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    I graduated a year ago and am now working at my first "real" job as a software engineer. I am 25 years old and have been married to a wonderful guy since Summer 2004. :) My husband just started a new job as an accountant. We have no children but we do have two cats!

    As you can guess by my username, I am a computer geek and like writing computer programs, playing some video games (I don't like them all!), reading Lord of the Rings and related works by J.R.R. Tolkien, etc, but I am also girly and love makeup, clothes, and shopping! In what little free time I have I also like to pursue artistic hobbies to give my brain a break from the logical thinking required in computer programming!

    I am too lazy to "pimp my profile" much now, so I just used a premade skin... sometime I will come back and customize it more!
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    Drawing, painting, scrapbooking, reading
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    Software engineer
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    Green 1999 Ford Taurus
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    Lord of the Rings Trilogy, original Star Wars Trilogy
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    Christian rock/alternative such as Audio Adrenaline, Switchfoot, and Third Day
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    I'm a little embarrassed to say that lately I've only been reading Tolkien and X-Men comics... wow I am a geek!
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    Aromaleigh, Milani (e/s), Mod Cosmetics (e/s and l/g), Jordanna (e/l)

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  1. Thanks Ashley -- I never use perfume and rarely use products with synthetic fragrances due to my allergies, so maybe I am just more sensitive to scents I do have some natural scented lotions and lip balms that work for me though. Actually, I recently learned that sunscreens that contain avobenzone are stable if they have octocrylene and do NOT have octinoxate. (Anything with avobenzone and octinoxate needs to be reapplied every 2 hours since it breaks down. And I'm not redoing my whole face of mu every 2 hrs to reapply sunscreen!) So go ahead and recommend any good sunscreen for oily skin and I can check the ingredients to see if it's stable
  2. Originally Posted by Ashley I love Shiseido's sunblock. It's milky and liquidy, not thick like many other sunblocks. It doesn't affect makeup in anyway. It smells like any other sunblock to me. Which Shiseido sunscreen do you use? They make several different kinds. The Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion I mentioned above does not smell anything like a normal sunscreen IMO -- it had a very heavy perfumy scent instead! I am allergic to several (but not all) scents, mostly synthetic fragrances I think, but since most labels just list "fragrance" I'll probably never know exactly what ingredients I'm allergic to. I just know that some scents give me sinus headaches, and scented facial products often make my dry/sensitive eyes burn! I have been looking into the Clarins sunscreen recommended Pomander, and Mac's Prep + Prime SPF 55 which was recommended to me on another site. Both look promising but so expensive...! Shiseido's $37 for about 4 oz was already much more than I'd prefer to pay, but Mac's is $26 for 1 oz, Clarins is $40 for 1 oz! Originally Posted by ceri-with-a-c i read that anything over spf30 is hardly any different so like 30-100 or whatever is all the same level of sun protection. i found it via google somewhere, i'll have to try get hold of it again Ceri -- I have heard statistics like that too. I do know that for some people who burn really easily, SPF higher than 30 actually do make a noticeable difference in how long they can stay in the sun without burning. If I'm going to be outside for more than 20 minutes, I always use at least SPF 45. (I start turning pink after 15-20 minutes in direct sunlight, so I figure any little bit helps!) I never used to wear sunscreen on an everyday basis since I've always spent most of the days indoors (school, work, etc.) But with all my risk factors for skin cancer I figured I ought to start wearing SPF every day! All those few minutes of UV exposure each day adds up!
  3. Oops, looks like my thread got merged with this one! If you could let me know whether you're responding to me, the original poster, or both, that'd be awesome Pomander and Magosienne -- thanks for the recs, I will look into those!
