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  1. It's ironic....I just received my Meow, Lumiere and Aubrey Nicole samples all in the same week. The Aubrey Nicole was nice, but didn't give my much coverage. I LOVED Lumiere in in Light/Medium Golden. Perfect color match, perfect coverage...but strangely enough I did end up with 2 cystic pimples after using it for a few days. Hmmmm. I didn't connect the two at the time until after reading this thread. Oh, well. I ended up ordering a full size. Finally, it was more difficult to find a good color match with the Meow. I ordered both Pampered Puss and Flawless Feline samples. PP did not have enough coverage for me. I had to cover those 2 big pimples that apparently the Lumiere gave me! Flawless Feline had good coverage, and both the Frisky Siamese and the Frisky Occicat worked ok on me. But I missed that glowy, healthy look that Lumiere gave me. My face looked flat, dull, ugh. In the end, I turned back to my old Illuminare liquid MMU. I still have not found my HG MMU yet. However, since I ordered the full-size Lumiere in Light/Med Golden, I guess I'll alternate and cross my fingers I don't break out. What a journey!
  2. Hi Ollie, Welcome to MUT!! You'll love this site. Lately, I've been too busy to post much, but I always check in daily to see what's going on. Btw, my mom was born in Jarkarta (my dad was born in Makassar). I'd love to see Indonesia some day! Nicole
  3. Ahoy Poppets! Me Pirate name be: Captain Nicole Crazy-planks, the vilest pirate that can play the harmonica this side of the South Seas. Savvy?
  4. oh, er.....aaaauurrgh... Me ship's name is: The Lust of the Demon. perfect.
  5. Wow..it's been about 9 months since I've posted here! I lurk around once in awhile though (soo busy with work and kids). Anyhow, because of all of your raves about MMU, I decided to try it again. I've been wearing Prescriptives Virtual Matte recently, and it makes my skin itch. in the past I've tried: BE (too shiny, broke me out, clogged pores) Jane Iredale (same as BE, must be the Bismuth) J. Lynne (couldn't find a color match, made me look grey) Loreal (ugh) Illuminare Liquid MMU (still like and use, but is a little pastey) Recently ordered samples from (so excited!!) Meow Lumiere Aubrey Nicole I can't wait to get my samples. I was so turned off by the bismuth and shine...I hope one of these MMU turn out to be my HG!
  6. Omigosh...I am really, really touched by all your well wishes!!! Thank you, thank you so much!! I miss you guys!! I haven't had a chance to chat in the forums lately...a lot has been going on with me. You guys probably heard that I was pregnant earlier this year, and unfortunately, I lost the baby at almost 4 months. I was very sad, and just kind of needed to take break from chit-chatting online. Anyway, I also started working again, so I am short on free time now, too. I miss MUT!! So, today I turn 38...wow. I am just chillin' and enjoying my family. I appreciate my children more than ever. They are the best gifts I've ever received. Thank you for adding some extra sweetness to my day...you girls are so beautiful. (((((((HUGS)))))))))
  7. Hi ladies, First of all, I want to thank everyone for their kind words. It gave me a lot of comfort. Since last Friday, I've had a very trying, challenging, sad week. I found out last Friday that my baby's heart stopped beating, I was about 10 weeks preggy. My doctor asked me to return on Monday with my husband to confirm everything and discuss what to do. I was just devastated and depressed all weekend. I was just trying to accept the fact that the baby didn't make it. The hardest part was that my angel baby was still inside of me, and I was still experiencing morning sickness. I never had any spotting or bleeding. No sign that anything was wrong. Monday came, and we went to the final ultrasound and to discuss the D&C. Unfortunately, I was not able to schedule the D&C until Thursday (yesterday), so I spent the whole week still trying to cope and take care of my kids. Thank goodness for my kids. Not only do I appreciate them even more, and the wonderful pregnancies I experienced with them, but they really kept me going forward. I had my D&C yesterday. I was very nervous and sad, but almost thankful that I would be able to have some closure. I felt I had been in limbo for a week. It did give me time to say goodbye to my angel baby. Taking a shower was hard because my belly was just starting to "pook" out, and I would rub my belly and pray and cry. Anyway, I was so nervous about the D&C. I don't like being put "under," I just kept praying that I would see my children's faces again. The surgery went fine, and when I woke up I just cried and cried for about 45 minutes. I was crying for my loss, for never being able to meet my sweet little child, and crying because I was so thankful for my life and for the two beautiful children I do have. I had dreamt of them during my surgery. I know it'll be some time before I will get back to "normal" physically and emotionally. Luckily, I have a very loving, supportive husband, thoughtful friends, and amazing parents. Oh, and my kids are taking care of me, too. I realize I will be grieving for awhile. I am not going to make any decisions regarding whether or not we'll try again yet. I'm going to just focus on healing right now. I also want to mention how much it meant to me to hear about the experiences others have gone through. I am so sorry for your losses, too. You are all so strong and have so much courage. Women have to bear so much sometimes. I have friends and family who have had miscarriages, and while I always felt sad for them and sympathy for them, I never truly understood their pain until now. Thank you again for all of your support and friendship, my dear MUT friends....
