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  1. My husband has the day off so I'm really excited to spend the day with him.After we drop off our children to school we are headed to the city to have breakfast in this amazing place in the city(NYC) and then we are going to the museum of sex,lol we wanted to do something different and fun:) We will go home after that and spend some time with our children after school,we are going to bake some valentine lovecupcakes:)Then later on my hubby and i will come back to the city for dinner. I'm really excited to spend time with him alone during the day because we are normally so busy with the kids and our busy schedules. Hope everyone has a great one <3
  2. My children who are in school,they are 8 and 9.They go to sleep at 8pm during school nights.fri and sat they can do 8;30 . Summer -They can stay up to nine but on weeknds,week days 830 pm.
  3. Target in my area carries elf and I decided to try a few things to see what the hype was about.Sorry to find out the makeup is crap,they only thing that i didn't totally regret are their brushes but even those are crappy quality. I did like the contouring powder in their duo blush and contouring kit but It has mineral oil in it and most of their makeup I believe does,I don't want that crap on my face. I do enjoy Sonia kashuk's brushes,they are cheap and better quality,plus they carry it in target so it's accessible.
  4. I say thank you and compliment them on something About themselves .If they ask what I'm wearing I tell them,I usually get asked what I'm wearing if someone likes it and I get asked are you a makeup artist if I do something with my eyeshadow that's colorful or if I'm dolled up. Its nice to hear compliments on my makeup,its my way of expressing myself,plus it helps get me jobs. I know I will compliment someone if I like their makeup ,hair,style,anything really.sometimes something as simple as their smile.You'd be surprised how much a compliment can mean to someone who is having a struggle or just yucky day.
  5. I change/wash my bedding once to twice a week,Just a personal preference of having nice clean bedding:) Those facts were so gross,ugh the pillow one about dead skin YUCK!!!LOL
  6. Yes! I loved that game:) I would go overboard on killing the buffalo,lol. We used to play that game the entire period of computer class.I was actually trying to see if there was a free version you could download online.
  7. No finger prints on mine thank gosh,that's gross.
  8. I always start with a clean face then moisturizer.after at least 15 to 20 Min's of letting my moisturizer soak in I then start on my eyes-eye primer shadow so forth,I then use a face primer and then I apply my foundation,contouring or bronzer,blush.Ending with setting my makeup:)
  9. I was lucky enough to get three of the Naked palette's when they first came out,One for my mom and an extra for myself.I think it was so worth it ! I love all the colors in it and the bourbon Eyeliner. I use it almost every day and there are so many diff smokey eye looks I've done with it.Pure Love and def a most have to any makeup lovers collection.Now that being said,I think UD Sucks arse for all this nonsense of having the palette and then not having it and now adding the brush and charging more,HA Marketing schemes! I didn't want to buy an extra one in the beginning and actually my hubby told me to do it just in case they sold out,I didn't think it would turn into the madness it did! Like that alice in wonderland palette and then they had the nerve to say oh alice is back but you have to buy this package with full size products that nobody wanted to buy,it was like 200 dollars.I hate when companies pull crap like that!
  10. I have on and been really loving MAC's Pink Friday lipstick with Mac dervish lipliner and revlon's colorburst lipgloss in crystal lilac:)
  11. Hi all:) I choose not to have my daughters ears pierced when they were babies.I have a 8 and 3 yr old daughters and I personally felt that it was barbaric to pierce a baby for the sake of someone thinking they were boys or just for vanity.I had family and some friends trying to nag me into doing it but I felt that I would give my daughters the choice if they wanted to get their ears pierced at an age that we felt was appropriate for them as individuals.My 8 yr old had said that she was ready to get her ears pierced and we talked to her about what would happen and how she would have to take care of her ears and clean them and so forth. This past Xmas she finally got them done as a gift from her dad and I'm soo glad we decided to do it this way. We all went together as a fam and it was very emotional for us as parents because this was her first big steps as a big girl,lol:) My daughter was happy she was able to make this decision and she has been doing a great job at being responsible and caring for her ears:) For our family this worked great and we are happy with our choice.As far as anyone thinking my girls were boys,lol i had them in pink all the time! Hope everyone's answers helped and good luck!
  12. I just bought two of the ud naked palettes because they were so hard to find them and they are selling out everywhere!! I loooove this palette,they are so many looks you can do and the new eyeliner whisky that comes attached to zero,is a beautiful warm brown color. Other than this,im trying~key word trying not to buy anything too pricey so i can save up for the holiday collections
  13. Hey guys Right now im using makeup forever HD foundation 123,which i love love love Macc studio fix in nc30. I also use mark face xpert foundation in nude, which i love for a everyday,running errands look. In the summer I use Mac studio fix in nc35 I also use Mark face xpert foundation in natural I use Mac fix + spray or smashbox hd primer nars primer for concealer im using smashbox hd concealer in fair/light- right now/ winter Ireally like it. for a finishing powder im using makeup forever HD Powder-its aaaammmmaaaazing!its not drying,can be used on all skin shades and types and it has mineral silica powder in it which plumps lines and dosent settle in them,i use this all year round
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