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  1. I reviewed a bunch of stuff a few weeks ago (finally!), but I did get a few nice things for Christmas. I'll get to reviewing them soon! So much to try on, so little time, it seems!
  2. Oh No!!! Originally Posted by PnkCosmo Worse! I found a puddle next to the Christmas tree, and he dribbled on some presents; so I had to unwrap them! Grr! And I had just wrapped them the night before!
  3. Welcome arabiancurves! Originally Posted by arabiancurves Y thank you!!! yall are so nice here
  4. LOL!!! Well, that, and the evil "Pill." Originally Posted by NYAngel98 "Hmmmmm.... Julia... Julia.... Oh there she is.... Under the "Always Nice except for PMS at TOM" Column! j/k
  5. Gotta go with nice. Any not-niceness was caused by things beyond my control at the time.
  6. Now I feel like we're getting calmed down - this is good. Victoria, you don't have to say anything else here if you don't want, but feel free to email me anytime, if you would like. What you've been through is very burdening, and I am not saying that I know how you feel or what you think. I am just saying that we share some things in common - more than I would have thought. My friendship with others is unconditional - but it's others who put those conditions on. Get some rest - don't let this upset you. Have a good weekend, and remember, if you ever want to let loose, I'm an email away. Or if not, I wish you the best in life. If it's alright with you, I'd like to pray for you. (Not being pushy or religious, don't worry.) Originally Posted by Pinktronic You don't know me and my thoughts. About a few months ago I fell into a deep depression. Which is why I am in therapy. Because all I can continually think of is how all my success is in the end rewarded with death. I became really sick. And, couldn't get out of bed, until it just went away on it's own. I am in college, yes, but you don't know how it's not enough for my family and I am continually pushed to do more and be more successful. But, I feel I am doing well for myself. Especially having gone to college with socialphobia. It's more like social anxiety now. No one sees my accomplishments, at all. I feel like I am repeating to you all I have said to my therapist. And, it's upsetting me something awful.
  7. You and I have more in common than you'd think. I have the same thing with empathy. I've alway absorbed others' pain. You've been through an incredible amount in your short life. Truly reminds me of my own. But you've got so much ahead of you, Victoria. You're in college! That's outstanding! Truly! You've got a chance to rise above it, and make something of yourself! Do it! I really hope you get it! All these horrible life experiences - maybe you'll be able to help someone else along the way. Or maybe someone will help you. I'm really amazed at how much we have in common in this painful way. Originally Posted by Pinktronic My aunt is schizophrenic. My dad is bipolar. My grandma is schizophrenic and bipolar. My sister is bipolar. My brother is bipolar. My mom is bipolar. My uncle was shot and killed in a crack house. My other uncle beat a women while another man held her down and raped her. I've been in the hospital with medical problems. I have panic attacks all the fucking time. My schizophrenic aunt went to a drug house with my baby cousin once and had a gun put to her head. And, I absorb everyone elses pain and misery. Because I am too empathetic. So, anywhere else when I can be myself, I am just a witch because I spend most of my time worrying and caring about everyone else. My mom is poor, my dad is poor, my uncle is stealing money from my grandmother. My best-friend of 4 years turned her back on me because I became depressed. But, IM DONE HERE. I have no friends here. I am not makeup obsessed. Nor product obsessed. Or, anything like that. I hardly can rant or rave. I had a hard time with the reviews because all products seem the same to me anymore. Nothing seems different our outstanding. So, it was hard to give a good review of some of them. I've been honest all my life and it only has people turning their backs on me. And, don't give me that fucking bullshit of life is what you make it. Poor people sometimes don't have a choice. Life doesn't give you choices sometimes and so you can not make your life what you want it. Even with a job my mom isn't making much. It's not her choice to be poor.
