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  1. I has been about 4 years that I have joined Ebay, I most likely spent about 7k. I have baught rims for my car, stereo stuff, clothes, shoes, purses and other things for my car as well like seat covers ect.
  2. I would do both color and perm if you want. If you get a perm there are certain rods and techniques you can do to make the hair less wild looking when left to air dry. Just a texture perm would work great on you and you could let it air dry without it looking crazy. If you do decide to do a color or highlite be sure to do them atleast 1-2 weeks after the perm, your perm will strip your color if it is done after your color.
  3. Sofia, you are so right on the nose with what a filler is and does, are you sure you are not a hairdresser? LOL
  4. Hey ladies sorry for the no posting in a few days, been working and went out of town with a friend. I have been doing my The Firm DVD's at work, but not really paying attention to the eatting thing, I pretty much get to eat when I can at work cause i hate to drive anywhere special, I am planning on making it a point to bring my luch to work for now on. Other then the food I am doing great, a bit sore but that is a good thing. Hopefully the soreness goes away and the entergy boost up. I have been a bit sleepy after workouts and for the rest of the day afterwards. I think my eatting may have something to do with that, lol Anywho I am on the path of going to take a shower and getting some rest, I have to be up early in the morning. :0)
  5. I pay nothing, lol I am a hairdresser. So the girls at the Salon cut it for me :0) I do tip so I pay about 15 bucks really. I have spent a great deal for a cut before it was at a high end place, I believed it was around 70 bucks, but OMFG it was the best hair cut I have ever had. I try to tell people how she did it but nobody wants to listen half the time, I sure wish I could take my head off and cut my own hair.
  6. Thanks, everyone! I love to write, I get my handwriting from my Mom. But it does get nerve racking when I write something and I don't like it and I have to write it again and again and again. I think I have OCD when it comes to writing. I could use up a whole one subject notebook just tring to write one letter. Bah it drives me up the wall. It was really bad when I was in school, lol I would hand in 3-4 pages with the same thing on it and let the teacher pick which one she liked best to use for grading, lol I am nuts :0) Oh well maybe when I get older it will go away.
  7. Welcome Leah, glad that you could join us. BTW I am Tiffany from Louisiana.
  8. Welcome to MUT. Hey girls didn't we do a DTB for the 40's glam look? I think I recall seeing it, but not sure.....
  9. Welcome Dawn, glad to have you aboard.....
  10. This is my handwriting, I took the pictures with the hubbies phone, hope it is not to blurry. BTW! I am obsessed with writing things.
  11. I love TIGI (Bed Head), but only their styling products, to me their shampoos and conditioners don't work for me at all. I use After Party ALL the time, I keep it stocked in my bathroom. And I also like their Uptight and Curls Rock (cream) Your stylist should not be forcing you into buying anything. Let her try different Products from TIGI on your hair before you buy anything, they have some really great products but they are all not that great. If you do decide to buy be sure you can return it if you don't like it.
  12. Awwwwwww! Thanks! I am not sure about what I plan to do, I have never worked out a day in my life really. Well I take that back my mom and I got a membership is a fitness club and went one day lol then we never went back. So I have no clue what I am doing or what to do. I have The Firm DVD at work and a belly dancing DVD I may just do that and cut down on the eating, cause I eat ALOT like 6-7 times a day (but it isn't junk food, it is real food, I am far from a person with a sweet tooth, I need real hot food, lol) If you ladies have any suggestions on what I need to do, I would love to hear your feedback on it. I really want to learn how to get up early say around 5 or 6 in the morning to exercise but I have no motivation to do so, I just love to sleep, lol. I guess I need a routine or something to get me started, I just have so much on my plate, I know I can do the exercise thing at work but as far as waking up in the morning early enough I don't know... Motivation is needed here girls.....
  13. These are my measurements 1. Bust 36 2. Waist 32.5 3. Hip 39.5 4. Upper Thigh 22 5. Arm 12.5 Total inches: 142.5 Weight is 140 lbs Height is 5'4" Ack!!!!!!!!!! It looks bad typed out, lol didn't realize I needed to lose so many inches.. I can not wait to start this challenge..... This is a before photo of me :0) Not very pleasing to look at I know, but it is me. Hopefully after this challenge I will look a ton better. I couln't take a pic with my camera cause it is broken the cat knocked it off the table about 3 weeks ago and have yet to get another one or get that one fixed for that matter. Anyhow this wasn't that far ago anyways :0)
  14. 5, 10, 15, 20 bucks it doesn't matter to me, put I am in and in group 2 :0) I have never worked out a day in my life... I am scared lol but I am also in.
  15. I agree, and the smaller sections you take the better results as well. with your hair being that long it is very heavy. Normally curls don't stay very long in long hair. Cheap curling irons will not get you want you want either (they don't get hot enough IMO) Hot Tools makes a great one, I always get the ones with the thermostats on them.
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