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  1. The eyelid sagging is the case that one or both upper eyelids droop. As you get older, a deformation may occur in the muscle responsible for lifting and lowering the eyelids. This is the most common type of droopy or saggy eyelids. Age-related eyelid drooping can be corrected by various herbal treatments, exercises or eyelid surgery. There are also other reasons of eyelid drooping. Some neurological disorders, muscle diseases, eye trauma or excessive skin formation on the eyelid can cause eyelid drooping. In addition, the impairment in the development of the muscle that lifts the eyelid causes droopy eyelids in children. For these children there is a chance that lazy eye can occur in time so it is necessary to take a doctor's recommendation to avoid this situation.
  2. We all long for thick, glossy hair but what if yours is a little on the thin side? From a bad diet to putting your hair into a tight bun, discover what could be causing your hair to thin and how you can help restore it to its former crowning glory. Eat more protein Yes, up those fish and meat doses as the protein packed foods are great for the hair. Trcichologist Sally-Ann Tarver explains: Try adding up how much protein you consume on daily for a week to get a feel for how much you really need – you may surprise yourself as to how little you really consume. Check your vitamin levels Two vitamins your hair really loves are Vitamin D and B12; low levels or deficiencies in these can result in slow hair growth or worse, thinning. If you’re worried, ask your Doctor for a blood test to check these levels before you start taking a supplement – just in case there’s an underlying issue. Live healthy Your hair is a reflection of your health, so if you’re skipping exercise, eating a lot of junk food or overdoing it on the booze, it’ll show on your head. A healthy lifestyle will naturally make your hair look healthy.

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