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    <p>I've always been passionate about makeup and skin care. My mom introduced me to skin care and makeup in my early teens and I've been into it ever since. I have too many makeup and skin care items but I'm still always looking for more, checking daily what's new in the cosmetic world. I could probably start a store of my own with my stash. :) Currently living in Southern California but I'm originally from Finland. I speak fluent Finnish and used to speak Swedish and German. We have 3 children who keep me super busy. I started my own jewelry company a few years ago. I'm a self taught jewelry artist and I've always loved crafting. Creating jewelry allows me to put my creativity into practice. I also love fashion and I keep up on all the trends for my jewelry making. Time flies way too fast! See you online!</p>
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    Beauty products, makeup, skin care, fashion, fine dining and creating/making jewelry
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    MakeupTalk Community Mgr, mom, wife of MakeupTalk.com Director, jewelry designer, Doterra wellness advocate empowering women to design a life they want to live
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    any new cosmetics, I'm hopeless with new cosmetics. I love to try any and all new cosmetic products.
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    2013 Ford Explorer LTD
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    Titanic, Shrek
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    any books, I love to read
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    too many to list
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  1. Yes we have a blog section here on MakeupTalk. It's free and a great way to preserve your information. For example if you post on Instagram, your account can be gone in a heart beat so one of the best things you can do is post the information in our blog section for everyone to see and to make sure it won't disappear. Now if it's total spam, that won't be allowed but useful blog articles about beauty and makeup related subjects is what the blog section is intended for. Here is the link, it can also be found in the menu https://www.makeuptalk.com/f/blogs/
  2. ooh! nice box! Enjoy!!
  3. ooh! I love these @EdithS2! The fabrics are gorgeous! What a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing!!
  4. Here is the Target February Beauty Box. It's now available online. https://www.target.com/p/target-beauty-box-153-february-beauty/-/A-54421857 Thoughts?
  5. love the plan!!
  6. Just have faith that you are worth it and she will pay if she needs it. If you feel bad about money, others around you will feel uncomfortable too. It's unexplained "energy". I've had to learn this as a small business owner myself the hard way. I've always had trouble charging people because I'd much rather just give everything away but you can't sustain or grow a business that way. My main goal with having my business is to give back to various women and children's charities and I won't be able to do that if I give everything away and don't make any money. There is no money to give. I've had to really work on the money mindset in a healthy way so that when I charge from my clients, I can give to so many organizations and everyone wins because the money is put to good use. When you charge for your services, you are now able to purchase something with that money helping the company you are purchasing from to pay their workers etc. The money you charge from your clients actually benefits others because when you go to spend it at a store, others benefit. Did you let her know how much? Telling her you were discounting because you've known her for so long is perfect. You can also follow-up later and say something like "hey I was just following up to see if you are ready to book your time on Saturday. I want to make sure I'm available and have had a few other inquiries so I want to make sure you are scheduled in if you'd like to get your makeup done." or something like that
  7. I do remember the La Prairie Glossybox. I missed it too! I think anything Karl does is very classy. He definitely has his own style. Good to know that it's still available.
  8. I think charging a fee for your services gives you more credibility. If you do it for a really low fee then it might not show that you are serious or have the skill set. You could give an initial discount for new customers or something. For example $20 off the first service but next time they pay the regular fee.
  9. Here is a variation
  10. Here is a spoiler from IG. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks for sharing @vanijain238!! Out of the trends my favorite is the cream blush. I've been using cream blushes a lot lately and haven't really used the traditional blushes in a while. I just like the difference in the look.
  12. It's always great to do some kind of reset @EdithS2. I'm sure you needed it! Can't wait to follow along to see what you will do! Thank you for being such a great inspiration!!
  13. Let’s share makeup inspirations in this thread!
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