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    I'm a city grrl living in a cold warehouse in the industrial side of town. I work as an artist. I have a fantastic part-time office job in San Francisco and I'm self-employed as a video editor. I do many types of art including photography, metal sculpture, painting and drawing. I love to cook allergy-free and vegan food.
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    art, reading, allergy-free cooking, motorcycles, dogs, film noir, exercise, health, spirituality
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    doing as little as possible!
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    Suzuki motorcycle!
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    love my cookbooks!
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    Kryolan, Mary Kay, Urban Decay, Milani, Queen Helene, Avalon Organics, Kiss My Face, Origins
  1. Does Physician's formula have a good selection of foundation colors for olive skin tones? Are there any other sensitive skin/hypoallergenic brands that are good for olive skin tones?
  2. I just ordered a tube of this because it's on sale at the Besame site. I hope they bring it back when they reformulate their line!
  3. Ok I applied them wet, and I noticed that it is specifically the pieces of glitter that don't stick and fall under my eyes. I never have any luck with glitter.
  4. I'm really loving the colors of my Meow Cosmetics eyeshadows, but they don't stick to my eyelids! They don't just fade, but they actually fall under my eyes making me look like a raccoon. I've been using a cream eyeshadow as a base, and my other brands of eyeshadow don't fall down on my undereye area like Meow does. What do I do??
  5. Can anyone tell what shades of blush and lipstick she's wearing in this picture from the website?
  6. yeah, I couldn't believe it either because the HIP pigments get such great reviews. I put it on, sat and kintted and then went for dinner with a friend and it was already worn off.
  7. I bought Loreal Intrepid and even though it looks the same as MAC Blue Brown it sure is lower quality! It wore off after 3 hours!!! I couldn't believe it. Two Faced Label Whore isn't that much cheaper, so I'm just going to buy the MAC pigment. I guess you really do get what you pay for.
  8. pigment, pressed powder, mineral makeup, I'll take any type of eyeshadow dupe that is out there!
  9. Has anyone ever found a dupe for MAC Blue Brown pigment? I've been mixing my blue eyeshadows with my browns, but I'm about ready to break down and just buy a bottle of the pigment. I would prefer a dupe from a less expensive brand, butI haven't been able to find any myself.
  10. I tried it with Meow mineral foundation, NO GOOD!! Shortly after applying the mineral foundation I noticed spots of dry flaky skin. I don't normally have dry skin, but something about the combination of Meow minerals and Anti-chafing Gel really emphasized little dry flaky spots.
  11. I can't even get my makeup out of my purse while driving!!!
  12. I have oily skin, acne-prone and tend to be sensitive to some ingredients. The anti-chafing gel works wonders for me! It felt so smooth going on, it filled in my pores, and got rid of the appearance of oilyiness. My skin looked so flawless. I think I can probably use a lighter weight foundation with this stuff. I haven't tried it with mineral makeup yet, but I do agree with the other women that it feels like the makeup is floating above the skin rather than sinking in.
  13. I recently tried some mineral makeup from etsy and it was about the same amount of coverage I get from my Mary Kay loose powder and less coverage than my Origins pressed powder. I'm looking at Meow mineral makeup now. I think I'm going to pick up some samples to see how much coverage I get from that brand.
  14. I always use a lip and eye primer, but I don't usually use a primer on the rest of my face.

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