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  1. OMG LOL! Brain trust! Working with the public is really entertaining. At least you should look at it that way or you might want to quit. I once worked at a dry cleaners while going to college and there was this fantastically rich lady who used to come in and she'd tell us that her sweaters cost over thousands of dollars. They were TOP brands and she was a highly respected doctor's wife. Anyway. She brought in a measuring tape and layed out the sweater on the dry cleaner counter to measure it. Then she'd say stuff like, "Here are the measurements; if you shrink it or stretch it you owe me $1,000 dollars." I just looked at her and did not say anything. I thought she must be one very unhappy lady. Then I stretched the crap out of her sweater. Just kidding on that last part. Life must suck for her. No meal ($1,200.99)-->>---vs---<--- steal ($24.99) & money left for Taco Bell Originally Posted by Tinydancer <!--StartFragment --> Phone rings, I answer - "Good afternoon blah, blah, blah this is blah speaking. Customer: Hi, i wanted to make an appointment with so and so. Me: OK great! What would you like to have done? Customer: Hmmmm, I'm not sure, just ask him, he'll know. Me: Well, he's busy at the moment. Did you just want a haircut or do you want color? Customer: I told you I'm not sure. Me: Well, I can't book you properly if I don't know what you want to have done, are you due for color? Customer: Fine!! Yeah, color *sigh* Me" OK, what is a good day and time for you? Customer: Anything, I'm open. Me: OK how about next Tuesday at 11am. Customer: ummm, no, no good, i have my decorator coming that day, what else? Me: OK how about Thursday at 1:30? Customer: Nope I have a lunch that day. Me: OK well you tell me when you CAN come in. Customer: ummm, can you hold on, I left my PDA in my car. Me: click
  2. Originally Posted by donnamaryuk I hope he rests in peace. Still no wmd`s found. ...So very sad. I am sure he had a higher purpose that I cannot understand. Look at what an impact he's made. I bet he was in heaven before he even knew what hit him. Bless him- brave, good man. Hugs and thanks to everyone who prayed for him! Cali
  3. Originally Posted by katrink I like it, but I would never get to use it here in FL. It's kinda hairy. LOL. haha
  4. Originally Posted by donnamaryuk She shouldnt feel like this because i think she is putting all Brits into one catagory here. We are all different and if she is saying this then people in the USA might think that we are allwalking around like in Burberry macs with umbrellas and she is just generalising on the people that she met over here. Had she come to the Midlands, she would have found lots of people who are big and brash and loud lol. When i was in the usa i was told i was more American than the Americans lol. Not sure what that meant. Hhhahah. Good point. Yes, she did generalize and I know what you mean. We have some very stuffy Americans here that need to relax. Take Martha Stewart for example. Maybe they will help her be more well-rounded in prison. I admit to enjoying people who are just REAL, period! Quiet, loud, sarcastic, sweet... it does not matter, just be cool! Ya know?
  5. Originally Posted by NYAngel98 Hey Kristina! Just let us know if you need us to keep throwing you Surprise parties so that you can get some use out of that Botox expression! hee hee Ha! This is funny! Am still giggling!!
  6. Originally Posted by donnamaryuk I had such a crappy week last week. My computer crashed, the house was full of double glazing people fitting windows, the wall fell down and i fell out with my boyfriend. I had a lovely surprise, Allisong sent me my all time fave lipstick from the USA. It really made my week and i was on the phone telling all my friends. A huge thank you and massive hug to you . You have restored my faith in people and if there is anything that you would like then please dont hesitate to ask if there is a product from Europe or UK that you cant buy over in the states then i will send it . A HUGE THANKS TO ALLISONG FROM DONNA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Ah man! Alli is a total sweetheart. She just happens to not take any crap from anyone either! LOL. Glad your week is looking better; I think Alli is cool too!
  7. Happy Pre-Halloween Allisong. Looks like we've been punked by a real, live roach. Boooooooooo! Raaahhahhha Rahahaha! Roar.....
  8. Originally Posted by allisong What a glorious morning..Took care of a minor pest infestation and I just can't stop smiling Here's my face: VLWC in Creme Beige YSL Touche Eclat#1 under eyes L'Oreal blush delice in Sugar n Spice Light dusting of LM translucent MAC Fibre Riche mascara Lamas lip enhancer tint LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you check someone into the Hotel de Roach? <TABLE borderColor=#ffffff cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=2 width=95 bgColor=#ffffff borderColorLight=#000000 border=1><TBODY><TR><TD noWrap align=middle>Sleep Tight lil Buddy!</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  9. Still keep your fingers crossed and prayers going strong for this man! We're Rooting for you, Kenneth!!
  10. Originally Posted by shoediva great stuff , here are some similar to ones I already have: http://store1.yimg.com/I/silverspeck_1809_12322821 Hey Shoes, Thanks for the response! Like the stuff you have. I have always had a love for jewelry. I just think it looks extra special and unique. It shines next to skin and really adds flare. It doesn't have to be million dollar diamonds either! I love Australian crystal, pearls, beads, and intricate designs. Sometimes simple jewelry is very striking too. I'm with ya! I've seen some outstandingly beautiful jewelry at a small boutiques. Indian jewelry is also very beautiful and is one-of-a-kind. I could go on and on.
  11. Originally Posted by Tony(admin) Happy Birthday Jasmine!!! Happy Birthday to an insightful soul! So glad you're here!
  12. Originally Posted by laura127 Ok, the only thing i use out of all those is St Ives Apricot Scrub (yummy!).. Must look in to the others coz i still haven't found skincare products that i'm happy with. Thanks for posting that Cali I use St. Ives apricot scrub too. Funny. We know where the good stuff's at! thanks Laura!
  13. Originally Posted by KittySkyfish So, those that are serving a life sentence will probably spend more years in prison, thanks to the health improving measures of not smoking. That's pretty darn funny! You're right. So if they cannot smoke, maybe we should give them all guns instead so they don't have to suffer! That way, we are not killing them, we are just working efficiently to cut the cost of supporting rapists and murderers.

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