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  1. Right! I have a pink sweatshirt set I bought and had since 2005 and I love it, still is holding up despite all the washes and dryer cycles. But that recent purchase I had, if I saw those dresses in store it would have not purchased them. I still have a couple of dresses I kept still intact but maybe because I hardly wear them.
  2. I'm reading over my post today and I'm like whoa that was a rant in a half lol. I am glad some of you ladies agree...all 3 of you lol. I am not sure if it is age, I know it gets better, the ladies at my work who are much older than me start the majority of drama. But besides work, I encounter this everywhere...I sense this weird vibe from women, like they are intimitated or something and just are plain rude. Competition is a great word for this I guess, but I never feel like I'm the one competing...I don't think its only me tho, I observe this everywhere and notice this with other women. This doesn't happen all the time, but a lot of the time. Anyhoo...on a side note, I remember when I first got hired for my job, I went to this huge employee meeting and there was this girl who was sitting straight across from me. By the look on her face, I could totally see she just did not like me, I barely said a word to her...but the funny part was, my desk ended up being near her's and we ended up becoming really good friends. Anyways, I am still going to be the nice girl that I am-regardless what everyone else seems to think.
  3. This is to the FEMALE RACE: I am so sick and tired of this girl vs girl nonsense. We as women, should be a unified group of individuals who care for one another instead of the exact opposite. Call it whatever you want, but worldwide this is SO THE OPPOSITE. Maybe its just me? No. I see this DAILY between girls of all ages. What exactly am I talking about here? Well for starters the whole rolling your eyes at every female who enters your presence or merely walks by is truly rude. What did I do to you? Why are you rolling your eyes at me? I didn't do anything but just walk by, stand in line behind you waiting for my starbucks. This happens quite often acctually, a group of girls or maybe even one who just automatically hates on a girl who doesn't know her and hasn't done anything to her. I see this everywhere, at the club, at a bar, at the drugstore, the movies, the mall and the most current one...my place of employment! First of all, ladies if you are the one applying for the job, don't be mean to the receptionist or to any of the women associated with hiring you. LIKE HELLO are you stupid? Ok this post is really not about my drama at work but I am compelled to write this whole thing because of this incident exactly. Yep its the tip of the iceberg and now I just exploded. What ever happened to Girl Power? Apparently it stayed in the 90's. Because I don't see it, I don't see the comraderie, the friendship, or even being plain civilized. What is so wrong about being polite to a girl? To a stranger who's a girl?? The one word that I can truly come up with is Jealousy. No I'm not the one saying that people are jealous of me, they sure shouldn't be, but generally speaking is that what this is all about? Seriously, we women need to grow the F up. Just because some girl comes in all cute and whatever doesn't mean you need to hate. What seriously is the point of that? You know what I do? I give them a compliment, " I like your boots" or "I like your earrings" whatever...I just am not the kind of girl to HATE you because I WISH I WAS YOU. NO. I think your cute, and I will give you that respect. I truly hope you return it. But it doesn't go that way does it? Girl walks in by herself, group of girls can wait to cut her up, dissecting each and every part of her only to bad mouth her, call her names and basically belittle her. WHY?? What is it about this girl that just really pisses you off? Now, I can see if you truly had an enemy, she stole your boyfriend, killed your dog, crashed your car, blah blah blah. But a perfect stranger, is just that...a stranger. Someone who doesn't know you and in fact, the group of girls who are hating on her, is really making a bad impression on them. It doesn't have to be a group, I see hating being individual as well as a group effort. I swear there needs to be a chain e-mail or something about this, girls need to be aware. Treat other women like you would treat your mom, sister, grandma etc. Be polite and just don't say anything mean or rude. Trust me, the girl who walks into the room wants nothing but to be accepted and liked. Just sayin......... I feel better now
  4. See their bras don't bother me, I still have some that has lasted me for 2 years. Its their clothes, if you look at the tags on the clothes, their from different vendors and do not have the "victoria secret" label on them. I believe all the bras have their signature label. Did I also mention the hideous colors they have? I should have known better than to buy something in "spa blue" this blue is like highlighter sky blue, not good with my skin tone. I recieved another one of my "back ordered" dresses yesterday. The picture does look a lot different, and is very deceiving. Instead of this lace material like it looks like in the photo, its actually a polkadot print...the material is rough and kinda plasticy. Arrghhh.
  5. Glad I'm not the only one! My bf's gonna kill me when he finds out that i want to return it all...I basically nagged him for days to put it on his card so I'd pay him back. And I still have to wait like a month for the other dresses because their on back order and won't ship til later...I'll never do this again!!
  6. Really dissapointed, got my Victoria Secret shipment today and was really suprised how poorly their clothes are made. I tried everything on, but the material and the stitching, its all crap!! I mean, $50 for a dress yeah originally $80 but you would think it would be a quality item. Nope. The material is sheer, stretchy and looks like it could ball up after a wash or two. Anybody else with me? Have you bought good stuff online from VS? I like their bras and panties but dang, this really sucks. I spent over $200...