  8. I am just heartbroken. I found out last Friday at my monthly checkup that the baby's heart stopped beating. I lost my baby. The appointment was just routine, and the doctor was trying to hear the baby's heartbeat on the monitor. At first she said it should be easy to hear because I haven't gained any weight. Well, all we could hear was my stomach growling and dead silence. I started to worry. I remember with my other 2 pregnancies how easily we heard my children's heartbeats, and how loud and strong they were. My doctor said we would try and hear/see the heartbeat via ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that the baby was not moving and there was no sign of a heartbeat. My heart dropped to my stomach and I was in shock for the rest of the afternoon. I didn't cry until I called my husband to tell him. My doctor asked me to come back today to double-check again with another ultrasound. This time my husband came along. Again, the ultrasound confirmed that my little baby had become an angel. I had what is called a "missed miscarriage" because the baby passed but my body is still holding on to it. I didn't have any spotting or bleeding, cramping or anything. The baby is still inside me. That is also very hard for me to deal with. This pregnancy was also very difficult for me because I was sick 24/7. I have a "D&C" scheduled for this Thursday. I am walking around in limbo trying to wrap my mind around this. I am also very nervous about the D&C. This experience has made me appreciate my beautiful son and daughter even more. I feel so blessed to have them. So lucky to have had 2 "uneventful" pregnancies. God bless my little angel...
  9. We'll be thinking of you!! Can't wait to see pics of your new arrival!
  10. Neat....thanks for sharing the link! I have a feeling I'll need a maternity bathing suit for this summer!! So sexy!
  11. Thanks for sharing your pics! I love the one of your son kissing your belly...too sweet. You and Reija are all belly!! Good luck on your ceasarean...so exciting! Hope you're feeling ok...I know how hard the last few days can be. Please keep us posted and when you're feeling up to it, we'd love to see pics of your new little one.
  12. Reija!! You look soooo gorgeous and glowy!! Btw, I love that top...where'd you get it?
  13. Hi Girls, hope you made it through your Monday ok. Breathless/Cassondra - EDD August 18th Jennycateyez/Jennifer- EDD October 14th Reija- EDD July 4th VenusGoddess - EDD December 8th Pepperpops/Sara - having a C section in 3 days, April 27th? Nicolet/Nicole - me! EDD November 23rd Reija - July 4th!! What a great due date..spectacular even! Btw, my bday is on July 5th. It's always a busy, festive time. I'm glad you enjoyed your baby shower...aren't little baby girl clothes the most precious things in the world? Sounds like your officially nesting... Jenny - You're so sweet! Thanks for the nice compliment you gave my kids (I think they're pretty darn cute, myself) . VenusGoddess - Bella Band sounds awesome. I'm definitely going to go out and get me one! I'm not quite needing it yet. Somehow, I am still fitting into all my clothes, I just look a little ripe. Like I've had one too many beers. Luckily, I saved a lot of my maternity clothes, although some of them are not quite in style anymore! They have such cute clothes now. I think I might just head to Target or Old Navy and get a few basics. One thing I'm not looking forward to is a maternity bathing suit...ow, baby. :eusa_whistle:
  14. I'm currently loving... Clinique's Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream (has made a difference in the fine lines around my eyes) Clinique's All About Eyes Concealer (perks me right up!) MAC Folie e/s Mac Sumptuous Olive e/s Clinique's Glosswear For Lips in Whisper (great by itself or over my other lippies) Neutrogena's Visibly Even Moisturizer Serious Skin Care's Glycolic 3 Mask (this has helped my skin tremendously) I think that's it for now! :inlove:

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