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  1. I haven't had a chance to read all of the messages in this thread, but seems like everyone has given great advice so far! I have met many people in person (friends as well as my SO), and I always meet people in public places! Also great if you can bring a friend with you, since you will have that person's opinion of the person you're meeting. I have been lucky enough to meet some great people, but I have heard horror stories about people lieing and cheating. So, better to be safe than sorry. I hope everything goes well! Let us know what happens
  2. Well, I think the loose glitters would appeal more to younger women. But, the glitter eye pencils seemed nice. The MA used the gold/brown pencil on me, and the glitter wasn't that noticeable. I think the eyeliners with silver glitter look more dramatic than the ones with gold glitter. The eyeshadows have some shimmer, but not overpowering (at least the colors I tried were pretty neutral). and some of the lipglosses have some shimmer or glitter, but it's usually really fine glitter so not too overwhelming. And, I forgot to mention that I really like the herbal char'kohls! These are a creamier eyeliner than the glitter eye pencils. HTH
  3. Originally Posted by shoediva great site and great idea. I am truly a book lover, got shelves full of them-The only thing is that I wont let go of my books. I like to hold on to them and read them over- but I will try this..... I know, I hate getting rid of books too! My SO found the site, and figured it would give me an incentive to get rid of some books It would be fun to see who ends up with some of my books... we could also register books, and then swap them here
  4. I had a great Tony&Tina makeover last weekend, and never got around to posting about it. I don't see this line mentioned much, so I thought I would share. Their products are herbal based, and the lip products have a nice smell. They do make some fun glitter eye pencils, but not everything is glittery! I really like their lipsticks, and also got a lipliner in wonder, which is a great natural pink. They are starting to come out with holiday sets, and have a cute train case set coming out! And it's actually a sturdy, metal type traincase. Just wanted to share
  5. I came across this website, and thought some other people might enjoy it: www.bookcrossing.com It lets people trade books, and you can track where your old books end up. It's a free site, so worth checking out.
  6. Originally Posted by Tony(admin) ALW, lets hear it so we can start up a nice mature debate on the details of John Kerry I'm all for mature debates, but I do realize that many people have already decided who they are going to vote for. Also, Kerry was not my first choice for president, and I did not vote for him in the primary. But, I do support the Democratic platform and I prefer Kerry to Bush. Personally, I think Kerry is a better speaker than Bush. Kerry is more articulate, and was able to retain his composure during the debate. I felt that Kerry responded better to pressure, and showed that he can think on his feet, while Bush stumbled over his words several times during the debate. I also support Kerry because he is Pro-Choice, believes emergency contraception should be available over the counter, and supports comprehensive sex education. I don't think the Bush administration has a good health care policy. Bush has also tried to appoint very conservative judges to federal courts. I realize there is a possibility that a supreme court justice will retire in the next four years, and I do not want to see a conservative judge (like clarence thomas) appointed to the supreme court, since justices serve for life. I also believe that gay and lesbian couples should have the right to get married, and firmly oppose a consitutional amendement to ban gay marriage. I wish the democratic party would take a firmer stand on this issue, but I think allowing individual states to decide the issue is the best I can hope for right now. I realize I mentioned some personal issues, and these are things I feel very strongly about and affect the way I vote. I respect that not everyone will agree with me. Those are the main issues I can think of right now, I'm sure there will be more as we watch the remaining debates!
  7. Originally Posted by shoediva A wonderful thing about living in America is your right to your own opinion- regardless of how ignorant it is. Arguing politics is a no win. Well put! And I did watch the whole debate yesterday, and I will be voting for Kerry. I would be happy to elaborate if anyone is interested, but I think most people have already decided who they are going to vote for, and I don't expect to change anyone's opinion.
