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    <p>Florida State University grad, live in Lakeland, Florida, I live with my husband Jim, and our dog Rusty and cat Cassie</p>
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    reading, writing, too much time on the internet, movies, my pets, tv, NASCAR, shopping
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    Acura TSX
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    Garden State; Office Space; Donnie Darko; Blue Collar Comedy Tour movies, a bunch more
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    country, Christian, alternative, some adult contemporary, a few pop songs, Southern rock
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    Basketball Diaries, The Bell Jar, Prozac Nation, Shutter Island
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    Stila, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Revlon, Milani, Loreal, MAC
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    I never learned to ride a bike
  1. I gave this to my mom at Christmas, I think she really liked it, it suits her b/c she has darker hair and skin than I do
  2. I will have to try some of these. I have really dark circles no matter what I do. I use Coverblend by Exuviance concealer and Covergirl Outlast foundation. It is hard to cover under my eyes. I am really fair so it is hard to find a balance between looking good or looking too fake or dark.
  3. I use Coverblend by Exuviance. I have really dark circles and it is one of the few that matches my pale skintone. I get it at Ulta, it is hard to find anywhere else, except online. Amazing Concealer is good too, I used to use it when they had a white one and I had to mix the lightest shade with the white in order to match my skin.
  4. I saw that too, it was so sweet when Ellen gave her the vanity to do her makeup with.
  5. It's only really tiny knives allowed, like the ones on the smallest swiss army knife. From TSA: The blade must be smaller than 2.36 inches. The blade must have a width thinner than ½ inch. The knife cannot have a locking mechanism or fixed blade. The knife cannot have a molded grip.
  6. Aquafor as others have said. I use it at night before bed.
  7. I find a way to use it or it gets left in the bottom of the drawer. I did recently give an eyeliner to my mom, I thought it was gray but it was black. I am too fair to wear it, but she is darker than me.
  8. I watched the first Bachelor many years ago, and watched one season since until Bachelor Brad (when Emily was a contestant). I watched it b/c I am familiar with who she is, I knew who her late fiance' was (not personally, but I am a NASCAR fan and his dad owns my favorite team). I watched that season of Bachelor in private, but my husband walked in to use my exercise bike. He watched an episode, and now watches every season, lol. He discusses the contestants with me all the time. It is the only tv show he watches, besides sports, which is weird to me but hilarious. He roots for his favorite contestants to get a rose, ha.
  9. I am watching. She has a lot of weirdos this season. So far, I like Chris, Arie, and Sean. I am sure one of them will end up unfavorable later, as the show always does. I really dont like Kalon and Ryan, they creep me out. I DVR'd last night, so I dont know if they are still on. My husband and I always watch Bachelor/Bachelorette on weekends. They are his favorite shows, I got him into it, lol.

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