  8. I like people most when they are honest and open with me - those are who I choose as friends. No matter what they say, what they share, I don't run away. I'm not that kind of friend. I hope you find someone like that - I'm truly sorry if others have hurt you so badly. Everyone deserves to have someone they can be open and honest with. I finally found that friend 2 years ago, and I am ever so thankful, after waiting 24 years for such a true friend! It's probably also cliche, but it is true - but if you like yourself, others will like you. Maybe that's yet to come for you - I know you said you're in therapy, so I'm not judging. I didn't start making real friends until I came out of my shell around 21 or 22, in college. Victoria, I truly wish the best for you. Originally Posted by Pinktronic Actually I felt my reviews were pretty good. I kept getting irritated when I was looking at FeistyFemmes because they were on sentence reviews (even Tony's reviews are extremely short). I tried to give my opinion on how well the product worked for me and even more so sometimes. And, if a product review isn't just opinion then what is it? Maybe they needed to explain "review" a little better. Because I tried to not just say "I hate this/I love this" etc. I said I did and then tried to explain why and why not. Yes, go ahead and tell me "there's always those who have it worse off than you" but you know what? This is my life. I've just recently come to THAT revelation. And, you can be a good person and pessimistic. Pessimism doesn't equal a bad person. You see things differently than I do. And, I won't change how I see things for anyone but myself. I am in therapy. I know all these things you are telling me. And, I also know that I can be myself and if no one likes me, then that's fine.
  9. Tony OWNS this site. He's a guy. Guy's don't often go into much detail. Originally Posted by Pinktronic (even Tony's reviews are extremely short).
  10. Like I said in the other thread: Okay, you have had a hard life. You don't know my life, either. I've been poor, I've been homeless, I've had serious health problems (like losing 40% of my blood and almost dying & I have a lump in my breast - where does the money come for the fun stuff? Forget these medical bills!!) --- I've had struggles all my life that I won't even go into here. You have no idea how grateful I'd be for a gift card like this! My husband and I are barely making ends meet as it is. Oh, and honesty DOES get you somewhere. But you're still young, and maybe it has yet to catch up. But it will...oh yes it will. Life is what YOU make it. Originally Posted by Pinktronic It gets better? You don't know me or my life and I am not explaining anything to you. Because I don't need your pity. Selfishly living life? Okay, live mine and you'll realize that's far from the truth. And, look at things more positively? Okay, that's why I am in therapy. Geez. But still though ... if I had come on here saying "I am here to win this contest". Then people would be treating me the same god damn way they are treating me now. Honesty gets you no where. The more honest I am with people the more they run away away from me. But, anyway, after these and few others, I am out. I looked to delete my account but I can't seem to find anywhere to. If an admin or mod wants to, go ahead. Ban me or suspend my account or something.
  11. Forget it. This isn't worth the time or effort, especially from us Admin. If you want to live with a "cup half empty," then so be it. Let's stop the drama and get back to our regulary-scheduled drama-free MuT, please. Originally Posted by Pinktronic Be more positive about life? Gee thanks. I didn't know this.
  12. Attitude determines Altitude. Your attitude will get you as far (or not) as you let it. If you try to see things more positively and more selflessly (instead of selfishly), then life will do the same for you, and you'll get further. Bitterness leads nowhere nice. I truly hope that life gets better for you. I feel sorry that it seems so bad right now. But trust me, it does get better. Originally Posted by Pinktronic Not an honest person? If I had said in the beginning "Oh, I am not interested in this I just want to get my score higher" we'd still be having the same conversation.
  13. Oh, yes - I noticed that right off the bat. You were gone from August until November, so it was obvious. I even posted that a few posts back: Originally Posted by Kage_sCupotea I'm just so glad that we have a majority of members who actually CARE about the boards, and aren't just here to win prizes. We're thankful for the faithful members, those who've been posting all along, not just those who are absent for a few months, and then come back after 3 months just to win a contest! It's really too bad that we didn't change the rules for the reviews, because a few others who were in the top runnings for the contest wrote decent (more than 2 line) reviews from a good perspective, not just opinion. Truly, if you acted a little nicer, you'd probably be a lot more respected. You get what you give. I thought you were nice when you used to post a while back - I never thought anything negative until you started posting negativly recently. If all you can see is the "cup half empty," then you're never going to have a "cup half full." Try to see the bright side of life - there are always others who have it worse off than you. Originally Posted by Pinktronic I am grateful for the prize. But, did anyone not notice I was one of those people gone for months and months and popped back on when the contest was going on? I thought people would have had the thought cross their minds already that "she's just here for the contest" or "she's here posting just to get to the 35 required".
