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    I am a friendly outgoing extrovert who loves to party and have wild nights out,listeing to music,dancing and talking about MEN! I like to play hard and with full force... i belive if i am going to do it then i should do it right!
    No half measures.
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    Astrology, Gossip, Makeup, Reading,Keep Fit and Socializing.
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    Love Junkie!
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    I like to try products that are ahead of their time.
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    United Kingdom
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    will be a Corvette.
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    that would be telling;)
  1. Avon Planet Spa foot and elbow cream with AHA
  2. Hiya, sorry to hear of your problems with your husband.Some people believe marraige is for betetr or worse but your husbands fatal mistake was laying his hands on you in a violent fashion.It sounds like you oht have a violent turbulnt relationship and it takes a long time for people to change if indeed he will,.its ot something that happens overnight.You hae tried councelling etc,maybe you should just try to accet that this relationship is not for yo (difficult i know) Oh and it doesn;t matter how lippy or cheeky you get, there is no excuse for violence.Zero tolerance.I hope you can move on from this,.and yes sometimes its hard trying to stay friends with an ex or in your case hubby,but you are not responsible for him.He's a grown man.I hope you have a good Christmas and your future is bright.
  3. Hi, sorry to hear your 'man' troubles. I can completley identify with you with regards being 'obsessed' and i am sorry to say that in all my years of having 'obsession's' i have not ever found a cure (apart from another obsession).I have found that Obsession's can leave me feeling very low and empty and it sounds like your obsession isn;t doing much for you either,especially considering the way he is treating you.The only advice i can give you is to concentrate on finding other interests so that the obsession isn;t as intense and hopefully when your mind is otherwise occupied you will forget about this loser who only gives you a few comments here and there.I know its tough but hopefully your obsession will fade in time (and mine also). Find a replacement who can give you more.Good Luck.
  4. Our Leony is such a Gem! Glad you liked your goodies Leony...you're looking Amazing on your avator girl!!!
  5. You could try the famous OPI Nail Envy, it is sold on ebay and QVC and is great for splitting peeling or dry nails. The Sally Hansen is also good and reasonibly priced/available.
  6. WOW Marisol,...i wish you luck hon. No-one can say you don;t know how to shop!
  7. Hi and welcome to MuT. I just wanted to suggest tht you try Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in regards to your OCD. I suffered from terrible debiliting OCD for many many years but have found that over the past year or so it has almost dissapeared and is controllable,so i just wanted to wish you luck and let you know there is hope for you.Good Luck with finding treatment.
  8. Happy Birthday Girls! Have a great day!
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