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  1. With all the expensive name brand products on the market, are there any of the original drugstore brands you think actually work better than the big name stuff? Even though I use Estee Lauder and Clinique, I cant live without Avon Clinical and AlphaHydrox Enhanced Lotion- I use them every day. In fact, without the cheapie stuff I'd break out all the time. What about the rest of you?
  2. Just dont start using a dandruff shampoo- so many people think dry scalp is dandruff when dandruff is actuall greasy flakey scalp. As far as treating it goes, I found that washing my hair more often- every day instead of every other day, worked wonders for me when I get the occasional dry's- and I also make sure I dont get any hairspray on my scalp; the alcohol in styling products only makes it worse.
  3. Gidget- the most important cheat code (and the only one I use regularly) is the money code- do a ctrl/shift/c and when the window pops up, type rosebud . This gives you a thousand dollars. Do ctrl/shift/c again and then do !; to repeat the previous command- I usually do !;!;!;!; about 200 times (cut and paste using the hot keys otherwise it'll suck) and then I've got millionaires that have the best houses and best parties. LOL- I just realized how crazy I sound!! Anyway, email me or AIM/yahoo IM me if you didnt quite get it
  4. Originally Posted by kygirl I love Glam Shines! I have them all except Princess and Seductress but I have a feeling I'm gonna be getting them too Those are the only ones I have and I LOVE them- the Seductress is more of a rich bronze/wine color, and Princess is a nuetral browney pink with some gold flash; I outline my lips with Seductress and fill in with Princess- beautiful like you wouldnt beleive!!
  5. Quote: You get an A+ & a gold star for typing & spellcheck.... Well, theres a thing called "copy/paste" thats really useful.
  6. Quote: My big concern is that I've read that there is some risk involved, including possible damage to the eyes/eyesight. The dyes they use now are vegetable based and temporary (like henna) rather than the high ammonia/peroxide based permanent colors they used when this first became popular 20+ years ago. Blindness, et al is less a risk than it is a scare factor to those who are considering the procedure from those who never have. The "opinions" are amusing since theyre usually from people who dont even work in the beauty industry- they dont even know what chemical is used, theyd rather just assume its Clairol in a tube or something and try to frighten people than just say "Gee, I dont know". I'd rather have an honest non opinion than an uninformed boogy man story.
  7. Originally Posted by GR8FISCH Joyce Meyer says it right: I'm not where want to be, I'm not where I used to be but I know for sure I am where I'm supposed to be: headed in the right directtion. Last night she said "Don't eat anything that you don't have peace about." My friend Juanita told me something that's helped a lot: just do the next right thing. Sometimes that is all we can do, put our foot in the right direction & be willing to take another step. What we say is what we get...try for a week to catch your thoughts & the words you say to and about yourself. It's pretty amazing to hear how we trash ourselves...often it's not even true. Cheryl Richardson coaches people to treat themselves like they would a very dear friend: with gentleness, compassion & faith, now and again a not-too-hard kick in the pants. I thought Joyce Meyer was an evangelist- she's giving diet advice now?
  8. Hello. My name is Susie. And I'm an addict. My drug of choice is The Sims. At first, I could play The Sims a few days a week, for an hour or two, at most. Then, I found the cheat codes, ways to make The Sims richer than god, make them fall in love or fight or run away or even light themselves on fire. Now....now, it's a daily habit. And I could play all day, stopping only to refill my Diet Coke glass or go to the bathroom. Then I discovered the Expansion Packs- Double Deluxe, House Party, Unleashed and now I can't stop. All I do is wonder which family member I can get to buy me another expansion pack for Christmas- Sims Vacation, Sims Hot Date, Sim Magic!!!! This is the worst part of my addiction- I talk about them to my husband all day, as though they were real people. I defend their actions, my actions, and the time I spend creating them. My addiction has even made his own X Box addiction pale in comparison. I wish I could quit..I wish I could find the power to quit on my own, to be able to say with certainty that I will never play again....but I can't. The demon inside me still wants to play...and I'm not strong enought to fight it. Someone, anyone....please save me from myself!!!!!!!! Btw- go to thesims.com . It rocks!!
  9. This is one of those things you think is a joke, then it turns serious on you... http://www.themeatrix.com/
  10. I weighed 216 pounds September 1998. I weighed 135 by June 1999. ALL thanks to the Atkins diet. Since then, I have gone back to eating carbs and sugars again with no problem- my metabolism has readjusted itself to where I dont have to have protein all day every day in order to maintain. However, there comes a point where your weight will plateau on this diet- if you dont have at least 15-20 extra pounds on you, then you wont lose anything; you wont gain anything either, but whats the point then, ya know? This is where dieters get frustrated and claim it doesnt work- it only works when you are overweight, not just trying to get a few pounds off.
  11. Dang, when I saw "fresh in chicago" I thought we were going to talk pizza!
  12. Ok, day 2 (4 uses so far) and still loving it- fine lines under eyes are *shorter* and seem shallower- sounds odd, but I dont know how else to say it. Redness around nose is gone (I had a cold and blew my nose on a Bounty paper towel- OUCH), pores on either side of nose actually look *cleaner* and skin in general looks healthier. I had a 3rd eye coming in right over an eyebrow yesterday and this morning it's dried up, painless and nearly gone without having to actually come to surface! I havent used any other products with this other than my coveted Estee Lauder Perfectionist- it really seems to be correcting the haywire condition of my skin! Ladies, I dont want to speak too soon and jinx it, but I think I have found my holy grail..... I'll continue to update.
  13. THANK YOU TONY!! Thats the one I emailed you so you could fix it, even tho you were helping your son with homework. I appreciate it
  14. What the crap is this goop supposed to DO anyway?!? This is what it says on the tube : "the great mystery was created to mimic an in-spa deep cleansing facial. new proprietary technologies allow us to provide you deep cleansing, exfoliation, and purification of your skin in record speed without irritation. this fast acting, mineral-packed purifying paste can be used from hairline to bust line. results can be seen and felt immediately. " HUH?!?? Ok, let me start from the beginning- it smells great, like lavender oil and lemon, and it feels fine on your face. But theres nothing in it to make you feel like its exfoliating- no grains, no alcohols, nothing. Just sea salt and lavender, and the salt is so fine and dissolved that there may as well be nothing in it at all. It's white, has the consistency of Vaseline, and rinses off well. Just keep it far far away from you eyes- and if you have a cut anywhere from shaving anything then dont use it in the shower. The salt content is so high it'll burn the hell out of you. I applied it as directed, left it on like it said, but I didnt feel exfoliated or cleansed and I sure didnt feel purified. More like stupified. What does this do? Thats the great mystery if you ask me.....
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