  14. Maybe if you changed your attitude, and tried to be a bit nicer and think more positively about life and others, then you'd be a lot more likeable. MUT is all about friendliness - not drama! Originally Posted by Pinktronic Oh, and whoever said I was complaining about shipping and taxes?????? Tony thought I was when I was not. I simply said that I didn't want the Fanie cert, not interested in their products, reviewd their website and I said it'd be nice to sell it since I am broke and don't have the money to cover the taxes and s&h. But, hopefully by the time I am billed on my CC I will have the money. I wasn't complaining. And, I got what I wanted from here so I guess I will leave now. If you noticed, I was never really a part of this board or community until the contest? I received an email and was like "I have always wanted to purchase products from sephora". So, I worked my butt off and won. And, you can think I am a witch all you want. Not like I am not considered one eveywhere else. You can think I am a mean person too but you aren't my friends, my boyfriend, or my family. I got what I wanted ... so I guess I won't bother anyone again.
  15. My best friend gave me a gift package from them a while back. I'll try to remember what all was in it and post!
  16. Ahhh! Gotcha! I should have known! Thanks for the link! Originally Posted by SusieQ Whoops! I was referring the accutane use from years ago causing the chapped lips in the very first post. And heres the link: http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn/ar...ER=SKIN&ID=119
  17. That's really sad. I think you owe a big "Thank You" for the information that people gathered for you, though (AND for MUT in general for awarding such a handsome prize worth $150!). We cared enough to share and research information for you; the least you could be is a bit grateful. I'm sorry that we seemingly wasted our time on honest information, when we've got other members here who are truly worth our time and effort. I find it disheartening that this was all a time-waster for you, and honestly, I feel a bit deceived. I hope you'll enjoy the gifts you got, but I also hope you learn honesty, gratefulness, and how to appreciate a blessing. I'm just so glad that we have a majority of members who actually CARE about the boards, and aren't just here to win prizes. We're thankful for the faithful members, those who've been posting all along, not just those who are absent for a few months, and then come back after 3 months just to win a contest! I don't know about everyone else, but if I won a $75 gift card, I'd be extremely grateful, and I'd be sure to see that I behaved deservingly and accordingly. Happy Holidays! Originally Posted by Pinktronic Actually I wasn't truly interested in the SBD. I was just making posts to get my rank up for the required 35 for the contest.
  18. Doubt what? (Which post are you referring to?) I just checked over at the site (Paula's cosmetic cop site), and I can't find anything specific about lip balms...can you point me there? I'm curious now! Originally Posted by SusieQ I really doubt that. Theres a good article over at cosmeticscop.com on lip balms. Check it out.
  19. Yummy test, I'll say... Originally Posted by melzie_fire ok..testing?
  20. Welcome to MakeupTalk, prettystuff! I'm sure someone can answer your question for you! Originally Posted by prettystuff Your info was very helpful. Can you tell me how you think this product would perform for older, somewhat wrinkled skin?
  21. The recipe looks good! We'll have to try it! Ohhh - we have Abuelita chocolate tabs in our Wal*Mart and grocery stores! Something else I'll need to pick up one of these days! Originally Posted by haloinrverse it sounds pretty similar to mexican hot chocolate. i like to make mine with whole cinnamon sticks and cayenne pepper. i also have one of those mexican hot chocolate frothing sticks. the proper name escapes me. i also like a hot cocoa mix called abuelita. its spiced choc tabs that you just dissolve in milk. very tasty.
  22. Wow - I'd never heard of those either. Growing up among a very Italian family (from Italy and living in New York), I learned that Italian sodas are usually seltzer and syrup, as well. Everywhere I've ever ordered them (they're easy to get at Starbucks and other coffeeshops these days), that's what an Italian soda consists of. But I can definitely see alcohol being added to just about anything.
  23. My hubby saw this on Spoofee! Too crazy!!!
  24. Me too, hon. Me too. Originally Posted by haloinrverse oh, now the lemon sounds good! one day im going to be buried under an avalanche of my half used lotion collection.
  25. LOL - wellllllllll...all the scents are: Cinnamon Frosting Chocolate Fondue Angel Food Cake Creme Brulee Sugar Wafer Lemon Meringue Enjoy!
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