  4. I am looking for a good sunscreen (or primer or light moisturizer with SPF) to wear for everyday. I need something that meets that following requirements: 1. Does not degrade in the presence of mineral makeup (so probably no avobenzone, unless it's stable like Neutrogenia's Helioplex). 2. Good for very oily skin -- mattifying effects a plus Also noncomedogenic (won't clog pores). 3. Little to no fragrance, or natural fragrance. Many synthetic fragrances bother my allergies. 4. At least SPF 30. I have about every risk factor for skin cancer you can have except for regular tanning/sunburns (I have very pale skin, several moles/freckles, family history, AND I'm using acne meds [retinoids] that decrease my sun resistance)! Here are the ones I've tried so far: * CO Bigelow Extra Light Face Lotion SPF 15 -- this has some of the best mattifying effects I've seen due to the white clay. (It only keeps me matte until lunch time, but without it, I'm greasy by mid-morning!) However, it's only SPF 15 and I doubt it's stable with mineral makeup. * Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 55 -- this was recommended to me as being great for oily skin and stable with mineral makeup. However, it has a horribly strong fragrance that really bothered my allergies, and the fragrance did not wear off until sometime after lunch! Yuck! (It kept me matte for about the same amount of time as the CO Bigelow.) * Neutrogenia Dry Touch SPF 55 & up -- Despite the "matte" finish, this is still rather greasy, slimy, and thick for everyday use. I use this on days where I'll be outside all day, but I'd prefer something lighter for most days.... Thanks in advance!
  5. I am thinking about cutting my hair into a shorter cut with layers (around chin-length, give or take an inch -- I'm still thinking), and I want to be able to flip out the ends like in the pictures below. The last time I had a short "flippy" haircut, I only used hairspray to style it but it never worked -- my hair is naturally wavy so it just got wavy and poofy throughout the day! Especially in the humid Midwest summers! I was thinking a different kind of product might work, like a pommade. However, the only styling product I've ever used is hairspray! Can someone recommend some good products to get these kind of styles? My hair is fine, but thick and naturally wavy (except for the bottom layers which tend to be straighter). If you have any other tips or techniques for styling hair like this, I'd appreciate that too! Thanks!
  6. Aromaleigh is a small online-only company However, they do have weekly sales that change every Saturday, so if you are on a budget watch for it to go on sale
  7. OK, I never thought I'd find a synthetic brush that was softer than natural hair, but this brush is AMAZING: Silky Smooth Taklon Kabuki Brush! It is the softest brush ever -- it makes me look forward to putting on my makeup just so I can feel it against my skin, and it makes all of my other natural hair brushes (which I used to think were so soft) feel scratchy in comparison! It also gives a gorgeous, even finish with minimal effort! When the girls on Aromaleigh's forums discovered how wonderful this brush is, it quickly sold out! Now it is back in stock!
  8. Aromaleigh is a cruelty-free company and does not test on animals, according to their website: Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics & Aromatics: Pure Mineral Makeup: Creatively & affordably formulated with the finest quality mineral pigments.. While they do sell some natural hair brushes, their "Silky Smooth Taklon Kabuki" is AMAZING and is way softer than any other kabuki -- or any other brush of any kind -- that I have tried!
  9. It's been awhile since I've been on these forums but I thought I'd stop by to brainstorm about hair ideas.... My hair is fine yet thick, and the top layers are naturally wavy and poofy while the bottom layers are naturally straight with a little flip on the ends. It's hard to wear it naturally, since it always creates a mushroom shape! (Poofy top layers and straight bottom layers.) I can never get the bottom layers to be wavy, and I can never make the top layers straight with just a blowdryer. Plus, one side of my head tends to be wavier than other side, and one side tends to flip under at the ends while the other wants to flip out naturally, which drives me nuts! The only style I've been wearing lately is to just flat iron it all straight (which takes forever), or if I'm in a hurry to quickly blowdry it and put it up. (And only high-end flat irons keep my hair stubborn hair straight -- drugstore ones don't work!) Right now my hair is several inches past my shoulders, but I am getting tired of this long hair. I experimented with various short- and medium-length hairstyles a few years ago, but could never get anything to work. Back then my only styling tools were a blowdryer, hairspray, and straightening creams (which NEVER worked for me) -- I could rarely get my hair to look good with just a blowdryer, and even if I did hairspray was never enough to make it stay. As soon as I stepped outside on a humid day, it was