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    Cooking, reading, writing, shopping, hanging out with friends and of course makeup!


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    I’m not completely new at makeup, but I still have a lot to learn about this beautiful art form. My goal in life is to learn, grow, and prosper into the best person I can be and not just as a makeup enthusiast.
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    Social justice, philosophy, politics, reading, writing, and travel.
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    I’m a flight attendant and I love it! I work for a small company now but I’ll make it to the big leagues someday!
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    Too many to count.😂
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    United States
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    Anything really. I have a really eclectic taste, but I would say that I like hard rock and heavy metal the best.
  1. My workouts are good, I’m just not consistent enough to really drive results. I tend to fall off the bandwagon, but I can still offer some helpful tips for whenever you’re able to lift again. I always make sure I do at least five minutes of cardio to warm up then stretch every muscle group and drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercising. Proper form and lifting within your strength limits are crucial as well. You want to lift heavy enough to work hard, but not so much that your form suffers and you struggle. A good rule of thumb for how heavy your weight/dumbbell should be is that you should be able to do 8-12 reps with good form but still feel like you’re working. Lastly, don’t forget to do your cool down and stretch again when you finish. Hope this helps!
  2. The right one always turns out perfectly with a gently curved arch, but the left always has a sloppy, choppy blunt end. It took ENDLESS tweaking just to get this result. I must have wiped away my left brow seven times! I’m relatively new at makeup and I’m incredulous when girls say they always end up with mismatched brows. Their sloppy is my perfect! How do I learn to make them symmetrical? P.S. Excuse the robe and do rag. The photo is only for demonstration purposes, not a full look.
  3. Hi, I’m FreakyFA or FreakyFlightAttendant if you want to know what that means. I’m not exactly a complete neophyte at applying makeup, but I’m not extremely skilled either. I come here to learn and hopefully make friends. Thanks for checking out my post and have a wonderful day everyone!❤️

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