  7. I go through the exact same thing all the time! So you are not alone. I feel the same way you do. I am definately not where I want to be right now. I remember thinking 5 years ago about where I would be in 5 years, so many grand dreams so many cool things i wanted to do. Although I don't have kids either (ALL my friends do now) and I have a really crappy job (drama that will bring you to tears) I am still in out and hopeful. But I do not feel shallow or superficial. I have a list packed with TONS of things I would love to buy, clothes, makeup, jewelery. And yes a lot of the time thinking about not having it, makes me really unhappy. Or how my 12 year old cousin got to travel to England, and here I am twice her age and don't even have a passport. I hear ya. I don't think wanting to travel, having nice things, a good job is superficial or shallow. Everyone wants a good life and even though your problems are not as huge or as significant as others, you still have problems and they are important to you. We all have problems but different kinds. So yeah I might not have screaming babies driving me crazy, but I have debt up to my eyelashes and a job I absolutley despise. Not a day goes by where I feel like walking out of the office with my middle finger displayed. I feel miserable living with no money, living in a stupid town, etc. etc. BUT. Instead of wallowing in the pit of despair, which oftentimes I do, it really gets you nowhere. I have been trying really hard to be more positive and start making small changes to better my life, like trying to find a new job and saving money. I really think that we have more control of our lives than we think, and its all a matter of action. Once you start doing things, it kinda starts this flow that can't be stopped, you just need to keep the momentum going. If you want to travel, start saving money, find a bunch of friends who might split the cost of rooms etc. If you want to buy more things, try finding something that can make you a little extra money on the side. There are a lot of options out there to get a better life, it isn't always easy but stick with it and try. I know this is probably not the advice you want to hear, but I feel the same way all the time and I really just want to focus changing rather than dwelling on the things I don't have and the life I don't have. Hope this helps you in someway.
  8. I researched about corsets for waist training, I want to slim my waist down to maybe 26". I'm hesistant because I heard it can move your organs around? I dunno but I might consider if I read more positive things about it. I wouldn't want to do it for weight loss though but more to get that hourglass shape.
  9. I have a pretty decent butt and hips and thighs. Sometimes I don't like the hips and thighs part as much because to me, they could be smaller and more toned. With that said, I tried the Brazil Butt Lift by Beach body, its like a 6 week plan or something to lift and tone and get a butt. I have to say that it was really hard to keep up with because all the exercises are pretty extreme if you are a beginner. These are the same people who make p90x and I've seen my bf do that program and it is crazy. I did it for about 2 weeks and felt results but I couldn't keep up with it. I wish I would have, maybe I would be sculpted by now lol.
  10. My hair is pretty fine and thin and couldn't really hide the fact that it was in there. I thought it would have been a good product but maybe for thicker hair. And that look isn't unique anymore, lots of girls wear it like that and when I used to work and see girls like that out, all the waitresses I worked with would desribe that specific girl as "the girl with the bumpit" lol. I don't know, I have been doing that hair look since highschool but in my own way. And no not the snookie, mines a lot classier looking.
  11. I use the HAI Convertable Ceramic 1 1/4 inch Pressing Flat Iron. I have had it for a while and originally bought if off folica for like $70 I see now its a lot cheaper. I like the swivel cord, the adjustable temerpature and the plates. I like that it is small enough for styling and curling as well as flat ironing. Havent done the wet to dry thing because my hair is pin straight and I don't really need to straighten it too much. I bought this mainly for styling and curling.
  12. I have been trying to grow out my hair for a 2 years now, no matter how good I take care of my hair, eat well etc. I can never get it past bra strap length. It sucks, I think it might be because I don't get it trimmed often because I want to keep the length so I avoid doing it until every few months. I want to get the split end trimmer thing I saw online, actually its on my christmas list lol. I want to keep trying but it is really frusterating.
  13. I have really acne prone skin, and I was really hesitant because I read a lot of reviews on people who have skin like I do, and it seems like it makes the breakouts worse and causes tissue damages However, I read really great reviews on how it cleared peoples skin so...I bought one to try it out and if it did do all that, I was going to keep it anyway for the body brush one, as I bought the pro with the body attachment. I have to say I have been using it daily on my face for about a month and a half and lesser breakouts, smoother skin, and maybe smaller pores. My skin products absorb really well and overall I really like it. It definately is something I love and will continue to use. I also used the body brush last night for my pre tan and man it was awesome. My skin felt really soft and I loved how it deep cleaned my skin. I still do masks and stuff and sometimes scrubs because I like the way it feels but overall I like it for daily cleansing.
  14. Ha I love this tea! I used to drink it all the time. I think the concentrations and the potency is off though. I go to an herbalist who mixes dry herbs that are similiar to the ones in this tea and I think because of the quality and potency, the herbalist one is better. It doesn't taste as good but I see results in my skin for sure.
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