfates,Zero Parabens) It has been two months now since i started using it. It has done some good repairing to my hair, split ends have gone, and also too less dandruff and very less hairfall. I recommend you to try this. Yes it is expensive but totally worth it.
  3. Hey there, Choosing an moisturiser for oily skin is always a task for us girls. So here i'll recommend you few tips to keep in mind while choosing one for your skin: 1. Choose moisturisers with Vitamin C 2. Choose a water-based moisturiser that will keep your skin well-hydrated 3. Choose moisturisers with water-based alpha hydroxy acids, like lactic acid or glycolic acid
  4. Self esteem isn't connected with the makeup. It is more sort of connected with your self acceptance about your self. Makeup just adds to that confidence of yours . It cannot increase your self esteem unless you don't have confidence about your self. There are many who still feels less confident while wearing makeup and more confident without wearing makeup. It is just in one's mind.
  5. Hey... I'll give you some easy tricks to tame your frizzy hair : 1.Sleeping on a silk pillow enhances the quality of your hair. 2.Invest in a good shampoo that suits your hair type. 3. Getting a regular hair cut helps avoid frizziness and get rid of all the split ends. 4. Oiling is the best way to add moisture to your hair. 5. Eat protein-rich foods because your hair is what you eat.
  6. Other than using cream some eatings and tips would also help you : 1. Certain colour foods helps you in your anti ageing journey like RED: Watermelon, Tomatoes, Red wine etc ORANGE: Oranges, Carrots, Sweet potatoes etc and various other color and foods 2. Use the right moisturiser that suits your skin type and dont skin it. 3. Every time you step out, protect your skin with the right SPF lotion, scarf, gloves, hat, etc. 4. A good night’s sleep will have you waking up to refreshed and renewed skin the next day.
  7. So in order to use this ... put some water in it first to heat up.. when you start seeing heat bubbles put your face to atleast some distance from the steamer covered with towel and take up the steam with a break in each minute or two Repeat it for 10 minutes daily to get various benefits like: It cleanses your face Removes blackheads and prevents acne Removes dead skin Hydrates your skin
  8. I GUESS I HAVE SEEN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EYE MAKES ON FEMINA WEBSITE . I GUESS YOU SHOULD CHECKOUT SOME TOO FOR AN INSPIRED LOOK. I am not much into it but my friend is and she loves them a lot and some days back she told me about how killer eye looks were on femina website .So here it goes
  9. heres why vitamim c serum is necessary for u It brightens skin, unclogs pores, helps getting rid of acne, reduces, redness, eliminates dark spots, and protects the skin from UV damage. TIt is a powerful skincare ingredient that does it all. Offering anti-ageing benefits to clearing up those pesky breakouts, vitamin C is something women of all ages and skin concerns can benefit from.
  10. M.A.C, Colorbar, L'Oreal, Lakme, Maybelline, NYX, Bobbi Brown, Avon, The Body Shop
  11. Thinning of hair is due to your hair falling out that has also caused split ends and roughness...even my hair has suffered with this so I would like to suggest some tips that worked for me.... I switched to organic shampoo Started applying shikakai oil thrice a week Applied onion juice paste on my hair Ate dahi yogurt daily Changing to this habit will improve your health a bit.
  12. There are many ways for hair loss prevention. LET ME TELL YOU SOME THAT WERE HELPFUL TO ME : 1.Balanced diet: A balanced diet is essential not just for overall health, but also for hair. Eating food with all proper nutrients is a must. Hair is much benefitted from protein-intake. This curbs hair loss and hair loss prevention are very much possible easily. Eat lots of beans, lentils, paneer and milk and its other products. 2. Hydrate well: Drinking water is the most underrated way to ensure good overall health as also good hair. Each hair shaft is one-quarter water, so you need to remain hydrated well. Having eight to twelve glasses of water in a day is ideal. 3. Massage: Massaging scalp and hair can do wonders for hair. Using oil to massage the hair and scalp will have multiple benefits for hair depending on the oil that is used and its properties. The oil penetrates into the hair shaft, adding strength and moisture to it. There is less damage to hair because of this leading to hair loss prevention. For this hair massage, use warm oil. Gently massage it onto the scalp. 4. Hair mask: The moisture in hair needs to be preserved for hair loss prevention as dry hair can get brittle easily. The masks are made of different oils, butter and such hydrating ingredients that help boost the moisture in the hair. You get different hair masks for different hair types. Choose the one that suits your hair. Always wash your hair with a mild shampoo before applying a hair mask.
  13. Chopping can be a one time solution but when it comes again what will you do.... Let me tell you some common mistakes to avoid damaged hair : 1. Washing hair with hot water will make it dry and brittle. 2. Daily exposure to the sun is one of the major reasons for dry hair. 3. Skipping on sleep is bad for the hair in the long run. eg. it leads to hair loss, breakage etc. 4. Heat is not good for your hair.Try using heated hair tools as less as possible. 5. Tight hairstyles cause the hair to become weak over time making it likely to breakage.
  14. Your skincare routine should involve the following 1. CLEANSE- Thats the main part of any routine. Cleanse two times a day-once in morning and other in evening. 2. MOISTURE- The key to any healthy skin is by moisturizing it daily. , 3. PROTECTION AGAINST THE SUN- Protection against the sun is the most important for oily skin. I would recommend you to use water-based sunscreen as oil based sunscreens make you look greasy. And the do's other than this -Remove makeup before going to bed Keep your skin and body always hydrated by drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables that are highly rich in water.
  15. hey! ill give you some of the easy ideas to improve your hair growth 1. HAVING BALANCED DIET: so the main key to hair growth is the balanced diet. So one should include eggs; spinach; nuts; berries; oats, etc 2. Apply ALOE VERA GEL: It acts as a good conditioner while leaving the hair smooth and silky. 3.Apply ONION JUICE: Applying onion juice once a week, will make your hair strong which will support the hair growth. 4.Take MULTIVITAMINS: Take them only if you suffer with the deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals . If you are perfectly healthy and are just looking for growth then the above three steps is all you need.
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