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    Hmmm, it seems as if I acquire a bunch of interests along the way, but I enjoy skiing, camping, hiking, 4 wheeling with my husband and kids, listening to music, reading, shopping ( when I don't HAVE to do it) and watching my kids with their extra-curricular activities.
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    Mom and student~ again...
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    all of the Stila eyeshadows :)
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    I have a 2002 Ford Expedition. Its a gas guzzler, I know but it makes me feel invincible on the road
  • My Favorite Movies
    LOTR trilogy, Harry Potter, Troy, Braveheart, The Notebook, Final Destination, The Passion
  • Favorite Music
    I love tons of music and listen to a wide variety depending upon my mood.
  • Favorite Books
    I love reading and I have a serious habit at Barnes and Noble. The person who decided to put a Starbucks connected to Barnes and Noble was so clever.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    I like Milani, MAC, Lorac, Stila, and Urban Decay. Anything that works!!
  1. lovesboxers

    Best Makeup Quality at a cheap Rate ??!!!

    Prestige eyeshadows are pretty decent and found at the drugstore. My favorite brown is there called iced tea. A really good green called wasabi I think.
  2. lovesboxers

    Home Schooling

    I think it has been inactive for quite awhile, however I am homeschooling my 8th grader right now....too many problems this year at school....and it has been going great!! She has been an honor student and has had no problems with switching to homeschooling (actually about 5-6 people she went to school with has switched to homeschool this year). We plan on her going to high school. There is alot there she should experience I think. However, if things were not going well, she can do independent study. Where we are located in CA there is homeschool academy for k-8 and independent study 9-12 that is actually part of the school district. She is the most social child EVER and we just keep her busy. She does a dance class offered by the homeschool and she is involved in soccer and church and loves to hang out with friends. This being said let me say I homeschooled my son for a couple of months about 5 years ago.......miserable. He was not a self-motivator and easily distracted which meant I had to pretty much sit at the table with him for 6 hours a day. As soon as I got up he stopped So each child is different.
  3. lovesboxers

    Converting antiques into modern!

    In my opinion, I agree with Karren. If you are determined to update then I think all you can do is paint them. However, antique lines are nothing like modern lines.
  4. I just saw "It's complicated" and it was very good.
  5. lovesboxers

    Bath and Body Works

    love the sea island cotton and twilight woods, however that one is more of a fall scent.
  6. lovesboxers

    Le Sigh... ♥

    love him...and he is very hot!
  7. lovesboxers

    The T.V show Breaking Bad , seen it?

    Love this show....and it is actually funny Karren. The humor is a bit dry though.
  8. lovesboxers

    Kim Kardashian Goth: Yay or Nay

    Regardless I think she is beautiful
  9. lovesboxers

    My dog just got skunked

    I feel for you, I jogged by a fresh kill skunk yesterday.....my nose was deadened to the odor of 3 mini fires burning in the field nearby. Good luck!
  10. lovesboxers

    What is your favorite junk food?

    Originally Posted by StinkyMonkey Do you like to eat junk food? what do you like? How often do you eat junk food? How does it make you feel? Physically and mentally Is there something better you might suggest? Yes. I do indulge in junkfood at least once a month...PMS? I feel fantastic when I'm chowing down, but I usually feel greasy, bloated and really crappy after I'm done. My junk food sins consist of Hot Cheetos with lime, chocolate cookie dough, chocolate cherry malts, dorritos and chocolate milk, Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey, and Tommy's Chili Cheese burgers and Jack and the Boxes 2 tacos for 99cents. Wow. I feel bloated just typing all that. I am so glad Tommy's is not in NorCal, whenever I go down south, I always must have Tommy's chili cheese fries! They are the BEST!!
  11. lovesboxers

    The economy

    I sure felt it. I am a married mother of three and full time student. I was working 15 hours a week at Linens and Things. In August my husband lost his job and didn't find another one till end of October. My employer went out of business in December. We are cutting back everywhere we can.
  12. lovesboxers

    What do you use to remove eye makeup?

    I have used for years Mary Kay and it is great--expensive though. I just bought the neutrogena oil free today and I really like it, it is very siimiliar to Mary Kay but is only 4.50 instead of 14.00!
  13. lovesboxers

    Hiding Christmas presents too good!

    Im still looking for the lipgloss duo I got my daughter from Bath and Body Works. LOL I guess she will have a special treat when I finally find it!
  14. lovesboxers

    Finally Got Twilight

    You will, I have read the first two and I am now reading Eclipse. I can't wait to go see the movie on Thanksgiving
  15. lovesboxers

    Grocery bills

    family of five here and spend about $600.00 a month. sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. My three kids range from 13-10.
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