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  1. Hi Nikki, Thanks! Originally Posted by QurlySq awww... the lil diva is a cutie!! Congratulations!!!
  2. Hi Tony! How wonderful, you're finally having a little girl. I must tell you that your life will never be the same. My hubby is totally in LOVE with his little girl, he lives and breaths her everyday. Little girls are just awesome, congratulations!! Please say hello to Reija for me. I hope to stop by again soon. Originally Posted by Tony(admin) Hey Shoey!!! Thanks for popping back in and saying HI! How are you? Reija and I are expecting a little girl in Jan also Your little one looks so cute!
  3. Hi Trisha! Been looking through your posts, you are doing a MARVELOUS job!!! and look absolutely radiant! I miss you guys as well! Ava is now 2 months old, and more precious everyday! Originally Posted by Trisha We missed ya Shoey!! How old is Ava now? i love her name btw!! x
  4. Hi Girlies and Tony: Just stopped by to say hi. Been quite busy being a new mommy. I really miss all you guys and hope you are all well. Tony- the site has grown wonderfully and it looks awesome! BEST makeup site on the web!!!! Here is a pic of my new lil diva, Ava Gabriella. Hugs to all of you, SHoey
  5. Hey Kim, so wonderful to hear from you. How are you?? We miss you!
  6. Nice and classic. Colors look great on you! Originally Posted by Reija(admin) My Outfit of the Day! Old Navy pants Nine West boots INC turtleneck
  7. Hmm right now I would probably say clothes, although I do love makeup. The only thing is that I dont really wear bright colored makeup. I always wear the same natural look (it works!) unless I am going out. My walk-in closet on the other hand is unbelievable.
  8. Nice Reija, you have beautiful skin!
  9. Really cute. I would take either 1 or 2, again depending on what colors you wear more often.
  10. Shoediva


    Welcome to my fellow NewYorker! Glad you found us! Originally Posted by AnGeLNS363 just thought i'd introduce myself... i'm Caitie, i'm an 18-yr. old college student from New York, USA... i love makeup and everything that goes along with it!
  11. You even look great in sweats!!!
  12. I totally agree with you. I was anxious to see this show and had high expectations as I love fashion, but somehow it just didnt get my attention. Before the episode finished I just lost interest and didnt finish seeing the rest of the show. Originally Posted by keaLoha I've only seen a few episodes & didn't really enjoy it. Kind of reminded me of Blow Out, which was less than exciting. Interesting outfits, but there's something missing from the show to captivate & lure an audience that I can't pinpoint.
  13. I totally agree with you Then. It seems like other people swear by this as well. Good advice! Originally Posted by Then Hello Everyone, I am the biggest fan of sunscreen. It is the best antiaging cream out there. UVA and UVB rays can penetarate through windows and also when driving in your car. So I faithfully wear sunscreen every day. Did you know that for a sunscreen to work to it's maximum efficiacy, 1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon of sunscreen lotion must be applied to the face and neck area. I did a measurment in a spoon. I had a generous amount of sunscreen to cover my face, neck, arms and then some. I use an spf 15 when I will not be outside. I am really cutting in half my amount of protection. I guess I will start wearing my spf 60 inside as well as outside.
  14. Very nice Danielle. I love that color, must try it out.
  15. OMG you just wanna bite him!!!
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