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  1. Quote: ive been constantly hungry even right after i eat..i guess its cause ive been on a diet for a while and ive done pretty good...but im ruining it =) !!!! That's me too, i do believe in treats and not denying myself...only i kinda go overboard when it treat, like a slice of cake becomes three. Ugh! Gotta go to the gym. Just finished Spin class tonight so i felt like i worked a bit off what i've overdone this week.
  2. yeah! great tips! thanks, I'll def be using some of these tips.
  3. I want to get my eyes fixed in september. not long away and i still haven't research. Hate wearing contacts but vanity prevails. But I'm determined to go to the best because I'm just scared of what might happen... I'm almost blind without my contacts. Sorry, forgot to post...I have astigmatism (I see shadows of everything) too, does that effect the procedure?
  4. I take Flaxseed oil, not the best tasting thing tho...
  5. Hi gals, Ok, so I've been healthy and excercising the past three weeks and seeing great results. But i got my rags last night and today i just went crazy with food. I can resisd it and go actively hunting for it any chance I have! It happens every month! any tips on how to curb that insane monthly craving? Does anybody else have the same problem as i do? Djbelle
  6. I've tried it too, it feels all tingly at the start but no real 'pout', colours ok, don't remember which ones i tried though.
  7. Hi gals! I finally bought it - But I found out that Australia no longer stock Clean and Clear Blotting Paper (what a shame! ). But I bought Bloom Blotting Paper, don't know if you know the brand, but its aussie brand. The paper is pink and smells like lavender. cheap too! $5 only. It not powdery at all and cute little packaging Thanks again! Djbelle
  8. Originally Posted by vanilla_sky i bought japanese shiseido blotting papers on ebay and i am a bit dissapointed. they absorb oil but not as much as clean and clear. the shiseido ones are regular thin pieces of paper i guess i was expecting too much... after using clean and clear my standards are way to high Thank you everyone! I'll go out and see if I can find the Clean & Clear blotting paper. Don't know if they still stock it in Australia, haven't seen it in my department stores in a while. I was going to get the Shiseido's ones, but after your reviews. I 've changed my mind! Cheers, Djbelle
  9. djbelle

    Dark Spots

    Hi Sleek! I'll share some of my experiences with you... I've got fair skin, not pimple prone at all and I 'really' look after skin, so my only vice are my 'age spots' or 'sun spots'. All in all, i've tried so many over-the-counter creams (mostly containing some sort of peeling agent, e.g. Salicylic Acid and Hydroquinone). None of the, really worked to 'fade' any of my spots. So! i got fed up with spending all that money for nothing and finally consulted a dermatologist. she explained to me that there is no real way to 'bleach' existing spots (which is increased amount of melanin on the skin), the only way is to: 1. refresh the skin 2. stop future melanin from forming. So, she first prescribed me Retreive (in America its called Renova, I think. It's also known as Tretinoin (or Vitamin A)). it is prescription only and it must be used with caution. I only use a pea size amount on my spots every night and wash it off the next day. you will PEEL where ever you've apllied it. but instead of trying to scrub off the flaky skin, try using Sorbelene during the day. (Its soo cheap!) Its simple moisturiser instead of the expensive ones loaded with other chemicals that might interfere with my self-induced sensitive skin (make sure its un-perfumed). - Again from experience, my baby brother suffered from severe Eczema, and after all the creams and potions (not to mention $$$$), we went back to the basics - Sorbelene and simple forms of cortizone. Also. sunscreen is essential as you will be easily burned (doesn't matter what colour skin you have). Basically this is the first step in 're-surfacing' the skin. it basically accelerate the natural skin resurfacing process. After a month, I'm suppose to stop and get another cream. The new cream contains a higher solution of hydroquinone (which inhibits new melanin formation - step 2) and other ingredients. My dermo made up the solution herself, so it has to be made by a compound chemist, i.e. from the scratch, freshly packed in a tube. Hydroquinone over 2% concentration must be prescription only (by law in australia). Mine has 5%. The Most Important - RESULT??? Well, this is my last week of 'retreive' and i've already seen fading on my more pronounced spots. So i'll get back to you on the hydroquinine solution. Plus since Retreive acts as a 'slow' peel, so I have pretty amazing skin at the moment. I'm not a fan of harsh chemical peel (not to mention the downtime) i don't think i can handle seeing my skin all red and blotchy (I can be quite vain...He he). Plus, stripping a few layer off my skin won't stop the spots forming again after a couple months. so personally this is the method for me. I know everything i've described above needs prescription, so see a dermo, it may be expensive for a 20 minute visit and talk. but i would have ended up spending the same amount on 'new' and 'innovative' creams anyways. the cream wasn't that expensive. Retrieve was AUS$34. which is what i would pay for a decent moisturiser. WORD OF CAUTION!!! Research have told me that Retrieve (Derivative of Vitamin A) or any Vitamin A product should not be used prior to, or during pregnancy as it has been associated with deformity of the child. More info??? Retrieve is commonly prescribed to acne sufferers, again to promote skin resurfacing. so its often looks bad on acne before it'll look good. Whew that was looong, Hope it helps! and good luck! Djbelle
  10. Hi Everyone! This is my first post and its a cry for help! (OK, I'm being dramatic...) I'm after a good blotting paper, I've been using the Body Shop one, but i don't really like it, its too powdery (plus it comes in yellow or pink, what choices! ). Can you suggest a good brand? and colour? I've seen *blue* ones somewhere. I like the idea of blotting paper because it just seems a lot more hygenic (than compacts), they're small so I can carry them everywhere and when i'm done, just throw it away. Just a little about me...I'm 22 yo, Asian with kinda pale skin. I'd like to tan but i'm trying to get rid of my freckles and my dermatologist told me to stay out of the sun, which is hard in sunny sydney, australia - its winter and sunny everyday. I've got combination skin (whatever that is) and definitely not an expert in MU. So if you can help me out it would be great! Thanks! Djbelle

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