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  1. Originally Posted by Maysie I really like fake bake. Can you buy it in stores or do you need to order it online? Is it a cream, gel, mousse?
  2. Originally Posted by Arielle123 Oh that's a shame. I guess mileage varies per person on all these things. Hope you can find something you love! Thanks!
  3. Originally Posted by Arielle123 I'm super pale and the best self tanner I've ever used is Famous Dave's self tanner. It's a weird name I know. You can only buy it online or on ebay though unfortunately. It works the best, isn't orange and gives me a nice tan that isn't crazy for my normally fair skin. I use the fair formula but they have a regular one too. I haven't found any in the stores that I like as well! Tried it, returned it, didn't do anything for me!
  4. Originally Posted by vesna I really like xen-tan. I've been using it for about a year and wouldn't switch to anything else. It has an olive undertone to it which means it can't turn you orange because there's no orange colour in it. I'm pretty pale naturally and it gives me a nice natural dark tan. Don't know where it would be available though, I always get mines online. I've used fake bake in the past though which works nicely too and is more widely available I think but I'd still say I prefer xen-tan. Ok, so I am in the US. Where can I buy this stuff?????
  5. Ok, in about a week I will be going away for the weekend and baring my legs. I need a really good self-tanner (preferably one I can buy in a store and not need to order online). Any suggestions? They seem to come out with new ones every year so I am looking to some avid users to point me in the right direction with the newest and the best. Help a poor, pale, veiny girl out!!!! Thanks everyone!
  6. Originally Posted by nursie definately! revlon is in every nook and cranny, i hope it works for you! I have been to 2 CVS's and they do not have this concealer! I see the foundation, and some concealers with some cake-type foundation in the same pot, but not just the concealer. Not sure if they ran out or if they just don't carry it.
  7. Originally Posted by nursie but i equally like revlon age defying cream concealer (the one in a little red pot, not the tube forumlas revlon has) You can get this at major drugstores? I do not think I have tried this so maybe I will give it a shot, thanks!
  8. Originally Posted by GillT I would recommend Laura Mercier's Undercover concealer. It has good coverage, the colour is good for neutralising dark circles and the formula is very hydrating. Apply with a small fluffy brush for best application (MAC 224 is actually really good for this) and set with a bit of powder. Does this come in a pot? I think I have tried to before and it was too cakey. I do not need super duper heavy coverage (more to cover med circles). I would rather have a bit less coverage and NOT have fine lines show!!!!! Originally Posted by Karren I use DermaBlend's concealer but it sounds like too much coverage for you.. It hide everything and anything! Yes, definitely, way too much coverage for me!
  9. Originally Posted by Sexy Sadie Ok. thanks so much!
  10. Originally Posted by Sexy Sadie Let me see if my shop have it. IF they do, I PM you tomorrow. Which shade is "yours" and in which formula normal, dry, ouly?? Oh, you are so nice! Right now, I am ok, as I have about 3 bottles (I bought what was left at CVS). But let me know if your store carries the mineral liquid in the Blue bottle (for normal to dry skin). I will double check my color and let you know.It will be nice to know that when I am close to running out, at least I can get it somewhere! And maybe you can let me know how much it costs from there in US dollars? Thanks!!!!!! Originally Posted by Adrienne Yea you're right. It says they only deliver to EU countries. I did find this from their archives so I guess they'll be moving all their stuff to a new retailer Source That was great, thanks! The only thing I can't figure out from that article is if ULTA will eventually be getting the cosmetics part of the line! Did you get the impression that they were? I am so in love with this product! I am so tough to please, too! This is the perfect blend of natural (but good) coverage for any type of skin. Goes on absolutely beautifully, esp. with my MAC duo fibre foundation brush! Sheer heaven!!!!
  11. OK, so I have tried a lot of concealers and am hoping you all can make some recommendations. I am 41, showing slight dryness/fine lines around the eye area and I need a concealer that will NOT accentuate those lines but will still do a decent job covering dark circles (though not horrible ones, no super duper heavy coverage needed!). Can anyone come up with some ones that I should check out? Thanks so much for your help!
  12. Originally Posted by Adrienne You can buy it off their webpage here. Not sure where they're going next if it's to be sold in stores. I am not sure that you CAN order it from their webpage because if you go to their homepage, you will see that they do not have US dollar amounts and at the bottom of their homepage, it says "In US, shop at CVS" meaning, get our products at CVS. Have you tried to order from them online before?
  13. OK, so I finally found my HG foundation, the Lumene Liquid Mineral Foundation. It is amazing and I am a HUGE critic of most foundations. I bought it at CVS, and then they stopped carrying it (they ended their contract with Lumene for the makeup part, but still have the skin care). I have emailed the company about where else I can buy it but no reply. I heard rumors that Target would be carrying it but nothing yet, and I saw the skincare at ULTA, but no makeup. Does anyone know where this can be purchased? I bought about 5 bottles when they were dirt cheap at CVS but I am getting nervous about running out eventually. HELP!
  14. Originally Posted by magosienne Hmm, is the brand Melvita available in the U.S. ? It's a french organic brand (no silicones ! i hate them) and it sells a shampoo made with aloe vera and kiwi, it's very soft and neutral. For the dry hair, i am still searching for a good conditioner that won't kill my volume. I'm stuck with a drop of coconut oil or baobab oil, or shea butter. I have not heard of that brand but I will google it and see what I come up with. Thanks for the info!

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