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    I am 33 (34 in Oct.), I have a 7 yr old daughter and a 4 yr old son. been married to David for 5 1/2 years. He is my soul mate! We have 1 cat, 2 dogs and 6 semi aggressive fish which we will be adding more. Our pets are our babies too.
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    reading, journalling, scrapbooking, swapping, pen palling, making friends, time w/ family, pets, and friends. collecting fav. animal items and flower items.
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  1. Pretty Woman w/ Julia Roberts, who was in.....
  2. I like most types of music but it depends on my mood as to what I listen to. My favorite artists are Nelly, Dolly Parton, Matchbox Twenty and Creed. I can listen to them anytime. They put me in a good mood. Especially Nelly. I love his music! Take care,
  3. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I hate that word too. It gets my temper boiling when I even hear it. I use to work with the public a very long time ago and I know things have just gotten worse I am sure. I feel for anyone that works with the public. It trys your nerves and your temper. Not to mention your sanity. Please take care,
  4. I have 4 tattoos getting the 5th this summer of an alligator on my top right foot with the tail going up around my ankle. I have a small english bulldog on my right ankle, a band of open and closed rose buds on my left ankle with the leaves, the chinese sign for patience with hubbys (David) name over it on my inside left forearm, and on inside right forearm is chinese sign for love with my kids names on it. Taylors on top and Claytons on the bottom. I love tattoos! Take care all,
  5. One book is on its way to its new owner. Still have the nail, hair, skin and nutrition book if anyone is interested. Take care,
  6. no Tony, I posted the books here on the swaps talk forum. I wanted to get rid of them quickly, plus I don't want any makeup for them, so I thought I would just post the 2 books here. Hope that was ok. Take care,
  7. :icon_cry: I was recently diagnosed as Bipolar after taking 11 muscle relaxers. I have fought depression all my life and can remember being very yound around 6-7 years old and wanting to die. We finally got the correct diagnoses and on the correct medicines. I am slowly on my way to feeling normal with that. But the RA (fibromyalgia) is a different story. I was diagnosed with it 2 years ago and it has progressed rapidly and the pain and swelling are a constant everyday. I currently take Enbrel infection weekly, which I give to myself. I also take methotrexate which I hate so much. The day after taking it, I swell up twice as bad as I usually do. I am just so tired of being tired, of hurting, of the swelling. I can't play with my kids, do things with them or hubby or just be a normal woman. I do see a RA specialist which I will see again on the 30th of this month. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to deal with the pain until me and the doctors find the right medications to control this RA. The RA pain affects the Bipolar because I can feel myself slipping at times, but at least I know why its happening and hopefully once the RA is under control I will feel normal. Which I haven't in a very, very long time. I am sorry to put this all out here. I am at my wits end on dealing with the pain and swelling. My family suffers right along with me too and that hurts me even more to know I am putting them through yet another terrible thing. You would not believe what all they have had to put up with, just with the Bipolar alone. I have a great family and they are a great support system. I just wish they didn't have to go through the pain as well. I hate what I am putting them through. Thanks for just reading this. And again I am very sorry for laying it all out on here. Take care everyone,
  8. Max Factor Stretch and Separate
  9. Avon Advanced All In One Max Sef-Adjusting Perfecting L
  10. Avon Hydrofirming Night Lotion

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