back to a wavy, poofy mess! But now I really want a shorter cut that actually has a style. Nothing super trendy, I still want to look professional for the office and age-appropriate for a young professional. However, I am wondering if I could get some sort of short, flippy hairstyle with the help of a flat iron and/or a stronger hold product like a pomade or gel? I'm still pretty clueless about products! I haven't found a picture that's exactly like what I'm looking for. I'm thinking something between shoulder and chin length, that I can flip out or straighten and curl the ends under a bit. Also, since my hairline is so low on my forehead, I can't do side-swept bangs or face-framing layers since that hair would just hang straight down over my eyes! The hair in the front needs to be long enough to tuck behind my ears. I really like the short flippy style of this cut, I'd love the back of my hair to look like this (I couldn't find a picture of it from the front though): This is close the length I want (except for the bangs), but I'm not sure if I like how the hair is flipped in so many different directions -- I usually like it all flipped out or all flipped under: I probably don't want it any longer than this: And this is probably too short, chin-length hair emphasizes my square jaw: And if I straightened my flippy cut, I'm hoping I can get it to look kind of like one of these two (maybe?): OK, so I guess my questions are: 1. Would these styles fit my weird hair type? 2. How would I style my hair? Keep in mind my hair is very stubborn, so I think I'll need a flat iron and/or something like a pommade. (I already have a Sedu that works wonders!) Can anyone recommend some good products I can use? I don't want my hair greasy like a guy wearing lots of gel, but I do want it to keep its style! 3. Any idea how long this would take to style? I want something that takes less time than my current 25-30 minute blowdry and flatiron routine! Could I get by with just a blowdryer and pommade for a flipped-out style? Also if anyone has pictures of other hairstyles they think will work on me, please post them! Thanks so much for reading my rambling post!
  10. An "easy" explanation for the fact that no one survived Flight 815 is that the wreckage was staged... Since the wreckage was found deep in the ocean where only robots could get to, someone (Oceanic? Dharma?) could have staged the wreckage for the news -- created fake videotape from the robots, etc. Although it is pretty clear that the writers are doing something along the lines of time travelling different on the island, changing realities, or something like that. I hope they don't get too crazy and try to explain everything with parallel universes or something -- that would just seem too much like a Star Trek cop-out to me! FYI, Kate and Sawyer first slept together on Day 72. Last week's episode took place on Day 91. (Source: December 2004 Timeline) Would that be enough time for a pregnancy test to be positive? I guess it depends on Kate's cycle
  11. Right now we are busy packing since we are moving in two weeks.... We are both working full-time and hubby is taking night classes, so we can only pack on weekends and evenings! (And actually hubby has NO time to pack until his class finishes in a week!) Kitties are having fun "helping" us pack though Otherwise not a whole lot else going on this month...
  12. Originally Posted by CandyApple If you want to look like a professional and be taken seriously, always stick to neutrals. Guaranteed you will be labeled by coworkers if you go into work wearing crazy colored eyeshadow, you don't want to draw that kind of attention if you are working in the corporate world. Enjoy your colored eye shadows on the weekend. I agree... I also like bright colors, but I only wear them on weekends. To work I wear neutrals or very subtle colors -- browns, bronzes, and soft greys mostly, but sometimes I'll also wear peach or pastel pink. One good way to incorporate a little bit of color is to wear a colored eyeliner (or use your colored shadows as an eyeliner!) You can easy wear eyeliners in colors like navy, eggplant, and emerald green with a neutral shadow to add a little bit of color but still be very professional. And appearance isn't even as important in my job as yours -- I'm an engineer and almost never have any contact with clients! But, I still want to look professional so I can make a good impression on my managers and coworkers. At the very least, start out with neutrals and see what other girls are wearing. If no one else is wearing colored eyeshadow, you probably don't want to be the only one in the office who does, even if you use subtle colors!
  13. Are there pictures on the website for us to see? That may help us figure it out... A shelf-bra will just be an extra layer of material with elastic at the bottom, like most camis. A built-in bra could mean anything .... it could just be a shelf bra, or maybe it has some padding or molded cups, maybe it has underwires or maybe not...
  14. Aromaleigh Colorwash in Chenille

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