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  1. psh, i understand how you feel but let me tell you this, if a man wants to spoil you, enjoy it. as long as ur not in the relationship solely to exploit his generosity, then you are good (in my opinion, at least). And this way if he fucks up (not saying he will), you will walk away with some things..jk....
  2. The "perfect" ones are the ones you should be wary of (but not typically). My IDEAL boyfriend should possess at least 90% of these qualities: Intelligent good sense of humor understanding and accepting of other people's cultures and backgrounds (and people who are unique to him in general) HONEST faithful (we are all humans but whats the point of dating when you really want to be single?) ridiculously danke personality treats me as a queen should be treated (and I in turn will make him my king) wont let anyone disrespect me(part of him RESPECTING me). Looks are important but "handsome"ness has never brought a smile to my face or given me a hug on my worst days. So yeah, cute but insanely rugged.
  3. Marc Jacobs Basil and Celine Dion (the one with the purple cap..smells amazing!)
  4. No. I am not preoccupied with my weight. I probably weigh myself 3 times a year if that.
  5. African food (of course) and then Indian. I like my food spicy so anything else wont do. I frequent Chinese restaurants but thats out of habit.
  6. The man should have a hefty say in it because without him you wouldnt have that mistake in your belly. People tend to forget that it takes two (traditionally) to tango.
  7. Lol, how classic. When they have you, they dont value you but the minute you are gone, its like they cease to breathe. I agree with everyone else, good riddance. He disrespects your "friend" by telling you that and he definitely will do the same to her some day. Karma's a *****.
  8. Eyeliner, Mascara, and definitely lipgloss!
  9. yeah talk about milkiing a dead cow. they should have stopped @ SATC1 but i guess gredd works in funny ways. I havent seen it yet nor do I need (I might watch it on free dvd but definitely not paying MY money for this crap) to see it because it looks cheap, classless, tasteless and just wrong. Goodluck to anyone that decides to watch it.
  10. Talking to my man while @ work. not very much but it calmed me a lot.
  11. I have seen some out here in Mason, Ohio. Tempted to buy but something held me back. Wonder what
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