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  1. I agree, it's a beautiful tradition. Most things don't really make me cry, but when I've seen girls proposed to in public, with the guy down on one knee, I always tear up a little. I'm certainly not willing to give up my chance to experience that moment, and to be honest, the type of boy I want to marry would want to do the proposing.
  2. Well. To be honest, I don't remember ever using something COMPLETELY up. By the time I've used a good portion of something, I usually have found something else I like better, so it sits untouched for a unspecified period of time until I decide to throw it away. I have a bad habit of hoarding, but I'm trying to weed out the duds in my makeup bag.
  3. I just got the BE Heavenly Face Brush, and I love it! It isn't anything like the floppy and scratchy Flawless Face Brush, it's very dense and soft.
  4. NAY on all accounts. I don't even know where to start. I hate how she has the fedora situated on her head. It looks...odd. I hate the vest/men's shirt combo. It looks so sloppy. I hate skinny jeans, and I especially hate ankle boots. The wayfarers are cute, but I don't like any white-framed sunglasses, I think they look cheap and like Malibu Barbie. Oh, and the bag is hideous.
  5. I'd say MAC. The NW range is meant for pink undertones. HTH =]
  6. MAC Mineralize is great for this! It's dewy, without being too shiny, and it's easily toned down and lasts longer with loose powder buffed in on top.
  7. 1)Packaging. 2)I heard a celebrity uses it 3)I think it's going to be a "miracle" product
  8. I used to be addicted to trying tons of foundations and getting a new one all the time because my skin was breaking out like crazy. Now that my skin is more under control (no new pimples, but I do have red marks from old ones =[) and more even, I prefer using MAC Mineralize liquid, Studio Fix, or Bare Minerals (only one at any given time, though!). I find that all of these just smooth out my complexion without giving me the "cake face" look. Sure, you can see some of my marks, but I don't really let it bother me anymore.
  9. Okay, for the past two weeks, my skin has been breaking out like crazy, and I had no idea why. I hadn't changed makeup or any skincare, so I'm blaming it on the weather change. My skin was breaking out in those red boil-type zits that are under the surface and take forever to heal, along with those little bumpy ones everywhere on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. Previously, I had been using just Dove beauty bar, Cetaphil Cream, and occasionally Olay Clarity toner (2% salicylic acid). I decided to try this new line b/c the whole "MicroClear" technology interests me, even though I have a feeling it's just a marketing ploy, and it was on sale at CVS. I bought the Power Foam Wash (.5% salicylic acid) and the 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment (2% salicylic acid). There is also a scrub, but right now my skin is too dry to handle it, but maybe in the summer I will give it a whirl. Anyways, the facewash is GREAT, gets all my makeup off, and doesn't sting in my eyes. I find that lighting rubbing it for about a minute or so really helps my skin get clean, and I feel like the SA might be doing something other than going down the drain this way. The Treatment gel is OUTSTANDING. Usually, my skin only clears up with Benzoyl Peroxide, but I hate using it because it drys my skin out like crazy and bleaches my sheets. This stuff is very liquidy, and easy to spread on and rub into the skin. I can actually wear makeup over this and it doesn't ball up or cake (HELLO Clean & Clear Invisible treatment, I'm looking at you). I have been using both every day, and the gel at night, for two weeks, and my skin is SO much better. The underground cysts are all but gone, and before where I had large, painful pimples, I now have small, shrunken clogged pores that are going away quickly. I know skincare varies for everyone, but I would really reccommend trying this stuff if what you're using isn't hacking it anymore. This was a really long post, but I am just so pleased with my results! I've never thought medicated facewash or Salicylic Acid did anything for my skin, but these are great products. Maybe Neutrogena is onto something with that MicroClear business.
  10. I love that picture of her with the red lips, she looks so fresh and pretty, but a little retro in them! I think she can pull off dark red because it doesn't make her mouth look small and pinched like it can on some with lips that aren't quite as big.
  11. My perfect purple is MAC Shale, I love it because it doesn't have lots of reddish undertones, it's more of a blue/grey based purple.
  12. Welll they are LE, but MAC Beauty Powders. I have the 2 Barbie ones, and they just brighten up my face when I buff them on, esp. with a Kabuki.

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