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  1. Reija

    Target Beauty Box

    I agree. They don't look like the boxes used to look like.
  2. Reija

    Getting ready for No Buy 2019!

    Love this!! Rooting you on!! I'm still on no buy myself as well and after the initial shock, I don't really miss the shopping. It's getting easier to not shop after so much time has gone on. To avoid temptations I delete emails before looking into them so that I don't get a chance to see something I really want. It's an easier decision not to shop when you don't take the time to look at all the amazing new beauty products. When I don't know what I'm missing out on it's not so difficult.
  3. Reija

    Winter 2018 Circular Swap

    Here is the new circular swap thread! Who is in? I'll post the rules from the last swap thread here too shortly. Sorry for the delay getting this thread going.
  4. Reija

    Winter 2018 Circular Swap

    I think we are better off making another thread in this forum instead of the club. It seems to work better in the forum vs the club.
  5. Reija

    Winter 2018 Circular Swap

    Anyone interested in another round? I posted it in the Circular swap club but not sure if people get notifications. I have the box still and tons of other stuff to add so I would love to get another wound going.
  6. Reija

    Anyone want to do another round?

    oh no! I have so much stuff too!! Ready to get rid of my stuff too!
  7. What's your daily skin care routine? Share your am and pm routine here and let's help each other out by giving ideas on skin care products that work. I thought it would be fun to get this type of thread going again. We used to have a similar and encourage all you lurkers to chime in too. We are a community of beauty obsessed so let's help each other out because the beauty struggle is real right? Aren't we all looking for the best next thing in skin care? I've tried hundreds if not thousands of products and still try new ones only because I love to do it. I had my skin care set for a while but then got bored and started using different products again and not a day goes by that I don't at least window shop at Sephora. I'm a huge fan of Korean skin care too but I just love skin care in similar and trying out new products is fun. I hope you all with join me in sharing our routines so that others can get information and ideas for theirs and we can all talk about what works and what doesn't.
  8. Reija

    Target Beauty Box

    The new Target Beauty Boxes are now available. Thoughts?
  9. It's time to get the Holiday Makeup thread going. Please add any 2018 holiday makeup collections in this thread.
  10. Reija


  11. My Chi hair dryer broke this morning and I'm bummed. When I bought it, I got a great deal on it and it was my first more expensive hair dryer. It fell on the floor and didn't work right after. I found my old one, Hot Tools dryer, and actually found that it dried my hair faster. Not sure if I'll get a new one or just stick with my old one for now. First I was bummed but I think the Hot Tools ones actually might have worked better. What's your favorite hair dryer? Are expensive ones worth spending the extra money?
  12. Reija

    Anyone want to do another round?

    I'd love to do another round if anyone else is interested. So sorry I somehow missed your original post @cpl100. I have stuff too to put in the box plus I still have the box from the last round.
  13. Reija

    Hello all!

    Welcome to MUT!!
  14. Love the update @EdithS2! I'm so happy for you!!! I'm also happy with my no buy too. It has been the more deliberating thing and has helped me to become a better person. I've been concentrating on reading self-development books and just overall being grateful for every day and noticing the little things in life. I've been just concentrating on my family outside of my crazy work hours. I work full time and also own 2 companies (my own jewelry line and I'm also a certified essential oil coach) so I hardly ever have time off. I'm no longer worried about what can I buy or not buy. I used to get so angry if there was a new makeup item and I couldn't buy it. Now it doesn't affect me. I just look at it and think oh how nice and move on. I have no interest to shop. The only time I look at things to buy is if my children need something but that's it. I no longer fill up my shopping cart online at sephora or other websites thinking of all the items I'd like to buy and save it for later. I don't even put anything in my cart. I hardly even look at Sephora's site. I did purchase a mascara recently but it was the only thing I bought because I needed a waterproof one and my current one had gone bad. I didn't think how many more other things can I add to the cart with the mascara like I would have before. I just bought the mascara and a gift for someone for Christmas and that was it. It was a very thought out purchase and I didn't purchase anything that I didn't need like I would have before.
  15. Storybook has new Secret Garden brush set coming out. Thoughts?
  16. Here are the new Kylie Concealer and lipstick swatches. Source:
  17. Is anyone on Facebook? If you are, are you perhaps considering leaving with the recent data breach? Thoughts? Data breach affecting 87 million http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-43649018 https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/01/mark-zuckerberg-facebook-downward-spiral
  18. This new Nicki Minaj fragrance is available on HSN.
  19. Happy Halloween!! Enjoy the Eve Lom cloth! I wanted to try it but never have. I have used muslin cloths though and they are really nice. Way to keep focused and going on your no buy plans!!!
  20. Reija

    Lady Gaga Makeup Line

    Lady Gaga is coming out with her own makeup line. Thoughts?
  21. Kylie lip Fall collection is being released on 10/6 at 3pm Pacific.
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