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  1. Thanks for posting Marisol, I will be buying it too.
  2. lilla

    RAZR users

    I keep going back and forth for this one or a pda phone... I don't know which to pick...
  3. Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!
  4. I've had my iPodvideo since July so no problems with the battery yet. I read the same thing from apple.com about how important it is to drain your battery all the way once in a while and then charge it. My iPod fm transmitter charges at the same time it plays music in my car. So I better watch that.
  5. Originally Posted by Aquilah /img/forum/go_quote.gif Lemming alert! I've always heard about it, but never tried it. Ditto for the lemmings! I've heard of it as a hand cream and always wanted to try it but kept trying other stuff... Hmmm! I might be checking this out tomorrow...
  6. It is so cute!!! write the names on a piece of paper and draw for it. I like Lola.
  7. Originally Posted by Jennifer /img/forum/go_quote.gif i kept trying to remember to do one and every time i logged on, i forgot! thanks for starting it! congrats on the job! hopefully you'll find something you love soon. this month, i'll be working and hoping and praying i get to see toby since i haven't seen him since july, but who knows? so, all i'll be doing is working Thanks Jen, and hope you get to see him soon.
  8. Definitely use your spf everymorning. Your spf in your powder doesn't ad to the other one like spf 10 plus spf 15= spf 25. It is just spf 15 that counts. But it is good that you use something with spf in it. Drink lot of water and make sure to clean your mu everynight. I don't do peels because I am not lucky on that department. But I do exfoliate twice a week with my scrub and use mask after that. hth.
  9. I like reading the posts on what is going on each month. I didn't find one for this month so I am starting. Have been busy looking for a job, filling out application forms, and finding jobs ever since we settled into our new home. I found a few jobs but didn't get it because of the hrs or the pay. I decided to do something until a job that is meant to be for me comes up. So I applied to my daughter's school district for a substitute aide position. I had to do a lot of paperwork but finally got it. It will keep me busy until I find a permanent job. What is happening in your life this month?
  10. Sounds like a lot of fun, don't forget to post pics here too...
  11. Cute phone!!! Why do you want to sell it? Is there another cell phone you want?

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