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  1. Originally Posted by Scarlette Macy's fired me without warning over something really stupid. They claim that I wasn't processing returns the right way. I've been there for 2 years, you think I would know all the rules by now, but they never told me what was appropriate and what wasn't as far as proper procedures. It's very stupid. They fired 3 girls at my counter for the same thing. The whole Benefit counter was wiped out. OMG! I'm so sorry to hear that! You should really reconsider Sephora. The Sephora by me has the most helpful gals in it! I love it! I wrote you a post about it. I don't know if you saw it or not: http://makeuptalk.com/forums/showthr...32873#poststop As for drugstore MU, I have no clue. Sorry I can't help you there. CG Full & Soft, and L'Oreal Voluminous seem to be the top 2 contenders.
  2. Originally Posted by SalsaBelle1983 I thought they were really thin!! But thanks I feel better now! I havent found a brow filler shade that Im happy with, I'm still looking! x xxx Really? I just use Stila Ebony e/s for my brows. My hair is currently black. I find that regular e/s works just fine for brows. If you need more control, then brow waxes are nice too.
  3. Originally Posted by SalsaBelle1983 I wish my brows were thicker, but they've always been so sparse!! Your brows look fine! What are you talking about? All you need is a bit of brow powder. They are not the pencil-thin look at all, don't worry!
  4. Originally Posted by Pauline Hey, any advice for girls that don't have thick busy brows?? My brows have always been very difficult to shape as they are quite thin.I bought stencils from Shavita and even they weren't quite good enough for me.Now i just shape them from the highest part of the brow.Finally after many Salon visits, stencils etc.I have managed to get quite a nice arch.Only took me about 10 years! Mainly all you can do is shape the brow hairs you have, then fill in with a pencil or powder. Sometimes it takes awhile to find a shade that looks very natural. You can seal in your brows with Benefit She-Laq so they don't wipe off.
  5. Originally Posted by keaLoha LOL @ skanky! I always think that a pencil-thin brow ages a woman. Many of the old hollywood starlets had those brow in their 20s, but looked like they were in their 40s. ITA; That's true as well.
  6. I wear knee-high trouser socks. Some brands I've found at Nordstrom are thin enough to where the dress shoes fit fine. They also have some good skin-toned trouser socks. I have charcoal & black trouser socks as well that I use. It depends on the color of the shoes & the pants.
  7. Originally Posted by Tony(admin) We love you here on MUT, Jensen! Stay aboard! You are unique and funny, neverless enjoyable. We are sure that spektra will grow just l ike MUT has. It's the users who grow it!! We appreciate all of your messages etc here regard Aww, thanks Tony!! I guess I'm just sensitive b/c I view that site as an asset to MAC lovers; and also b/c I'm a moderator there. Also, a lot of people don't realize how new it is, and are very quick to dismiss it. They have sooo much info there: Depotting, MAC Looks, Color Stories, Product Safety, Foundation Help, etc. I enjoy posting on both MUT and Specktra. Both are similar, but different enough to where I like being a part of both boards. MUT is very warm & inviting. The members are great, and I felt welcomed right away. Specktra only has half the amount of members; but the gals there are very sweet as well.
  8. Originally Posted by melzie_fire Check out my avatar... aren't I HAWT?!! LOL!! Just thought I'd be silly.... LOL, you're funny. We missed you, Melzie! Glad to "see" you again!
  9. Originally Posted by FeistyFemme I agree! My brows are psycho. I could easily get them waxed every 3 weeks, but I definitely need to go at least once a month. I tweeze in between waxings, but the really fine hairs I can't get w/o waxing. I hate bushy brows, though I'm guilty of them when I get lazy and don't wax or tweeze. I call them my bushy catepillars, LOL! You should try Benefit's BrowZing. It has a powder on one side, and a wax on the other. It also comes with the cutest mini-tools. It's great for brows that don't like to behave!
  10. Originally Posted by keaLoha ITA. I hate seeing women w/pencil-thin brows more than unruly brows. I wish people would comprehend that the Pamela Anderson look doesn't work on everyone. LOL, yeah- that look is pretty scary! Very few people or face types can pull off a pencil thin brow like that w/o looking skanky.
  11. I'm not talking about anyone specific; but I hate when I see someone with a great makeup look on, but their brows are all out of whack! Your eyebrows frame your eyes! Therfore, they're framing your lovely eye makeup as well. All you have to do is let them grow out for at least 10 days, then go see a reputable waxer. Once they are shaped to fit your face, all you have to do is maintain the shape by tweezing. If you have a certain brow look you like, bring in a pic! That's what I had to do b/c they would never arch my brows enough for me. So, I brought in a pic, and voila! Perfect brows! To maintain your newly perfect brows, all you need to do is tweeze all of the stray hairs that grow in. Also, make sure to brush your brow hairs up, and trim everything that is above the brow line. Then, use a powder or wax to define them. I probably get my brows waxed about once every 2-3 months. I just maintain on my own during the rest of the time. But, after awhile of tweezing, they'll start to lose their shape. Then, I'll grow them out for 10 days again and get waxed.
  12. Originally Posted by NYAngel98 never heard of that site before... checked it out - good FOTD pics... posts were kinda **yawn** - but I liked looking at evryones pictures for ideas... Well, it's a site made for MAC Addicts. They have all of the color stories listed, and tons of MAC info. It's very new. They just launched in June '04. They don't have as many regular posters as this site does, but IMO, the topics are very similar (not trying to bash this site or anything). But, since it's a MAC site, the MAC forum gets the most traffic & posts. I've been posting here more often b/c I haven't been too into MAC lately, and since this site is busier, there's more responses to posts. But, I don't think the posts or topics on Specktra are that far off from what is discussed here. To each his own, I guess. Some people just feel more comfortable on certain messageboards.
  13. Originally Posted by keaLoha Great thread. Here are my choices: FOUNDATION - Armani LSF & MSF (liquid); Za Powder Foundation PRIMER - n/a POWDER - Armani Micro-Fil Loose Powder & NYC Pressed Powder CONCEALER - Shu Uemura Mark Concealer (sponge-tip); WnW Coverall (stick) BROW MU - Jordana EasyBrow EYELINER - NARS Liquid Liner; BB Gel Liner; Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil LIPLINER - Armani Smooth Silk Lip Pencil LIPGLOSS/LIPSTICK - Armani Lip Shine (tube); Armani Lip Shimmer (wand); Armani Mania (l/s) LIP BALM - Chapstick Overnight Treatment EYESHADOW BASE - Lorac Eye & Lip Neutralizer BLUSH (CREAM) - Armani (pot) & NARS Multiple (stick) BRONZER - Armani Sheer Bronzer #1 (pressed); Bonne Bell Glimmer Bronze (loose) HIGHLIGHTER - Armani Fluid Sheers (liquid); WnW All Over Shimmer (pressed) MASCARA - Za Waterproof FRAGRANCE - 3-way tie--Romeo Gigli, Kenneth Cole Black & Armani Mania Gee, Gail- Like Armani much? LOL I just love how you mix up your Armani with WnW!! Fabulous!
  14. Originally Posted by SalsaBelle1983 I do wana try Cargo stuff! I duno if its avail in the Uk though! Really? I love their blushes & Bronzers! Their eyeshadows are also very comparable to Stila. They have Nylon in them, so they're super blendable!
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