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  1. Thanks ladies! And thanks to Tony and Reija for the nice HB email! :icon_chee
  2. Late to this discussion but I wanted to add something that I *think* was not mentioned (sorry if it was) but is important when speaking about legalizing gay marriages. I believe that homosexual couples should have the right to marry. I base my opinion on the law and the United States Constitution. Put aside the moral arguments for a minute. There is supposed to be a separation of Church and State. Thus, the law should be separate from religion. As such, marriages under the law should not be influenced by religious beliefs. The whole line of thinking that marriage is only between a man and woman is due to religion, not law. The United States Constitution guarantees the right to marry. Therefore, it should not matter what race, gender, religion, etc. the couple may be. Right or wrong, moral or immoral- that is not the issue to me. It is the law and the law should be as it stands and upheld as it stands today. Moreover, denying homosexuals the right to marry is discrimination, much like the discrimination against African-Americans that took place in this country. In earlier years, some people had believed that marriages between races was "unnatural." For instance, in Loving v Virginia (1967), a black woman and a white man had been found guilty of violating Virginia's ban on interracial marriages and ordered to leave the state. The Supreme Court found Virginia's law to violate the Equal Protection Clause because it invidiously classified on the basis of race, but it also indicated the law would violate the Due Process Clause as an undue interference with 'the fundamental freedom" of marriage.
  3. GREAT suggestions, ladies! I want to use 'em all! Well... except for the ribbon around the belly game! LOL, Liz!!! But thanks for trying to pitch in anyway!
  4. Any ideas for fun bridal shower games? I have to think up a few for my friend's bridal shower and I have NO ideas for games... I don't recall ever going to one of these. If you have any ideas, PLEASE post! I'm desperate here! Thx!
  5. 1. NARS Bronzer Brush 2. Chanel #7 blush brush 3. MAC 168 contour brush (for highlighting) 4. MAC 187 5. MAC 252 and sorry, but HAVE to add this... 6. NARS Smudge Brush
  6. I think the Fluidliners are way more creamy and more prone to "move" than Smudge Pots, which are more powdery-ish. I have a gray Smudge Pot from back when they came out, and I've found that it has much better consistency than the newer ones.
  7. wongy74

    Stereo Rose

    It's good to be behind on the MAC collections- that way you don't spend a small fortune like I do! Originally Posted by Laura Oh god i am SO behind on the MAC collections at the mo. Thanks honey *cringing coz i didnt know stereo rose was a MAC product*
  8. wongy74

    Stereo Rose

    I think we're def too dark for Orgasm and Deep Throat- I have to pack those suckers on. Then it looks like I have layers and layers of it on b/c the shimmer gets stronger! Originally Posted by Liz i LOVE stereo rose also! it definitely beats out orgasm. with orgasm, i had to keep packing it because it seemed like it didn't show up. but when i use my other nars blushes, they're very pigmented. i most likely will pick up a backup!!!
  9. I LOVE Stereo Rose! :icon_love Great haul! The MAC 187 brush is totally worth it, IMO. It's the BEST applicator for the Skinfinishes.
  10. wongy74

    Stereo Rose

    I got Stereo Rose yesterday and LOVE it! It's everything I wanted my other coral blushes to be. It's so nicely pigmented! It beats NARS Deep Throat and Orgasm, hands down. Def. check it out- I'm thinking about getting a back-up altho I don't think I'll ever get around to finishing the whole thing. But I love it! :icon_love I also picked up New Vegas, Shimpagne, and Gold Deposit from the Goldplay collection. From RR, I only got Pink Clash l/g, which I think is really great too! :icon_love It's a mix of Flash of Flesh and Nymphette, but I think it's unique enough to put into my collection eventho I already own those FOF and Nymph. Didn't pick up anything else from RR- didn't appeal to me. Good thing, then I could save some money! With all the Skinfinishes I bought, I racked up a bill over $100 already!
  11. Studiofix doesn't break me out. I like it a lot!
  12. I've tried Benefit's concealers and Bobbi Brown's concealers. They're okay but crease like MAD on me! If you have the tiniest wrinkle, these will make it look bigger. I'm 25, for reference. I know some board members are younger and don't have a wrinkle anywhere so just giving you my input.
  13. Becca's coverage is sooo good. Idk about how it would work under the eye though. I figure it might be drier since it is in pot form, so need to use lots of eyecream with it. It's kind of expensive too, 33 USD. Originally Posted by Trisha I may have to check out the Becca one when im in London this week! I only have like £160 to take tho xx
  14. Also, Kerri, the shade in front of the slash (/) (either yellow, neutral, pink, neutral-warm, etc.) refers to the undertones of your skin, while the shade behind the slash (lightest, light to fair, fair, tan, golden brown, etc) refers to the darkness of your skin. HTH!
  15. They have a great color selection so that people won't have too much trouble finding a shade that matches them. It does get complicated if you try to do it online though. I think I would use cashew, which is for yellow/fair to medium complexions, meaning that I have yellow undertones to my skin and the darkness of my skin is between fair and medium- not quite one but not quite the other. I hope that makes sense. I guess you would have to know how to characterize your skin to buy concealer/fndtn online. It would be best if you could see the Becca items in person, but you can always try to match up your current concealer to one of the Becca shades, make sure the description doesn't sound totally off, buy it from Sephora, and if doesn't work, return it and get another one to try. Pain in the ass though if you don't get it right within the first two tries. Originally Posted by kerri Hi, do you happen to know that color system for the becca concealer.....there are only like 100 to choose from....lol........but I was wondering if the first tone/color in the name was what you felt your undertones were? or is it because it has more of that tone in it? Hopefully this question makes sense.......thanks
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