  8. Originally Posted by Reija(admin) Sounds pretty! How was the smudge pot? I've wondered about Stila line for a long time but yet to have purchased anything. I'm interested in the eye mousse now. You should go to the South Coast Plaza pro store to check out Stila--the MAs are really nice and not pushy. And if you go on a weekday morning/early afternoon it's usually not very busy, so they can help you pick out colors and stuff. Anyway, the smudge pot seemed nice--the color didn't budge all day! I haven't tried applying it myself yet though. And I have heard they can dry out, so you're not supposed to leave the lid off for very long. And I definitely recommend the eye mousse! Doesn't rub off, and they look pretty alone or as a base for powder eyeshadow. The colors are pretty sheer and I think all of them have some shimmer. I have honey (warm pinky beige, like kitten powder e/s) and moon (cool white/silver). I think there are 12 shades in all, so a pretty good selection!
  9. I actually don't wear mascara that often (I have sensitive eyes, and I hate getting mascara on my glasses!) The Stila mascara seems pretty nice--it doesn't irritate my eyes. It's not waterproof, but seems pretty long wearing (didn't seem to flake off at the end of the day). Overall, my lashes seemed thicker, but some of them did stick together (didn't really separate my lashes). Victoria's Secret also makes a decent mascara (I had a sample of this). And I might go back to using MAC mascara, since I can save the empties for a free lipstick
  10. Originally Posted by Reija(admin) Glad to have you back! What took you to Oregon? Do you like it there so far? Maybe teaching since you have BA in English? or maybe public relations with a company to help to create their press releases etc? Thanks for the suggestions I have done alot of tutoring so far, so I've actually been thinking of trying something else. Creating press releases and stuff would be interesting. I guess I'm not sure how public relations and marketing are different. and the best way to try to get into a job like that! So far I am liking OR. There are a lot more trees and the air is definitely cleaner up here! I also like that it's not as crowded as CA. I lived most of my life in OC, so I was ready for a change. and I liked living in the SF area, but couldn't afford that after college. Parts of Portland remind me of SF, but, in general, I think there is a more casual atmosphere up here. or maybe I'm just not as stressed out, since rent is way more affordable!
  11. This has probably been asked before, but I thought some new people might have suggestions too! I'm looking for ideas on the best way to apply loose eyeshadow all over. I have mostly Stila brushes, if anyone knows which ones would work best. Feel free to suggest any brand of brush, but please try to describe it (makes it easier to compare to the brushes I do have). Thanks!!
  12. I went to the Fall Trend Show at Washington Square (near Portland, OR) this morning. It was a video show, so that part was ok. The guest speakers were pretty cool, and they did give out some free stuff (I didn't win anything this year though). Everyone also got a cute red purse (looks like the one from the spring show that was pink), and a couple of Clinique samples. They mostly just had water and coffee though--no breakfast (when I went to one in socal we actually got muffins and jamba juice). I had a Stila makeover, since I wanted to check out the counter up here. The MA was really nice, but she was pretty busy. Here's what she used on me: Liquid foundation in E (this seems really nice! not as shiny looking as illuminating liquid foundation. really light and natural) Eye mousse in Moon (love these! great staying power and just the right amount of shimmer) Stuff from the new breast cancer awareness set: heather eyeshadow all over with diamond lil in the crease, bloom blush, and Anni lipstick Smudge Pot in Gray to line top and bottom Major Lash Mascara in Black Grapefruit Lipglaze A little all over shimmer cream in #3 Everything looks great! I feel like I should go out somewhere now. but it's raining, so I'm staying inside! BTW, it was raining when I left Nordie's, and my mu still looks fine.
  13. Originally Posted by Californian What a cool area! You have the remote and beautiful lake to go camping and visiting, you have the cool shoppping, the huge and beautiful botanical rose garden from heaven, and get to see the interactive science museum among other cool stuff. ^5 Time to get out and explore! (Just take off your California plates asap- they hate us! LOL) I've done a little exploring--and managed to get to Washington Square without getting lost today! I was there for the Nordie's Trend show, but I'll post more on that on the mu board. Last time I was here (on vacation) we went to the Pennisula Rose Garden on the other side of the river, which is really pretty too! I'd love to get married in the big Rose Garden or the Japanese Garden. (and I do need to go to the DMV next week to get a new driver's license and new plates! I haven't had too much trouble with my CA plates though--I think most people up here are originally from CA! I haven't met very many native Oregonians yet!)
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