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    <p>I've always been passionate about makeup and skin care. My mom introduced me to skin care and makeup in my early teens and I've been into it ever since. I have too many makeup and skin care items but I'm still always looking for more, checking daily what's new in the cosmetic world. I could probably start a store of my own with my stash. :) Currently living in Southern California but I'm originally from Finland. I speak fluent Finnish and used to speak Swedish and German. We have 3 children who keep me super busy. I started my own jewelry company a few years ago. I'm a self taught jewelry artist and I've always loved crafting. Creating jewelry allows me to put my creativity into practice. I also love fashion and I keep up on all the trends for my jewelry making. Time flies way too fast! See you online!</p>
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    Beauty products, makeup, skin care, fashion, fine dining and creating/making jewelry
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    MakeupTalk Community Mgr, mom, wife of MakeupTalk.com Director, jewelry designer, Doterra wellness advocate empowering women to design a life they want to live
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    any new cosmetics, I'm hopeless with new cosmetics. I love to try any and all new cosmetic products.
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    2013 Ford Explorer LTD
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    Titanic, Shrek
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    any books, I love to read
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    too many to list
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  1. Reija

    Makeup Holiday Collections 2018

    Here is a picture of the Space NK advent calendar. It's available now too.
  2. Reija

    Makeup Holiday Collections 2018

    Here is some items from the Jane Iredale Holiday Collection
  3. Reija

    Makeup Holiday Collections 2018

    Isn't it beautiful @EdithS2??! I was loving the picture as well! I'm staying away from the site as well but just wanted to post it here. 🙂
  4. Reija

    Is it even possible...

    I like waterproof mascaras. They don't run. Currently I'm using Dior and Avon mascaras and both work well.
  5. The Body Shop 2018 advent calendars are now available online
  6. Reija

    New Member Introduction!

    Welcome to MUT!!
  7. Reija

    Official Lush Thread!

    The Lush Christmas collection is now available! Here is one pic of the items but there are many more things available. Thoughts about the Christmas collection? What's your favorite? Are you planning to shop the collection? https://www.lushusa.com/christmas/
  8. Reija


    Hi and welcome to MakeupTalk! We are glad you have found our site, and would love to see more from you, however we have rules against blatant over promotion on our forums! Please read our rules here . Your posting ability may have been revoked depending on the number of spam posts you posted. Suggestions to get others to see your website: Put your website link in your signature learn how to edit your signature, and make good, informative posts that gains the audience trust in you, and you'll gain a true readership base. Engage the community. People won't follow you if you are only be seen as an unwelcome person who is always asking members to visit your. Again, Engage the community in conversation. The best advice I can give you is to engage the community by posting informative threads, tutorials or product reviews that make people want to watch your videos. We have a large membership base, people will pay attention and see your signature, and visit your website If you do makeup video tutorials, EMBED your YouTube videos into forum posts in our http://www.makeuptalk.com/f/forum/28-makeup-tutorials-videos/] Makeup videos Forum Thank you!
  9. Reija


    What is your skin care routine like? I used to have a very oily skin until I added skin care oils into my regimen. It sounds weird to put oil on an oily skin but it actually works as long as it's an oil product intended for oily skin so it doesn't cause breakouts. Also I really personally like the Pixi Glow tonic for keeping my pores clean and prepping my skin for moisturizer and foundation. I noticed that if I use a skin care oil before a moisturizer my foundation lasts longer.
  10. Reija

    Viseart Grande Pro Volume 2 palette

    Here are swatches of this palette
  11. Reija

    Halloween Makeup Inspirations

    Here is a great look for Halloween. Post all your Halloween makeup inspirations here. ğŸŽƒ
  12. Reija

    Makeup Holiday Collections 2018

    Lancôme is bringing back their Rose highlighter powder for the holidays. Has anyone used this? Thoughts?
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