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    Thirtysomething mom of 3. Have always been a beauty junkie and always will be. Gwen Stefani and Halle Berry are my beauty/style idols. My dream is to go to cosmetology/aesthetician school.
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    Beauty, fashion, and shopping of course! But also reading, drawing, music of all kinds, cats, teaching and learning.
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    Employment Specialist working with mentally ill individuals
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    06 Suzuki Grand Vitara
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    The Breakfast Club and other 80's teen angst flicks, Pulp Fiction, The Nines, American Beauty, Tenacious D Pick of Destiny, Once Upon a Time in the West, Memento, Hot Fuzz, Team America, gosh I don't know...
  • Favorite Music
    Funk, classic rock, top 40/pop, heavy metal, reggae, hip hop, soul, R&B, grunge/90's stuff, 80's pop, I love all music, well...except for Country.
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    Memoirs of a Geisha, The Crimson Petal and the White, all Stephen King (even the bad ones), Kevyn Aucoin's MU books
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Urban Decay, Bare Minerals, Pur minerals, Rimmel, MAC,
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    My parents are both deaf and so is my favorite aunt and uncle.
  1. I received my SS gift a week ago but I've been down with bronchitis, eech... Anyhoo, I was VERY excited to get the Urban Decay Urban Arsenal eyeshadow palette! I'd seen it in the Sephora catalog and really wanted it! My SS must have read my mind! I've been using it daily, beautiful colors! Thank you so so so much, whoever you are! (The Sephora invoice said it was from Han something or other, I think...who is that?)
  2. I was told the same thing about my son, that he would have it forever and to just leave it alone or put hydrocortisone cream on it, of all things!!! I am going to try your method! And don't feel bad about your exfoliating technique--I've resorted to scratching them off of my son with my fingernail. The bumps are so dry and crusty, it doesn't even hurt him. I would like to warn people of a product they shouldn't bother with--KP Duty from Derma Doctor. It's like $36 for a tube and it doesn't do anything. It makes the skin soft, but doesn't eliminate the bumps. I faithfully used it on my son for months. Nada!!!
  3. I say don't relax if you bleach. It's just not worth the risk. That kind of thing is for professionals. Even if you wait 3 months, your hair is still bleached which makes it weak, porous, and fragile. That's why I stopped relaxing. I realized I couldn't do both anymore. For a long time I thought everything was fine but in reality my hair was getting fried. I put so much silicone and oils in it, I was able to cover up the damage. Now I color it with a high-lift brown by L'oreal every 6 weeks (mainly to get rid of gray) and I no longer chemically relax. I blow-dry and use a flat iron to get it smooth. My hair is much less traumatized. Just my opinion/experience! :smile: Oooops, And I just realized I need to change my signature, because it says I have chemically relaxed hair!!! LOL
  4. Clinique's liquid foundations all seem so oily and greasy on my skin, even the "oil-free" ones. I also hated Mark's c-thru-u tinted moisturizer--it has tons of disco ball glitter in it! L'oreal Infallible isn't a horrible product per se, but it doesn't even come close to living up to it's claims, and that bugs me. They claim 16 hour wear with no rub off, sweat and oil proof, etc. and it's so not true! I've also decided I won't wear BE minerals anymore because they make my face itch like crazy. Pur minerals never do that to me and the coverage is soooooo much prettier and nicer.
  5. I used to keep all of them! Then I realized that was silly--they really piled up, I subscribed to them all. So I started only keeping the Allures. Then I realized that trends and things change so often, so now I only keep an issue of any mag for a couple of months. Before I throw it out I tear out any pages that have something I'm interested in. I have folders that I keep these pages in. Some day I'll organize them by topic. Oh, one more thing before I throw them out. I give them to my 11-year old daughter because she loves to doodle in them and deface the models! Oh, but sometimes I'll keep a magazine forever, like that issue of Allure a several months back (August?) with Lindsay Lohan on the cover. It was all about Allure's history and how they have changed over the years. They have a funny article on the BAD advice they have given. And my favorite part, a section on the supermodels of the 90's. I still look through it often, it's nostalgic for me.
  6. Now that's what I love, love , love about makeup! Transformation! It starts out with just the outside but it changes how you feel inside too. When you look fantastic, you feel fantastic. I've never felt shallow because I like to look good and spend money on beauty products! For the record I would like to say all these women are pretty w/o makeup too! But I do love a good before-and-after!!!
  7. That is a good question. Right now I am running low on a few of my staples, so I would use the $50 to stock up and then maybe buy one special thing I've been wanting to treat myself to! Staples: ~Clinique Glosswear for Lips in Black Honey...$13.50 ~BE Mineral Veil...$18.00 ~Mary Kay lip liner in Metallic (have to buy it on eBay because it's discontinued--so prices vary)...$5.00 Treat: ~Urban Decay eyeshadow, not sure which color because I covet them all!...$15.00 Ok, I went 50 cents over! LOL!
  8. Good thread! But hard questions! :kopfkratz: If you could only have one? hair or accessories make an outfit better? Hair the clothes or makeup your wearing make you look better? Makeup hair or makeup make you look better? Tough one...I'm gonna say hair. blush or mascara? Another toughie! I have to go with blush right now, because this time of year, without it I look dead. eyeliner or lipgloss? Lip gloss powdered blush or creme'? Powdered because I have very oily skin.
  9. Uuuuummmm... Hey, I found my way back to MuT, ha ha! I missed you! If you remember me, give a shout out, LOL! Let's see, since I was last here, my divorce was finalized, I lost my job, got a new one, got a kitten, got a boyfriend, lost 20 pounds, and bought a hell of a lot of makeup. For November, I don't have much going on. Work and more work. I have a 45 minute commute each way which SUCKS. And I have 3 children so of course, I am kept very busy. Well, I plan to stuff myself at my Gramma's house on Thanksgiving, then celebrate my 34th b-day on the 30th with my dad, it's also his b-day! That's pretty much it for November. The calm before the storm that is DECEMBER!
  10. Hey guys, I have been away for a long time. So many new faces! I wanna participate in the gift exchange again this year, if y'all forgive me for going AWOL!!! Wishlist questionnaire: List five product or brands that you would like to receive. Remember, it does not have to be make-up related. I can be anything you want like candy, CD or whatever your heart desires (and is under $25 USD). 1. Urban Decay, Stila, MAC, or Bare Escentuals eyeshadows--any deeper colors with shimmer! 2. Calvin Klein "Euphoria" fragrance--maybe a sample vial or travel size lotion? 3. Anything for bath/shower--gels, bath bombs, soaps, lotions, etc. Especially Lush brand. 4. Candles--spicy or sensual scents 5. Chocolate!!! (no dark) Are you willing to ship internationally? Yes! What stores/brands do you have access to (Sephora, Ulta, MAC, etc)? Pretty much anything and everything!

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