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  1. Originally Posted by CuTeLiCiOuS /img/forum/go_quote.gif How do you deal with it? & how do you get up again and be okay? How long does it take? First of all, my deepest sympathies go out to you. I've been there and know the feeling you're going through. Every person is different and everyone grieves in a different way. My mom died back in 1995 and STILL I sometimes I still cry over her at times when I'm feeling very sensitive. It's hard to say when the initial strong grieving period is over. The main thing is to remember the good times and good memories. My mom suffered a lot so I try to block that out and remember the good times and humorous things that my mom did. That gets me through it all. Plus I keep thinking, I remember that my mom loved me a lot and she would not want me to live my life getting sick & depressed over her - she would want me and your parent would want YOU to remember the good times and keep her memory alive. Take care.
  2. Steve Madden makes a cute shoe that looks great with skinny jeans. The style name of the shoe is called "Bunni" and it's a low wedge with a peep toe. Comes in solid colors (suede) and also a leopard print. Here's a photo.
  3. I hardly drink and I don't smoke or take drugs. I try to workout at least 3 times a week. Eat salad, vegetables and fruit regularly. No soda.
  4. I love platform shoes especially the peep toe kind. But I simply can not walk on more than a 2.5 inch heel. I don't know how people can walk on 4 inch never mind the 5 inch ones. I stopped into Steve Madden Shoes the other day and I was cracking up over the height of heels in that store. Wish I could wear them, but for me, they are not practical and I'd end up breaking my ankle too.
  5. Originally Posted by graceface /img/forum/go_quote.gif i was with a friend who was trying a whole bunch of skinny jeans and we both agreed that none of them looked good on. I'm just not sure if I like the look at all, you really need a certain body type for them. When it comes to being "in fashion" I always say that just because it's "in" doesn't mean its "in" for me because I'd rather buy something because it fits well on me and flatters my body as opposed to buying something that's trendy. I've already seen too many people wearing skinny jeans who'd be better off in another style. there's my 2 cents! I agree with you. That being said, my own opinion is, speaking of fashion, the 80's wasn't really too kind to women with stylish and flattering clothing back then. However---I like the functional part of skinny jeans - meaning the fact that if you want to tuck your jeans into your boots, skinny jeans are the way to go (I'd buy them with stretch). To compensate for not having a skinny upper half, I'd wear a long sweater or tunic with them. I think this is the way a curvy gal (like me) can get away with wearing skinny jeans and not look like sausage in casing.
  6. You have great skin and it looks like mine - that porcelain complexion. There's nothing wrong with being pale -I have found that my skin doesn't age as quickly as other women my age with darker tones. Even my own sister including!
  7. Ok, so not everyone looks great without makeup. No news there. Although I'm not a fan or follower of Eva Longoria, I give her credit for not caring what people think and going out in public without makeup if she wants to.
  8. All I know is he better not be joking about the 8 carat. You gotta make him keep his word on that one - LOL
  9. In addition to everything everyone else here has mentioned, I also bring: Immodium Pepto Bismal Ibuprofen A leftover (but not expired) prescription of an antibiotic (if I have any leftover). Dramamine Bandaids Bug spray (can you tell I've had bad experiences getting sick on vacation?)
  10. I love these! If I ever win the lottery and become rich, I'm hiring a Japanese chef to prepare this for me every day!
  11. I love love love wearing all black. Hey its a New Yorkers "uniform"
  12. Amethyst

    Graying rant

    SewAmazing - I can relate - I am 44 and going grey - and its coming in really fast. My husband doesn't care if I go grey and he's 50% grey himself. I decided that eventually I will "cover my grey" but not because of any pressure in today's society - its just my own personal choice. I will not, however, change my color to go lighter. I hope to cover my grey with the exact same color as my natural color, when the time comes. And yes this culture is youth obsessed. The funny thing is - everyone who is young will also eventually get old...you can't stop the aging process! Beauty is from within! viva la grey! Hey - look what it did for Taylor Hicks !! LOL he made grey hair chic again!!!
  13. Ok, I was married a second time and for starters, my opinion is whatever you want goes. Who the heck cares what others think, especially office gossip mongers. Now, for me personally, I decided that I did not want a HUGE second wedding with all the frills. I preferred to spend the $$$ on a really great vacation/honeymoon since my first one wasn't what it should have been. Plus, I had no need to register at any store since I had plenty of "still-in-good-condition" house stuff (appliances, dishes, etc.) But maybe this person you speak of, doesn't and needs new stuff. That's cool too. If the second time around bride wants to wear white & a veil and register, so be it. After all, my way of thinking is that this is the year 2006 and the 21st century. It's not the 1950's when the world was at a different mindset at the time. In today's day and age, anything goes To each his/her own is what I'm really trying to say. But you know, in an office environment, people will always have something to say.
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