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  1. Have a good time..."Think of us poor BAS*&^%$ here"
  2. Strawberry blonde...Hands down !!!!
  3. Beautiful hair...looks nice, shiny, healthy & thick.... I sorta kinda like the longer version tho.....
  4. K*O*


    Welcome to the Cult......Ebay is amazin'.... you could sell your bloomers on Ebay & they'll be someone out there to buy it.....AWESOME !! & at $400.00 for the month and a half...consider yourself lucky... you got away cheap - you may have to take on a second job!!! lol..... I'm on it all the time.... Don't ask !
  5. cute video...what are they saying??? Can you make it out????
  6. Mally's great, & so is that eyelash curler.... its awesome, & doesn't break the lashes nor crimp them either - it is so KOOL
  7. I love the Estee Lauder (MagnaScopic) mascara.... (I keep going back to it) It lasts a long time without drying out - and it doesn't smear, nor run........I've tried that Max Factor lash perfection....(no comparison)...Estee Lauder hands down... Max mascara is very drying...and it doesn't last long in the tube either it dries out so fast....- its a waste of money (my personal opinion)
  8. Have a great time in my home land......Gosh, you look like a young Whitney Houston... you don't need any help or advice....you're fine girl.....!!!
  9. Personally, by the age of 5 or 6 - they can do it by themselves by then...you can wait outside the door for them to come out when they're done... & if its an emergency...let em' whip it out & piss on the tree....lol......You'll be fine...we've all done this w/our kids
  10. Mally's great....she's got the best eyelash curler I've seen...hands down ! Fantastic!
  11. Good point Janelle.....From reading the posts...seems to me...we're getting the guys to doll up like women.... You should get your brother to be the poster "queen" He'll go for it...he's got gutz, & don't give a shit....lol Turn him into the Calendar Chic of the Month!!!.....lol
  12. Hello Melissa....Janelle just emailed me (Im HER Mom, by the way..) she told me about the babies....OMG....I've had litters throughout the years but with Scotties !! Awh...they're so beautiful - wish you and Ms.Precious all the Best Wishes & Congrats.... Keep an eye on the runt....Mums do tend to push the weak aside....One of our Scottie pups was born with a clef pallette, which meant the pup would try to nurse, but all the milk she would try to swallow down - 3/4 of it would come up (either out thru her nose or she would just throw it up) She wasn't getting proper all the nutrients or anything else ( Seem like the poor thing was starving) ..Mom started to push her aside.... I even tried feeding her with an eye dropper a few times during the night...In the long run...had to wind up putting the pup down....it killed us....all of us.....but, she truly was a fighter...seems the runt or the tiniest...fights the hardest!! We had a litter of 6 - which is a lot for a little Scottie, but they were all beautiful...I kept a male from one litter, then a female from the next., then another male from the next litter.... At one time...We've had 6 scotties in the house....and it was awesome... Now, over the years, they all are now in a better place (HEAVEN) - We don't have any more dogs.., but now have 4 cats....(go figure) I just wanted to pop in here , say Hello - and wish you & your family the BEST - its a lot of work (trust me)...... after Momma Dog stops feeding them, & its up to you guys to give the pups their meal 2-3 x's a day....now that's where the fun begins!!! GOOD LUCK... & LOVE EACH & EVERYONE OF THEM ... Thanks for letting me say what I had to say.....Good luck, Babe......They're beautiful....
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